Episode 36: How to Cut Through This Years Beauty Hype + Why You Don’t Have to Look Younger to Age Well

Get ahead of the rest with our Jersey FM 2016 Beauty Predictions! You’ll already know - our podcast hosts really understand the importance of removing marketing myth, from an expert skincare routine. With that in mind, listen to the show and delight as they chat through some key trends and industry predictions, with one remarkable aim: to help you stay alert to beauty truth. Let us know what you think of the upcoming 2016 trends by emailing:

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Also on the show, our hosts get to grips with the term “ageing well” – does it have to mean “looking younger?” Matt, Jan and Beth share their thoughts and talk about Star Wars’ actor, Carrie Fisher, who has recently commented on getting older and media pressure to look young.

In this episode, you’ll learn;

  • Why we’re ahead of the game with 2016 Beauty Predictions!
  • What does “anti-pollution” skincare mean and how does it benefit your health?
  • Why sheet masques and Korean skincare are so popular 
  • Why we don’t like the phrase “anti-ageing”
  • Why we’re hopeful to see more positive beauty messages in 2016
  • Why Star Wars actress Carrie Fisher has us talking about “ageing well”
  • If “ageing well” actually means” looking younger?”
  • Why it’s important to think and feel content at any age

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Posted on January 22, 2016 .