Episode 26: The Incredible Beauty Benefits of Sleep & How to Relieve Rosacea. Plus, do you really need a toner?

If you struggle to get enough sleep- you are not alone! But does a lack of shut-eye actually affect your skin’s health?

Our podcast hosts (Matt, Jan and Beth) uncover the truth about beauty sleep. They work out how many hours you need in order to get clear skin and to prevent signs of ageing. Plus, a nightly skin secret from Korea is revealed!

Also on the show: you’ll find out the best way to revive rosacea symptoms and our hosts ask the question “do you really need a toner?”

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • How many hours sleep (& night creams) you’ll need to maintain healthy, happy skin.

  • Where to start with relieving rosacea. You’ll be able to identify the key symptoms of this sensitive skin issue and delight as Beth gives tells you how to neutralise skin redness.

  • To tone or not to tone? The jury’s out! Make your decision as you listen to key facts about toner. Find out what toner actually does for your skin.

  • Why cleanser is more important for your skin than other products.

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Posted on November 6, 2015 .