Episode 45 – The Best Skin Habits to Learn Now (And How to Keep Them!)

Ask anyone with beautiful skin how they keep their healthy complexion and they’ll preach good habits and a daily skin routine. But with a busy schedule and a hectic job, how can you find time to master good skin habits? In this Jersey FM episode, we chat to 2 Mum’s that have been managing great skin, fabulous families and crazy schedules weekly. Find out what top skin tips they have and grab hold of skin habits that won’t let you down.

Also on the show, our customer service guru tells us all about blackheads and how to remove them, for good.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How you can master great skincare, even with busy lives like our Jersey Beauty boffins Jan, Lou and Beth.
  • Skincare memories that are worth keeping!
  • How older generations influence your beauty choices.
  • Why finding good quality skincare is crucial to achieving your clearest skin.
  • The top tips to getting rid of your blackheads.

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Posted on March 23, 2016 .