Episode 34: What You Need to Know About Fragrance-Free Beauty Products + Are Facial Serums Worth the Hype?

We receive heaps of questions from you guys about facial serums! “Are they really as good as people say?” And “what makes them so special, anyway?” Time to set beauty myth apart from skincare truth! Our skin guru, Nicola from Guinot, is here to tell us exactly what health benefits facial serums bring. Get ready to turbo-charge your routine and enjoy brilliant skin!If you suffer from skin irritation or redness and often break our in rashes, you have sensitive skin by definition. And we all know that sensitive skin sufferers must plan their skincare regime with caution. We've got science-boffin Chris on the show to help us understand the benefits of fragrance-free products for irritated skin. He will also help de-code the ingredients list on your beauty bottles, so that you can avoid harsh perfumes.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Exactly how a facial serum could boost your skin’s health
  • Which Guinot serum is right for you
  • How to use a facial serum correctly (yep, there is a wrong way!)
  • Why fragrance-free is so good for your sensitive skin
  • How to find out if your beauty products contain insensitive fragrances
  • Why only a small percent of the population will need to avoid harsh fragrances

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Fragrance Allergens Ingredients List

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Posted on January 8, 2016 .