Episode: 8 – Science Boffins, the Truth about your Paraben Fears and should Britain allow ultra-thin models to represent the Beauty Industry?

What we cover

  • We meet Chris, the technical editor of Personal Care Magazine and the science boffin behind the wonderful Oqibo products!
  • We discover how the internet has effected the Beauty Industry's marketing methods.
  • Chris explain to us exactly what parabens are. He discusses why ‘paraben-free’ has become a well-used advertising feature and gives us the “proper science” behind whether they are actually safe to use in creams, serums and exfoliators.
  • Chris explains that there are up to 50 times more parabens in blueberries than in any beauty products!
  • He goes into detail science-style, do we avoid parabens because of consumer pressure?

We find out why Beauty companies that are hiring Skinny Models could receive fines and even prison sentences under new French proposals 

  • ·We talk about the benefits of banning the hire of skinny models in the beauty industry, would it take pressure off women to become skinny?
  • ·We discuss what it is to be ‘skinny’, should we measure skinny by BMI results?
  •  Matt proposes that the prime minister bans Skinny Fit Clothing after a recent shopping trip full of skin-tight jeans!
  •  What do you think about this French proposal to fine companies hiring skinny models? Would you approve of a British law similar to this one? Let us know


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Posted on April 27, 2015 .