Episode 67 – Your Healthy Life: The Surprising New Detox Trend

You have seen the word “detox” thousands of time across beauty magazines & media.  

But hey, let’s stop and think – do you really know what the word “detox” means? And can you confidentially say that detoxing will benefit your skin, health or beauty?  

At Jersey Beauty Company, we love to give you clear-cutadvice and so THIS podcast episode features personal trainer Dave Mercer who has all you need to know about detoxing.  

Listen and find out exactly what detoxing is plus, Dave Mercer gives science research that explains whether cutting out food groups will really benefit your body.  

Hit the “play” button and listen to this episode to get professional fitness advice from an honest personal trainer whose goal is to sift health industry myth from truth! You’ll discover new habits that you can start today, without any hard work added to your schedule. Learn how to feel fit,full and fabulous instead of tired and grouchy from a day of cutting out sugar…  

In this episode, you will learn: 

  • Why the word “detox” won’t solve your health and beauty woes.
  • The science behind a health detox and why you shouldn’t put pressure on your body to do something out of character.
  • How your lifestyle impacts your ability to burn calories, fast & why one detox does not fix all!
  • Why cutting sugar out of your diet may not be realistic
  • One quick way to start being mindful about what you eat.

Transcript coming soon!

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Posted on September 2, 2016 .