Episode 30: Why You Must Chocolate-Proof Your Skin for Christmas + Your Dermalogica Guide for Open Pores

Naomi from Dermalogica HQ joins Matt and Beth to reveal her method for chocolate-proofing your skin at Christmas. Find out what Dermalogica products you can use to keep your skin looking wonderful during December’s festivities (no matter how many Christmas puds you guzzle!) Plus, Naomi helps us shrink our big, open pores with a new primer!

Jan is also in the studio with news about actress Kate Winslet whose recent refusal to be airbrushed has us celebrating! We’re pro-ageing here at Jersey FM- that means we believe human beings should be celebrated at every stage of life. Join us in our #ProAgeing chat!

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Can you really close big, open pores? Dermalogica Naomi tells us the truth!
  • Which products you can use to minimise the appearance of large pores in a flash.
  • Why we are supporting Kate Winslet’s decision & celebrating our ageing bodies!
  • Why Helen Mirren has amended her L’Oreal contract.
  • You can actually chocolate-proof your skin this Christmas and Dermalogica Naomi tells us how.
  • Which Dermalogica products will help you stay hydrated all December long!

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Posted on December 4, 2015 .