Episode 22 – The Art of Eyebrow Enhancing + 2 Easy Ways to Brighten Your Under-eye Area!

The Art of Eyebrow Enhancing

  • Our podcast hosts reveal that a new brand has been added to the Jersey Beauty site! The brand is called ‘Beautiful Brows’ and they sell gorgeous eyebrow kits, for all of your brow-defining needs!
  • Matt, Jan and Beth talk about eyebrows; why are they always such a hot topic and what eyebrow trends are currently storming the magazines?
  • Have you heard of scouse brows? Listen in and find out just how the Liverpool ladies enhance their eyebrows!

2 Easy Ways to Brighten Your Under-eye Area

  • Jan asks Beth about under eye bags- how can we treat them?
  • Beth has 2 expert tips about brightening your under eye area, one is professional and luxurious, the other super-natural and a little messier….You are more than you think!
  • Jan tells us about Kylie Jenner’s anti-bullying campaign named ‘I am more than’ and tells us why she found it inspirational
  • Our podcast hosts talk about bullying, social media and give us some top tips to boost self-esteem

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Posted on October 9, 2015 .