Episode 29: 5 of the Best Christmas Gifts & Why You Need to Recognise These Skin Changes

Due to recent influx of offers, discounts and weekday sales in shades of black, red and blue, our Jersey customers have been left wondering: which Christmas gifts are actually worth buying? So our podcast hosts have lined up 5 of the best festive skincare suggestions, allowing you to bag the most thoughtful present this season!Also in episode 29 of your favourite Beauty Podcast (ahem!) ever wondered why your skin has suddenly broken out in small pimples? Maybe you've noticed a change in skin texture, too? Our show hosts reveal the changes in your skin that should be expected, and they help us understand why! Plus, discover what amazing things seaweed can do for you!

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • Which Christmas Gift Sets are worth their weight in gold and who to buy them for!
  • Why changes in your skin shouldn't be feared
  • Which everyday circumstances can cause changes in your skin
  • Why stress isn’t good for your skin and how you can overcome it once and for all!
  • How much water you should be drinking for healthy skin
  • Why seaweed is a wonderful ingredient for skin and hair
  • How to spot a product that is made with seaweed

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Posted on November 27, 2015 .