Episode 21: Your Multi-masking 101 with Dermalogica! Plus, the Truth about Proto-col’s Slim Fizz & Weight- Loss

Your Multi-masking 101 with Dermalogica!

  • Dermalogica experts, Jane and Naomi, tell us what is meant by multi-masking and why it’s such a popular alternative to cleansing. 
  • We find out about the various Dermalogica face masks available and Dermalogica Jane gives us a how-to on multi-masking while you sleep!
  • As always, there are laughs and giggles a-plently as this Dermalogica duo tell us their facmask stories and secrets!

Our customer Feature, Ask Beth!

  • You have skin health questions and Beth has answers! 
  • In this episode Beth tells us all about Gift Wrap and recommends some products for a customer with eczema. 

What we think about Proto-col’s Slim Fizz & Weight-Loss Products

  • Jersey Beauty is a values-based company; we celebrate individuality and we believe that human beings are truly spectacular! 
  • In this episode, we answer the customer question “why do we sell weight loss products on our site?” We relate this question to our Jersey values.
  • We talk about Proto-col’s Slim Fizz and share what we think about the product’s recent publicity.
  • Matt talks about Jersey Beauty’s marketing values and explains that we never sell ‘miracle’ products. Listen to the show and tell us what you think on:

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Posted on October 2, 2015 .