Episode 48: Beauty Tips + 2 New Products that will Eliminate Every Pore Problem You’ve Ever Had!

In this episode of Jersey FM our resident Beauty Blogger, Marita, joins host Beth and Guinot Skin Therapist, Nicola, to reveal the greatest beauty tips that she has found on social media. This beauty trio will reveal why lip exfoliation is a skincare trick that shouldn’t be skipped. Plus, with 16 years in the beauty industry, Nicola tells you about 2 important skin products that will help busy people get better skin in an instant.

On this show, you will also discover 2 skin products that can treat, cover and minimise enlarged pores. Yes, smaller, gunk-free pores will be yours with these 2 unique creams! But, before you run off– make sure you tune in and find out which pore-perfector will best suit you and your remarkably individual skin type.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Some of the beat beauty advice from Guinot’s top skin therapist, Nicola, who has been in the skincare industry for 16 years.
  • How to exfoliate your lips and why it’s one of the best beauty tips you will ever hear!
  • 2 game-changing skin products that will make your pores smaller and blackhead-free (at last!)
  • Why oily skin sufferers might be prone to enlarged pores in a few specific skin areas & how you can treat these facial zones.
  • Incredible facts about your skin’s pores from a professional beauty therapist.

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Posted on April 15, 2016 .