Episode: 7 - Surprises at Paris Fashion Week, Emma Stone's exfoliating secret & should you be wearing SPF all year-round?

In this episode, Dermalogica Jane gets on her SPF soapbox and reveals the true benefits of wearing sun factor protection all year round. Matt and Jan chat about their personal highlight of Paris Fashion Week and Jan also shares with us the exfoliating skin-secret that celebrity actress Emma Stone has been hiding...

What we cover

  • Jan discloses her favourite snippet of Paris Fashion Week, find out why it made her smile.
  • Jan discovers that Matt desperately needs to update his film collection and we think you’ll agree!
  • The importance of using SPF, how it works and why it’s best to use year-round
  •  Dermalogica Jane is back and she tells us why sun protection needs to be an important part of your beauty regime.
  • Jane tells us how Dermalogica SPF’s are graded and she discloses top tips helping you get highly effective coverage that suits your skin.
  • Jane, Matt and Jan discuss the importance of using SPF as oppose to sun hats and sitting under sun shelters!
  •  Would you think to use an SPF year-round? Find out why it’s so important to consider.
  • Why it’s important to use an exfoliator & whisk away those dead skin cells!
  • Matt and Jan discuss the effect that plastic exfoliator beads are having on the Atlantic
  •  Jan reveals what she looks for in an exfoliator: gentle or a little tough?
  • How many times should you be exfoliating weekly?
  • Are you damaging your skin by over-exfoliating?

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Posted on April 13, 2015 .