Episode 62: Your Healthy Life – This is How to Think Well About Your Work

Top events organiser, Jan, reveals the biggest lessons she has learnt about work and life, in this amazing podcast episode!

Here at Jersey Beauty Company, we love people. No matter what shape or size you are; we simply want you to flourish. That’s why we use the slogan “Happy Remarkable You.” Everything we do will help you to thrive.

So, on today’s podcast episode, our beauty boffin Jan, will give you career inspiration that is worthwhile. It will keep your mind healthy and your body happy so that you can prosper at work.

Jan cuts through unhelpful phrases such as “work-life balance” in order to deliver a healthy work attitude that will actually benefit you.

Find out how to prioritise family and keep your mind focused in today’s show.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • The best things events organizer Jan has learnt about running a successful business and maintaining a healthy mindset.
  • How to give the task in front of you 100%, without burning out.
  • Why prioritising is key and how you can do this successfully.
  • Practical ways to reset your batteries and calm anxiety, when it all gets too much.

Transcript coming soon.

Thanks for listening!

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Posted on July 29, 2016 .