Episode 69 – Your Healthy Life: If You Struggle With Body Confidence Listen to This

You should know what it feels like to be celebrated. But a lot of the time, men and women struggle with feeling ashamed and uncomfortable about their beautiful body.

We’ve crowned individuality as king and self-esteem queen at JBC and it’s our mission to help you feel confident and celebrated in your unique, skin-built walls. So we have Lara Wessels, dietician and happy health advisor on this podcast episode. Lara is going to tell you what low body confidence is, how to recognise the signs of a negative self-esteem what you can do about it.

Listen to the show and discover all the ways low body confidence is reinforced across cultures and industries. Fathom what this means for your everyday self-esteem and get to grips with promoting a healthy body image to those around you.

Lara Wessels has worked with eating disorders and so she knows that it’s vital to nip low body confidence in the bud, before the problem escalates. Don’t miss this podcast that will remind you why it’s so important to love your body and embrace all that makes you, you!

In this episode, you will learn:

  • Why many of us have unrealistic perceptions of what we should look like.
  • How to recognise signs of low body confidence in yourself and in others.
  • Why negative body image doesn’t change overnight and how websites like www.b-eat.co.uk can help if you have low self-esteem or an eating disorder.
  • How to be a good role model for body confidence and why it’s important for the next generation of men and women to be celebrated.
  • Top tips to encourage younger individuals to promote health and good self-esteem.

Transcript coming soon!

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Posted on September 16, 2016 .