Episode: 9 –Your Simple-yet-Scientific health & beauty guide! We help you to understand those “active” and “natural” skin cream ingredients plus, would you choose to describe yourself as ‘beautiful’?

What we cover

  • The Science-Boffin behind the beauty brand, Oqibo, is back! Meet Christ and find out why he is such an expert in the science behind skin cream!
  • This week, Matt and Jan meet Chris and find out why he is such an expert regarding the science behind skin cream! Should you care about them when it comes to health and beauty? Should you pay more money for active ingredients?
  • Chris explains why it's a great idea to use active ingredients and skin cream containing SPF from a super-young age!
  • We find out why improving the moisture levels of skin can dramatically reduce the appearance of ageing on your skin.
  • Science-expert Chris talks about collagen - it's a great active ingredient yet few of us understand the benefits of this skin care superfood!
  • Chris brings a great level of science and knowledge to "The 'natural' debate." In the beauty industry, some folk think natural is always best but Chris explains that natural ingredients can sometimes be harmful irritants for our beautiful skin.
  • He also talks about how some ingredients should definitely be naturally sourced to help the environment and benefit our smooth skin.

Matt and Jan talk about Dove's "Choose Beautiful" campaign. We're interested to know: would you describe yourself as beautiful? How about your best friend?

  • Matt and Jan explain that Dove have recently launched a campaign called "Choose beautiful". The Dove advertisement from this marketing campaign invites women and young girls to walk through a door labelled "beautiful" or to instead choose one that reads "average".
  • Following the introduction of this ad, Matt and Jan talk about what it means to choose beautiful. At Jersey Beauty, our values encourage self-esteem and focus on happy remarkable you!
  • How are you labelling yourself? Matt and Jan each choose between "average" and "beautiful" they explain why.
  • Contact us on [email protected] and let us know your questions and thoughts!

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Posted on May 11, 2015 .