Episode 72 – What is Dermalogica Face Mapping + A Skin Therapist’s Favourite Beauty Buys

Ever heard of Dermalogica Face Mapping? If not, listen up!

Dermalogica’s Skin Therapist Naomi joins us on today’s podcast episode to explain how your lifestyle choices will affect your skin’s health. Naomi reveals the crucial questions you can expect a skin therapist to ask, when Face Mapping your skin. Don’t miss this episode for brilliant ways that you can think about your skin, without jumping to the wrong conclusions about skin type.

Listening to this Jersey FM episode will give you the clarity you need about skin sensitivity. You will find out what your skin’s barrier is and why 99% of people that visit a skin therapist have individual skin concerns. That means, nobody will have the same skin as another human being! You are individual, one-of- a-kind and so you will need to check out Jersey’s Skin Profile or Dermalogica’s Face Mapping service to truly find out what skin products will work for Happy Remarkable You.

Also on the show, find out how one Skin Therapist first began to love skincare. Guinot’s Nicola will tell you her skincare story and share her favourite products after 15 years in the beauty industry!

In this episode, you will learn:

  • What Dermalogica face mapping is and why it’s a great tool if you’ve never tried the brand before.
  • How your lifestyle affects your skin type.
  • What your skin’s barrier is and why this is super important for understanding sensitive skin.
  • Why it’s not helpful for people to limit to these 3 simple beauty terms “dry skin,” “sensitive skin” and “oily skin.”
  • How to try samples before you buy beauty products.

Transcript coming soon!

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Posted on October 7, 2016 .