Episode 15 - 2 Sure-fire Ways to Enjoy Exercise & get Super Healthy. Plus, How to Stop Spots in their Tracks

In this episode, you’ll discover:

2 sure-fire ways to enjoy exercise & get super healthy

  •  “This Girl Can” is a national campaign that gets ladies wiggling, jigging and jumping for fitness sake, no matter how red their faces get! Our Podcast hosts tell us how “This Girl Can” is changing the way we view fitness.
  • Matt tells us how to best optimise our fitness regime.
  • Are you putting on more weight, despite joining the gym? Find out why these 3 common mistakes could be hindering your fitness and resolve them with Matt’s helpful Gym Tips!
  • ·Proto-col’s CEO, James Greenwell, is back to tell us about Green Magic- the product that changes your health in one small teaspoon!
  • Give your body 3g of Green magic each day and you’ll notice higher energy levels and beautifully clear skin in just 5-10 day!

How to stop spots in their tracks with Dermalogica Jane

  • Jane outlines the 3 things you need to consider when caring for skin that is prone to breakouts.
  •  Jane then explains how to treat any existing breakouts with Dermalogica’s top spot-clearing products.
  • At Jersey Beauty, we get a lot of questions about the Dermalogica Clear Start range, for teenagers. Dermalogica Jane tells us what it is and exactly when it should be used.

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Posted on August 3, 2015 .