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Love is in the air.....

As February begins in rather chilly fashion tomorrow none of us could fail to notice that Valentines Day is just around the corner which means for most of us it’s either a time to indulge in the grand gestures and romanic notions or run screaming for hills until it’s all over! Fear not, whether you happen to be single, newly dating or an already hitched, here’s our top picks of skin loving Dermalogica products to have you or your loved one feeling fabulously loved all over.First up has to be Dermalogica Stress Relief Oil which as well as smelling absolutely divine is a rather nifty, multi-purpose product which lasts an age. Packed with skin smoothing botanicals and calming essential oils the handy pump dispenser offers clean application time after time.  Add a little to a warm bath for a long and indulgent soak, use directly on the skin for an all over massage, boost hair health with an oil treatment or combine with Dermalogica Hydro Active Mineral Salts for a super effective scrub. Great to give away with a Valentines promise of a weekly rub or good to keep for those ‘my skin needs some TLC’ kind of moments.

Next on the list is our special JBC Body Gift Pack which includes Dermalogica Conditioning Body Wash, Dermalogica Body Hydrating Cream and the Ultimate Buffing cloth all loving wrapped and ready for giving (or receiving!) in JBC gift box and wrap.  This is perfect for everyday skin care, delivering a daily shot of botanical hydrating goodness to keep skin in optimum health.  Treat yourself to a daily dose of skin loving ingredients or introduce your loved one to the joys of healthy skin.

For the man in your life the JBC Deluxe Shave Gift Pack will have him looking, feeling and smelling date ready come Valentines Day. Our lovely JBC gift wrap and box hides full sized Dermalogica Special Cleansing Gel, Daily Shave Scrub, Pre Shave Guard and Soothing Shave Cream. Dermalogica Shave products have been specially developed to guard against shaving damage whilst smoothing and conditioning jawlines into strokable, kissable smoothness.

Next and just in time for Valentines treats, Dermalogica have released a special edition, Dynamic Skin Recovery Gift Pack containing the award nominated Dynamic Skin Recovery SPF30 plus Free Antioxidant Hydramist plus Skin resurfacing cleanser.  This little trio of AGE Smart products packs a punch with highly active botanicals and specially formulated ingredients supporting the skins ability to defend against the early signs of aging.  The Dermalogica patented polypeptide formula helps improve and maintain collagen formation in turn smoothing and plumping skin back into age fighting good health.  Great to give, great to receive.

Finally, if you are stuck for a gift idea but know it’s something definitely Dermalogica why not order some JBC Gift Vouchers which can be used however the lucky recipient likes.  With values from £10 up to £200 they are the ideal gift whether for a serious or not quite sure if it’s serious yet kind of recipient.

Whatever Valentines Day brings this year, treat your skin to a little Dermalogica sprinkled  TLC.


Let’s hear it for the boys.....Dermalogica has been nominated again!

January has once again kicked off in fine style for Dermalogica this year with another award nomination for best product. The annual ShortList Magazine Mens Grooming Awards are chosen by you and offer the opportunity to vote for your favourite products across a whole host of categories.This year, Dermalogica Daily Defense Block SPF15 made it onto the list in the Best Mosituriser category and now needs your votes to make it a winner.  Those of you who are already using Daily Defense Block will already know just how fabulous the product is (if that’s you, you can skip the rest and go straight to voting here!). If you are not yet a devotee, here’s why we think it is a clear winner......

This ultra light, non-greasy daily mosituriser is a hard working multi-tasker tirelessly helping to protect skin against UV rays, dryness and environmental damage whilst providing plentiful nourishment and hydration without the shine.

Packed with Wheatgerm, Vitamin E and Grapeseed extracts and without artificial fragrance or colours, Dermalogica Daily Defense Block SPF15 will condition and nourish without irritation.

The gentle but effective formula is suitable for beards shaved by electric shavers or head razors, helping to reduce dryness whilst promoting skin recovery and condition. The additional benefits of UV protection make it the must have mens daily moisturiser.

With Valentines Day just around the corner we say why not treat the man in your life to silky soft, touchable, kissable, ‘can’t take my hands off’ you kind of skin! Dermalogica Daily Defense can be bought alone or as part of the equally fabulous Dermalogica Shave System Kit for an extra special Valentines treat.

There you have it, a super product just crying out to get top billing in this years Mens Grooming Awards so, what are you waiting for?  Get voting now and lets help spread the word on the marvels of this little bottle of great stuff!


Cosmetic a go-go or a no-go.....

There has been a gradually intensifying storm brewing this week over leaky and unstable breast implants manufactured by French firm PIP and containing industrial grade silicone rather than the required medical grade stuff. Things look set to get a little stormier still with the cosmetic industry as a whole now coming under increasing pressure for tighter regulation - and why not we say when cosmetic procedures have become easier and cheaper with non-surgical procedures now increasingly accessible on the high street and at home.During the last few years there has been a staggeringly rapid increase of quick-fix mini procedures aimed at plumping, filling and smoothing without the need for surgery, where a quick treatment during your lunch hour or the famed Friday night Botox party has become the norm. Personally speaking, I would rather be plumping a pillow on a Friday night than be injected with silicone or other such things in search of the so-called perfect pout! But, it is the popularity, accessibility and now relative low cost that has created an environment where it is a normalised part of everyday life and we no longer necessarily feel the need to question the risks, safety issues or qualifications of those wielding the needles as much as we should.

JBC, as many of you already know, embrace a skin health over beauty ethos but our advice, if the cosmetic route is your thing, is to do your research then do some more (and even more for good measure) before you get anywhere near the needle or operating table. Look at it from all angles and see what alternatives are out there. Get recommendations from a close friend or family member and don’t be afraid to ask those all important questions - if your surgeon or aesthetician is unwilling or unable to provide information and support, go elsewhere.

For those of you, who like us, would rather let nature take it’s course, prevention really is as they say, far better than the cure in helping protect your skin against the causes of early ageing. Dermalogica don’t see that ageing is something that should or can be cured but they do understand that ageing in a smart way creates healthy skin which radiates with vitality and those fines lines and wrinkles are just all part of life's processes. Protecting your skin from environmental damage, developing a regular and effective daily skincare regime and enjoying everything in good measure can help prevent those earlier than necessary signs of ageing. We have to agree; love your skin, it's beautifully you all over!

If your regime needs a spring clean this year, book in for a Dermalogica Facial with a Dermalogica trained therapist which incorporates the much loved and adored skin mapping service to help you find exactly the right products for your skin.

Why not tell us your views.....cosmetic procedures a go-go or a no-go for you?


Getting January off to a great start.....

Team JBC are back to business feeling fully refreshed, revitalised and ready for the exciting year ahead but we know that not everyone may be filled with the same joyful bounce and tingle of excitement on returning back to work. In fact, most of the population find January miserable so if you happen to be feeling less than joyful, take heart you are by no means alone. Here are top tips for surviving the January humps:Give Resolutions a kick

January. The first month of a new year and great time to make a fresh start right? Wrong (and don't we all know it!).  Making those life changing resolutions in January is quite possibly the worst time of year to make plans for lasting change.  Its cold, wet, grey and whilst the chimes at midnight on 31st December may psychologically signal a new beginning, physiologically our bodies are still firmly in hibernation mode seeking warmth and comfort!

If you are planning to quit smoking, take more exercise, change your diet or reduce your alcohol intake, attempting to do it all now will have you giving up within a week creating a a deeper sense of doom, gloom and failure. Save the big changes for the spring or summer when our bodies are craving more daylight, lighter foods and a more active lifestyle. Instead, make January a time for taking care of yourself and not giving yourself a hard time. Do what you love, with people you love (and give yourself permission to enjoy the odd slab of chocolate cake or indulge in a glass of wine guilt free). The rest can wait until Spring!.

Give something back

January can have us all feeling a little lacking in direction but feeling the distinct need to take action in some form or another. Putting your energies into helping make even a small  difference is a great way to kick off the new year. Our personal choice this year is continuing our support for JoinFITE which creates real and lasting change for women around the globe.  Make a direct loan or redeem your Dermalogica product codes found on your 5 specially designated products (Dermalogica daily microfoliant, Dermalogica Intensive Eye Repair, Dermalogica Precleanse, Dermalogica skin hydrating booster and Dermalogica total eye care).

If you plan to quit, hold fire

The festive period gives us all time to rest and inevitably reflect on the past year and for many, the result is the decision to hand in your notice as soon as your feet are back under the desk! Don’t do it, at least not just yet.  Research shows that January is the most difficult time to be changing job roles so instead of plunging feet first into the unknown, set fixed and achievable goals for next three months and work towards a well planned and better timed job change.  In the meantime, look at why you want to change roles, are you feeling over worked, stressed and unfulfilled or is it simply a case of needed a greater challenge?  If it’s the latter, talk to your boss and see what changes to your role may be possible to challenge and stimulate you further, making you happier, healthier and more productive.

Give yourself permission to be miserable occasionally

It’s OK to feel miserable once in awhile, it reminds us that there is a whole range of human emotions, changing minute by minute and which allows us time for reflection, thought and reassessment. And besides, feeling miserable is only temporary so don’t fight against it, acknowledge it and be kind to yourself, misery will soon manage to find it’s way quickly back to a more smiley place with a little gentle persuasion!


Happy New Year from JBC.....

With 2012 just a cats whisker away, New Years Eve will signal a much anticipated highlight of the year for some of you whilst a non event for others sending you to bed long before midnight with a cup of hot cocoa!. Whatever you have planned, here are our quick top tips for quiet or not so quiet enjoyment this evening:Partying the night away

It may have been a few years since you had an afternoon nap but with NYE traditionally a way past midnight affair, grabbing a sneaky snooze before this evening will have you looking and feeling bright eyed and ready to party.

A drop of bubbly is must but the hangover is one to be avoided! If indulging in more than a midnight toast, remember to top up on water in between glasses to help avoid the fizz induced head banger in the morning!

Dancing in those new shoes seems like a good idea at the time but come 1am you may be barefooted and pleading for mercy.  Go for a trusty and well loved pair or if the new shoes are begging to be worn, pack gel supports, plasters and comfy flats for the journey home.

Stock up on treats for the first breakfast of 2012 and enjoy a long and leisurely brunch with friends or family. Plan a walk if the weather is good to blow away the cobwebs.

If you are partying at home, prepare extra towels and bedding for unexpected overnight guests and stock up plenty of bacon and eggs for a much needed 'morning after the night before' breakfast.


Staying in

We don’t do New Years resolutions but New Years Eve is the perfect chance to indulge in a little reflective thinking and planning for the year ahead. Grab a notebook and pen, snacks and drinks and get the grey matter working on capturing those inspiring and memorable moments of 2011.

On the subject of resolutions, statistics show that come the second week in January, we have already given up on those resolutions so if you are planning bigger changes, plan to do them later in the year.

If you want to join in the celebrations without leaving home, invite friends over with childhood games in hand and enjoy a night of vintage fun and festivities.  Not forgetting of course to tune in to the midnight chimes of Big Ben and toast in the New Year.

Quiet solitude on New Years Eve is a must for some of us so if your neighbours are planning to party through the night don’t forget to stock up on the ear plugs for an undisturbed and peaceful nights sleep!

Whatever you are doing this evening, all of us here at JBC wish you a Happy New Year and say a warm a fuzzy thank you for making 2011 such a year to remember.....hurry up 2012 we say!


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Top tips for a festive look.....

For those of you who meticulously care for your hands, look away now. For the rest of us,  just how often have our poor old hands been used, abused and ignored until we finally sit down on Christmas eve to raggedy cuticles, scratches and scrapes and just a whiff of what’s left of the nail polish! If that’s you, don’t despair.  Here are our top hints and tricks to  have them ship shape in time for Christmas:

  • If you don’t do it already, ALWAYS pull on those gloves to wash the dishes or when using cleaning solutions.
  • Keep a pair of hygiene gloves close to the sink which are small enough to wear under the usual marigolds. Before washing up, slather your hands in a little almond oil then slip into both pairs of gloves. The warm water will help absorption helping to nourish and strengthen those nails and leaving your skin super smooth and your cuticles ready to surrender back a little! Just a couple of nights with your hands in the sink will work wonders so there's no need to volunteer for extra dish washing duties!
  • If you wash your hands a lot, keep a tube of deliciously fragranced, super rich hand cream next to the sink or in your pocket or bag and apply after every wash. If you use hand soap, rinse thoroughly to avoid residue which can dry out skin further.
  • Keep an orange stick, hand cream or almond oil plus a pair of cotton gloves or clean socks by your bed.  Take just a couple of minutes each night this week to apply a good dose of cream or oil to your hands, massaging well into the cuticles. Use the orange stick to gently push cuticles back into place then slip your hands into the gloves or socks for an overnight treatment.
  • Trim nails a couple of days before Christmas remembering to follow the natural curve without cutting away the corners. File gently in one direction to avoid snags and weakened nails. Finish up with a little almond oil or apply a specially purchased nail strengthener.
  • If you plan to apply nail polish, do so a day or two beforehand and put aside at least an hour to complete the job properly and so helping prolong the look through to the New Year.
  • Invest in good base coat, clear quick dry top coat and fast drying finishing spray. Allow the base coat to fully dry prior to applying the colour coat, starting from the middle, apply in three even stripes until the whole nail is coated. Reapply colour coats as required, leaving enough drying time in between each coat. Finish with an even covering of top coat, allowing to dry for a few minutes before spritzing with the fast drying spray. Your nails will be touch dry super quick so you can get on with other things but they will not be completely dry for around an hour so beware of sticky tape, wrapping and the like!
  • For quick touch-ups of those minor chips or knocks, keep your top coat and colour handy. Touch-up the colour only where chipped then apply top coat to the whole nail for a flawless look.


Top tips for seasonal skincare.....

With only a week to go until Christmas you and your skin may be the last thing on your mind so as the party season approaches here are our quick fire top tips to help keep the stress levels down and you looking rested, healthy and well prepared.Do.....

  • Get enough sleep before the party season starts to help keep heads clear and to ward off those dark circles and puffy eyes.
  • A day or two before Christmas, chill slices of cucumber or a bottle of iced tea in the fridge and apply liberally to those poor old ‘not enough sleep after the night before’ eyes.
  • Remember to eat regularly, skipping meals in favour of a dash for those forgotten or last minute gifts will have you feeling tired, hungry and irritable.
  • If you are out and about, protect your skin from harsh winter conditions with a high performance daily moisturiser, hand cream and lip salve to keep red noses and chapped skin at bay.
  • Take some time out for yourself to recharge and relax. Have a long and luxurious soak in a candlelit oil scented bath, go for a wintery walk in the park or curl up and read a good book for an hour.
  • Use a burner or aromastone daily and add essential oils of Geranium, Frankincense, Lavender and Bergamot to help keep you focussed, relaxed and your home smelling fabulous for guests!
  • Drink plenty of warm fluids to keep your skin well hydrated and help combat the effects of increased alcohol intake.


  • Be tempted to try a new skincare product a day or two before Christmas, particularly if you have reactive or sensitive skin.
  • Facials are also a no-no right before any event.  If you are having a pre Christmas treatment, book yourself in at least 4 days beforehand to avoid irritation, redness or breakouts.
  • Leave your make-up on, no matter how late you get to bed! A quick cleanse with an effective cleansing wipe is a good option if you really can’t face tackling your usual longer routine.
  • Rush off to the tanning salon for a last minute session for winter skin.  If time is short, book yourself in for a spray tan a day or two before Christmas or for super quick and easy colour, apply a daily moisturiser with added tanning ingredients for a subtle hint of summer.


Jersey Beauty Company are in full festive flow.....

Whilst the lovely team at JBC are still busy busy bees we are still finding a little time to enjoy a wee bit of merry making and festive frivolity! The last couple of weeks in the lead up to Christmas is always extra busy with those in-trays to be emptied, gifts to be finalised and socialising to be done so instead of our usual longer posts, during the course of the the next couple of weeks will be writing much less but more often with a few hints, tips and crafty ideas to keep you cool calm and collected come Christmas!So, first up on this dull and drizzly Sunday afternoon my thoughts have already turned to gift wrapping which is the perfect indoor activity for a day like today - and judging by this weeks forecast, we may be in for a few more days like today so hunker down indoors and enjoy some festive preparations!.  I don’t tend to buy gift wrap instead preferring to reuse and recycle where possible so if you don’t have the time or inclination to buy gift wrap or simply want to try something new this year, here are our top three inspiring ideas and links to get you started:

  • If you love fabrics, you will love the Furoshiki wrapping method which uses fabric instead of paper. Try using vintage silk scarves or table linens for two-in one gifts that are quick, easy and look fabulous when finished! (and there is no sticky tape or extra rubbish bags to fill!)
  • Use brown paper or recycled newspapers, maps or those random wallpaper samples that have been lying around for ages and customise to suit the recipient with stamped patterns, layered ribbons, rubber bands or string for an alternative and eclectic look.
  • Not strictly gift wrap but these oh so cute thumb print gift tags are a great activity for bored or overexcited little fingers this year. Easily customised with your creatures of choice and adds a personal touch to festive giving.

Finally, if you really hate the whole idea of wrapping gifts yourself, why not the seller of all things lovely to do it for you (like we do with our gorgeous JBC gift boxes and tissues!).


Top 10 stocking fillers from Dermalogica...

I don’t know about you but we are all filled with festive excitement here at JBC and whilst (as most you of already know) our fabulous warehouse team are busy spreading the love with our ‘12 days of Christmas’ extravaganza, we thought that you might like hear our thoughts on stocking filler ideas with added ahhhhhh and ooooooooh!Dermalogica is the perfect pressie to slip into those oversized wooly socks of the ‘already devoted’ or the ‘never tried it yet’ because, as we can all testify, Dermalogica is fabulously fabulous with a cherry on top! So, whether you are looking to introduce someone for the first time or give a gift less ordinary, here are our top 10 suggestions for all things lovely and thoughtful:

1 Top of list has to be Dermalogica Precleanse.  Those who already use it will love having a replacement and those who are not yet converted will be wooed by the amazing benefits of a double cleansing routine.

2 Late nights, poor diets and extremes in weather mean the run up to Christmas can leave our lips feeling less than irresistible! Fear not, Dermalogica Climate Control Lip Treatment is the perfect little stocking prezzie for neglected or forgotten lips.  (Also perfect for those outdoor sporty types too - you know those crazy menfolk hitting the footie field at 9m on a Saturday morning!)

3 If you are looking for a luxurious, high impact and long lasting product which we wouldn’t necessarily buy ourselves, choose Dermalogica Mutlivitamin Power Concentrate capsules.  Packed with antioxidants and skin loving botanicals, these individual capsules (45 doses) are a lovely weekly or bi-weekly treatment for skin in need.

4 For gym bunnies or regular travellers, pick up a Dermalogica Travel Bag and fill with the essentials.  Dermalogica Travel Size Products are packed with the same lovely goodness, just in smaller packages.

5 If a friend, female relative or your other half is complaining about the early signs of aging, put some Dermalogica Age Smart products in their stocking this year.  The Age Smart Starter kit is a product packed all-in-one kit which is sure to be met with smiles on Christmas morning.

6 Day to day grooming essentials are sometimes grabbed quickly on the run and are not always effective or what we wanted so for products that work and feel amazing, include Dermalogica Daily Groomers on your stocking filler list.

7 For that man in your life, slip the Dermalogica Clean Bar into that stocking for daily yet gentle cleansing on those in between shaving days. Couple with the Travel Case to keep the clean bar, well, clean!

8 Introducing someone to Dermalogica for the first time couldn’t be easier with the wide range of Dermalogica Skin Kits available from JBC. There is something to suit all skin types and needs and at a price to suit your budget!

9 Let us not forget the Dermalogica Exfoliating Facial Brush with its ultra-gentle bristles and perfect for the stocking size. Use with any Dermalogica Cleanser for an effective cleansing and exfoliating effect.

10 If you are really spoilt for choice and have no idea what buy, why not treat that hard-to-buy-for person in your life a JBC Gift Voucher for them to spend on whatever takes their personal fancy. With values ranging from £10-£200 it suits every pocket and every stocking!

P.S.Don’t forget that we can carefully gift wrap your Jersey Beauty purchases in our lovely boxes and festive wrap ready for gorgeous giving!


5 fabulous feel-good activities to get you in the festive mood.....

An unseasonably mild November may have you not quite believing that Christmas is just around the corner but with only 33 days to go, the team here at JBC HQ can’t help but feel  the festive spirit creeping through the cracks and filling the office and our heads with merriment!  If you, like us, enjoy the the countdown to Christmas as much as the main event, here are some quick ideas for getting you refreshed, relaxed and in the festive mood:Festive Film Sunday.....

A laid back Sunday with friends or family watching back-to-back Christmas classics is the perfect way to get some much needed relaxation whilst injecting a little festive cheer on a drab wintery day. White Christmas, It’s a wonderful Life, Miracle on 34th Street, A Christmas Carol and Jungle Book would definitely make it onto our must see list!

Winter walks.....

Make the most of winter weekends, escape the crowds and get outdoors for a long and leisurely walk taking in a much needed dose of fresh air, daylight and relaxation after a week inside a centrally heated office. Make it a romantic afternoon packing a snuggly blanket, a flask of hot chocolate with a dash of brandy and make some delicious treats for a winter picnic date for two. For a family friendly afternoon pack a camping stove (or build a fire if your camp-master skills are up to scratch!) and cook up some hot dogs in the great outdoors. Late November and early December is also the perfect time to seek out those Chestnuts for roasting or Sloes for syrupy gin making.

An alternative shopping experience.....

A large number of cities across the UK now have the wonderful continental farmers markets arriving shortly and bringing with them a range of meats, cheeses, and other scrummy food stuffs plus a range of alternative and often handmade gift ideas.  Plan to go in the early evening to fully enjoy the festive sights, sounds and smells creating a pleasurable, stress free shopping, browsing and sampling experience.

Girls (or guys) night in.....

Taking time out to be with friends a week or so before the usually family focussed Christmas period offers a chance to catch up, have some fun and get get some much needed me time. Drinks and nibbles, dinner and conversation, film night, a pampering session or competitive games will have you feeling all warm and fuzzy and ready for anything.


Giving feels good. Which why our lovely lot here at JBC donate time and money to a variety of charitable organisations and community groups. If you have some free time, give it away to someone who can use it either through direct help or via random acts of kindness (we think they are the most fun by the way). If time is short, look for gifts that give something back or have real and lasting impact. Top of our list is of course JoinFITE (including Dermalogica JoinFITE products for a double giving experience!) and Director Matt’s personal charity The British Red Cross.

The Christmas countdown is officially underway here so if you have any top tips for enjoying the festivities, drop us a line and let us know!


The wonders of skin health and function.....

Our skin is not merely an outer covering shielding our sensitive bits from the outside world, it is an incredible feat of biological engineering supporting a whole host of functions.For those of you who maybe didn’t know it, skin is the body's largest organ and forms the first line of defence for our immune system acting as a keen supporter of health and defender of the otherwise (quite possibly) deadly.  As well as being a key component of a  healthy, well functioning immune system the skin is a pretty adept at giving valuable  insights as to what is going on inside too.

Its cleverly built structure enables a continual feed-back feed-forward messaging system sending signals to our brain creating an appropriate response mechanism to outside stimulus such as temperature, pain or pleasure as well as having the ability to reflect our general state of health and wellbeing - how many of us haven’t awoken to stress induced spots or those ‘one too many late nights’  sleep deprived lines, bags and creases!

The chemical signals created during these internal and external processes produce effective messengers which work in a variety of ways, helping our bodies to manage and maintain a healthy functioning system in reaction to environmental factors.

JBC wholeheartedly support the skin health over beauty for this exact reason. If our skin is healthy then we are helping rather than hindering some of the natural internal processes and if we are paying attention to our skin, we allow the early signs of deficiency or illness to be acknowledged and dealt with early on.

Healthy skin requires nourishment, hydration and stimulation to support effective function and repair so here are our top tips for keeping skin in tip top condition:

  • Nourishment means feeding skin from the inside and from the outside so as well as eating a healthy and varied diet, nourish your skin from the outside with an extra boost of highly active products packed with skin loving ingredients and botanical extracts.
  • Skin thrives on a regular skincare routine so get expert advice on the right products for your needs, keep it simple and do it daily.  Switching and swapping products can lead to irritation and sensitivity so integrate new elements to your routine carefully and slowly.
  • Our skin has changeable needs during our life stages so don’t rest on your laurels, get an annual assessment from a professional skincare therapist.
  • Dehydrated skin complaints are actually much more common and often confused with dry skin conditions so top up on the fluid intake with water, juices or herbal teas and choose products with moisture retaining and boosting ingredients such as hyaluronic acid.  A handy facial spritzer kept in your desk drawer or bag will give a mid-day boost to skin stuck in air conditioned environments.
  • Touch provides vital stimulation to skin whether through the mechanical actions of cleansing and exfoliation or the soothing and calming sensations of gentle massage. The positive effects of touch will boost circulation whilst improving appearance, tone and function.
  • The sensation of touch is good for our psychological health too creating an enhanced sense of wellbeing through the release of the feel good hormone oxytocin. Take time to acknowledge the feel good factor your daily skin care routines offers, indulging in a little more ‘me time’ to enjoy a mini hit of oxytocin. A regular facial or full body massage with a trusted therapist will have your oxytocin levels rising even further and you glowing from the inside out.


A smart move to take you into Movember.....

Lets face it, we are highly likely to sit firmly on one side or the other of the facial hair fence either wholeheartedly loving those bristly beards and shapely moustaches or loathing the prickly parts that those wonderful purveyors of facial hair cultivate in place of silky smooth jawlines!  Whatever your preference, November is a month to embrace the hairy side, to encourage the growth and in turn, lend a huge helping hand of support to superstar fundraisers and educational movement Movember.Movember began life as a teeny tiny movement based in Melbourne Australia and which has now gathered great pace and a global audience of spectators and supporters. The idea is simply to raise awareness of male health issues which are often ignored or remain unspoken concerns amongst our men folk.

November becomes Movember based on the idea that a moustache, lovingly grown on a clean shaven face, groomed and tended to throughout the entire month can be used to raise sponsorship funds and in turn creates a starting point for conversation. Anything that gets guys talking about lumps and bumps in their nether regions or a change in toilet habits (amongst other things) has to be a good thing we say!

The funds raised here in the UK are distributed to leading mens health charity partners which in turn help support a number of programmes specifically focussing on male specific cancers such as prostate and testicular.  Awareness and education, survivorship and research are the key and rather important areas where their activities are focussed.

With November 1st upon us tomorrow you can quickly sign up your other half, get involved yourself or support the campaign through the Movember website directly and if you are in need of some shaving and moustache growing info here’s a quick rundown:

  • Avoid plain old soap which will dry and irritate the skin.  Instead opt for Dermalogica Clean Shave Bar to thoroughly cleanse skin daily without stripping away vital moisture.
  • Make it hot, hot, hot!  Use plenty of hot water and towels (or hop into the shower) to get those pores open and relaxed, helping the razor glide rather than pull those coarser beard hairs.
  • Use a shave oil, cream or gel which will nourish, protect and repair whilst shaving. A pre shave guard is a must too for the sensitive or heavy bearded types.  The Dermalogica Shave System Kit is the perfect thing to kick off or maintain Movember activities.
  • Moustaches vary in size, thickness and style and we are no experts in hairy styling so if you are looking for some inspiring, if a little unreachable, Movember style ideas check out Brainpickings guide to competitive growing of  the ‘mo’ and get growing for a worthy cause!

If you or your other half/friend/brother is going for the grow this Movember, don’t forget to send us some pics to share.


October is another award winning month for Dermalogica.....

Life & Style magazine have just announced The Best of Beauty 2011 awards and Dermalogica Special Cleansing Gel was named a favourite, beating 1000’s of other contenders to take its place on the annual awards list.As all you lovely loyal fans already know, Dermalogica promote skin health over beauty so it was particularly refreshing to see such a well read beauty based publication seeing and supporting the wider benefits of a skin health promoting product.

Lets face it, Dermalogica Special Cleansing Gel was an award winning choice for good reason!  Previously nominated and winning the InStyle Best Beauty Buy Awards, and said to be ‘the secret for getting gorgeous skin’ by Good Housekeeping Magazine, this gentle yet highly effective cleanser has been a firm favourite with Dermalogica fans for many years (as many of you can testify).

The soap-free and fragrance-free formula has been specially developed to cleanse away the build up of day to day grime and debris whilst helping to effectively clear away impurities. Extracts of Lavender and Balm mint get to work calming and purifying whilst naturally foaming Quillaja Saponaria gets stuck in to lift away excess oil, helping remove stubborn dirt.

The great news is that there is no harsh stripping away of our natural moisture barrier so there will be no drying or irritation and the concentrated formula means that a little goes a long way, even when using twice daily!

If you haven’t tried it yet or need a quick reminder on how to apply to great effect, here’s the Dermalogica approach to using Special Cleansing Gel effectively:

  • Place a small amount of Special Cleansing Gel onto dampened hands. Rub hands together to produce a lather.
  • Apply to wet face and throat.
  • Work the lather, concentrating on areas of congestion and oiliness. Can use with The Face Brush.
  • Rinse thoroughly with tepid water. The Sponge Cloth can be used (dampened).
  • Repeat for professional results.



50ml Travel size

rrp: £11.00

Our Price: £8.65



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Age adapted skincare routines....

It is a fact of life that as we age so does our skin, reflecting a visible landscape of our internal health and wellbeing as well as those ‘good for your skin’ or ‘not so good for your skin’ lifestyle choices!  How our skin ages will very much depend on the natural processes occurring within our bodies but will also be affected by those external factors which can speed up the aging process.Of course, we can’t change our genetic predisposition to age related changes (and why would we want to we say!) but by looking after our skin from an early age and adopting regular and effective routines we can prevent the signs of early aging. Here’s a quick rundown:


For most of us this is the decade when are most like to eat a less than healthy diet, drink a little too regularly, party until morning and take a more slapdash approach to our skincare routines particularly when sun protection is concerned.  Our 20’s bodies are pretty adept at dealing with late nights, poor diets and little regular alcohol but sun protection is the most forgotten but absolute must to help stave off the signs of premature aging later on.  Couple that with the commitment to a simple cleanse, tone and moisturise routine morning and night (even when coming home late) and you have the groundwork for longer term healthy skin covered.


Career changes, house moves, babies and hormonal riots all come at once during our 30’s and whilst things are getting busier and more exciting by the day, our collagen stores are already starting to reduce! This is the time to get our diets up to speed packing our plates with skin loving antioxidants, minerals, vitamins and essential fatty acids. Make time for a twice daily cleansing routine incorporating exfoliation and supercharged moisture when needed.


Things certainly don’t slow down during our 40’s except that is for the continued decline in collagen and elastin manufacture!  Skin will begin to feel a little less plump, a little looser and the skin around the eyes will develop deeper crinkles and creases reflecting every laugh and frown so far.  Stress can have a big impact during this decade so eating well getting enough sleep and cutting back on alcohol intake  will help reduce the impact of any stress hormones running rampage through your body.  Keep up the twice daily cleansing rituals with the addition of targeted skin care products to help keep changes in check.

50’s and beyond

At 50 our skin becomes noticeably drier or excessively oily, less plump and more easily prone to irritation caused by both environmental factors and internal bodily changes.  Crank up the intake on essential fatty acids and green leafy veg, exercise a little more regularly to help maintain tone. Exfoliation is still an important part of the routine but more gently and less often is the key. Keep up the twice daily cleansing routine and switch to a richer highly active moisturiser.

Whatever your age, it’s never too late to change the way you approach your skincare routine.  A Face Mapping Consultation with a Dermalogica trained Skincare specialist is a great place to start, offering a highly effective prescriptive tool to help you discover what your skin needs right now whilst delivering a tailored Dermalogica Product regime specifically to suit your needs.

Dermalogica don’t do anti-aging they do intelligent aging skincare products, coupled with professional support and expert advice -  which is exactly why team JBC is such a big fan!


Top 3 skincare complaints and how to tackle them head on.....

Eye bags, dark circles & fine linesLate nights, stress and age all play a part in producing excessive fine lines, puffiness and darkening under and around the eyes.  It’s worth remembering that for some of us it is simply hereditary and for the rest, this will occur naturally as we age BUT the rate of change can be slowed and managed with a few minor changes.

Things to try: Although pretty obvious, it’s important to get enough sleep, eat a healthy balanced diet (to ensure those dark circles are not indicating a deficiency) and find ways to  manage those stress levels. Sun exposure should be limited with sunscreen or shade and although a glass or two of the strong stuff is good, too much will impair liver function and in turn darken those circles further. Be gentle - rubbing or scrubbing the eye area will damage the delicate tissue causing mechanical damage, soreness and irritation.

Dermalogica products: Remove makeup without irritation using Dermalogica Soothing Eye Make Up Remover (and yes, do it even when you come home really late, your eyes will thank you for it in the morning!) . Follow up with Dermalogica Total Eye Care to protect and repair the delicate eye area or for an added boost try Dermalogica Intensive Eye Repair.


Sore and sensitive skin

We have all experienced that sore, tight uncomfortable feeling skin caused by shifts in climatic condition or a sudden reaction to your skincare product and sometimes it simply can’t be avoided but by applying some sensible principles, you can manage or avoid that dreaded euggh feeling.

Things to try: Truly Sensitive Skin is actually a rarity, for most of us it is simply a reactive process to the environment, stress, or product ingredients.  Choose your skincare products wisely and develop an effective twice daily routine.  A protective moisturiser will help protect your skin from the elements and guard against possible irritation caused by make-up. Acknowledging and managing day to day stresses will reduce the production of stress hormones in turn limiting their effects on the skin.

Dermalogica products: Clean away the day with Dermalogica Essential Cleansing Solution, specially formulated with dry sensitive skin conditions in mind. Next spritz the face with Dermalogica UltraCalming Mist to take out the skin, soothe and hydrate.  Finish up with Dermalogica Gentle Soothing Booster topped off with Dermalogica Super Rich Repair for a kickstart of hydration and protection.


Dull and uneven skin tone

Tackling drab, dull, uneven skin tone is not as big a deal as you might imagine, it is simply a case of developing an effective skincare regime which deeply cleanses, sweeps away those dull and dead old cells and delivers a shot of the good stuff to boost clarity and radiance. Hyper-pigmentation is a sticking point but specially formulated products can be highly effective.

Things to try: Cleanse daily, do it morning and night and preferably do it twice.  Don’t skip exfoliation, it is an essential component in creating a clearer brighter complexion. Wear sunscreen, even on a wintery day, to limit the effects of UV rays and help to avoid worsening of UV related hyper-pigmentation.

Dermalogica products: Where skin is prone to hyper-pigmentation try Dermalogica Brightening Regime set, a complete set of essential products which work synergistically to tackle uneven skin tone and hyper-pigmentation.  For dull and drab skin generally, try Dermalogica Face mapping to discover a perfect fit skincare regime.

We get lots of questions asking how to tackle some of those tricky skincare issues so if you have a question and need some extra friendly no-nonsense advice, come find us on Facebook and join the discussion.


Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant reaches a mega milestone this month.....

We are feeling rather like proud parents here at JBC HQ this week because our well loved and well used Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant is about to turn 10, which is a pretty spectacular milestone to reach we feel!We love Daily Microfoliant and we know that you all love it too (which is why it consistently takes its place on our Bestsellers list!) but if you haven’t tried it yet or need a little reminder of why you should, here are our top 10 reasons to love and adore Daily Microfoliant:

  1. Daily Microfoliant made the bestsellers list because it’s easy to use, forms a pleasurable part of any skincare routine and quite simply - it works!
  2. This water activated rice enzyme based formula creates a skin pleasing paste which smells divine and feels fabulous in the hand and on the face.
  3. The powder to paste formula provides a whole tube packed full of water activated ingredients so you get a mega hit of the good stuff at the point of use.
  4. Papain extract and Salicylic Acid form a gentle but effective part of the Microfoliant formula specifically targeting those dull grey cells in order to reveal brighter, smoother skin.
  5. It is also packed with skin brightening ingredients such as Licorice, Aspergillus and Grapefruit
  6. Green Tea, Ginkgo and Collodial Oatmeal combine to soothe and calm irritation and inflammation leaving skin clean, clear and feeling cool as a cucumber.
  7. In the words of Take That (no we are not fans but you get the gist!) It only takes a minute to fall in love.  Prepare the paste and apply in circular motions, massage gently for one minute and do it daily - you will love the product, love the results and love your skin!
  8. Daily means daily because the gentle micro formulation effectively exfoliates, clears and brightens without causing that dreaded skin irritation.
  9. Daily Microfoliant is a JoinFITE product which means that every time you buy you simply get online and redeem your product code to trigger a microloan to a female entrepreneur in need of a helping hand.
  10. It is an award winner, scooping not only a place inside the the InStyle Hall of Fame but was also awarded the InStyle Best Buy Beauty Award for 2011 in the Best Facial Exfoliator category.

If you haven’t tried it yet why not request a free sample with your next order! Using it already?  Get in touch, share the love and tell the world why you are a dedicated Microfoliant fan.


5 feel good activities to try this week.....

Feeling in need of a pick-me-up this week?  Here are our top 5 feel good activities to try.....

  1. The good old British weather is at it again - just when we thought Autumn had arrived seemingly overnight in a rush of cold and windy weather it seems we are just about to get a little glimpse of an Indian Summer! So, with warmer temperatures and sunshine assured for this week first on our top 5 feel good list has got to be fresh air food with friends or family. Grab yourself a rug or some foldie down chairs, pick up the barbie and pack some pickie bits then head out somewhere to play! Just make it fun and make it a shared experience to get a rosy glow inside and out.
  2. Do good. This month there has been lots of chatter regarding feeling happier and healthier and top of the list is doing something good.  According to reports, to have the greatest feel good benefit of all, you should go create a random act of kindness preferably doing so anonymously. What do we suggest?  Simply take the plunge and do something (anything) that you know will bring a smile to any recipients face.
  3. Skill Swap. If you want to learn a new skill or need someone else’s expertise get out there this week and go trade your skill for a skill. Swap a fabulous cooked dinner for an Indian Head Massage or hedge trimming for tap repair (or in fact anything else that floats your ‘I need/want/must have’ boat!)
  4. Take the plunge. Outdoor swimming has always had a hardcore following but the need to reclaim free spaces and a sense of childhood abandon means it has gathered great momentum again. If you want to give it a try before the water gets too chilly, this week offer the perfect chance for a last sunny dip. Get online to find your nearest swimming spot.
  5. Join the JoinFITE movement. If you haven’t already been busy giving, redeeming or talking about the JoinFITE campaign now is the time to do it!  Help us spread the word by telling your friends, redeeming your Dermalogica product codes or make a Microloan.

Have you got any feel good activities to share?  Well what are you waiting for - get online or email us with your lovely snippets of feel good fodder and we can share them around!


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Seasonal changes to take notice of.....

According to the calendar Summer has officially ended and although we are still enjoying warmish sunshine and clear days, the signs that Autumn has arrived are fully present which means we should start to think about our skincare routines in preparation for cooler, harsher days.The steady shift away from the warm and dry skin friendly days of summer allows plenty of time to make the necessary adjustments to our daily cleansing rituals, and if you start the preparations now, you will be well prepared to avoid the dreaded irritation reddening and soreness that the frosty weather brings!

Be prepared

Cold weather can cause a plethora of irritating skin problems for many of us but the most common problem by far is excessive dryness. Cooler air is drier air (even in the damp old UK!) but coupled with the drying effects of air tight windows and cranked up heating, which incidentally is just as moisture sucking as excessively cold air, quickly leads to skin which is drab, tight and flaky.

Keeping skin soft and supple firstly requires adequate hydration and the usual rules apply; drink plenty of fluids and eat moisture laden foods, avoid too much caffeine and alcohol and protect your skin from the elements.

Don’t skip the exfoliation instead continue this important part of your routine whatever the season. Proper exfoliation with a gentle but effective Dermalogica Exfoliant will remove those drab surface cells and prepare your skin adequately for a drenching of moisture. Pay particular attention to elbows, knees and feet where skin is thicker and more prone to dehydration.

To retain moisture during the colder months apply your usual (or a richer) moisturiser to damp skin and allow to absorb fully before dressing or applying makeup.  This ensures that your skin, rather than your clothes or makeup sponge, get the full hydration hit.

Don’t skip the UV protection!  Winter sun and strong daylight can still damage and prematurely age skin. Apply a daily dose of at least SPF15 to exposed parts throughout the year. If you want a lightly sun-kissed look, choose a tinted moisturiser over tanning for a safe and effective wintery skin lift.

As inviting as it may be to stay indoors in a cosy centrally heated space get outside and allow skin to get at least a little fresh air every day to keep it healthy and plumped.  A brisk walk will raise the heart rate, increase circulation and keep your body naturally toasty. Naturally rosy cheeks bring a smile to all our faces! Taking advantage of the daylight through the darker months will help you stave of the winter blues too.

The shifts in climate will also dry out nails which are often forgotten about or hastily treated. Treat yourself to a weekly manicure and pedicure at home, finished off with a generous slathering of Dermalogica Multivitamin Hand and Nail Treatment then slip into warm socks and cotton gloves to aid absorption. Nail polish can be drying so if you are a regular wearer skip a day or two to allow healthy growth without flaking.

Take a nap if you need to.  Colder days affect us all in different ways meaning that many of us simply want to head for the duvet and hibernate until spring!  This isn’t a practical solution but a 20-40 minute nap in the afternoon will help you feel more alert and improve your concentration. Adequate rest also means a healthy body and mind leading to glowing skin, reduced puffiness and fewer dark circles.

The journey from Autumn into Winter can be a breeze where your skin is concerned just listen to your body and respond quickly to help keep skin healthy and happy.


Here’s why JBC love Dermalogica as much as you do.....

There is no denying that Dermalogica products are loved by an ever expanding global fan base of devotees and not without good reason; texture, fragrance, ease of use and the fact that they produce great results are the top reasons tumbling from everyones lips!The JBC team love Dermalogica products for exactly the same reasons but there is more than meets the eye where the Dermalogica brand is concerned (and why JBC are such proud brand ambassadors!) Here are some things you maybe didn’t know about Dermalogica:

Helping women entrepreneurs didn’t begin with JoinFITE

Long before JoinFITE was considered an option, Jane Wurwand knew the importance of supporting women to self sufficiency through business and back in 1999 launched the Dermalogica Foundation. The aim back then was to support under-represented and unsupported women and girls looking to secure their own future economic security through business endeavor. The JoinFITE  platform has taken the original concept and expanded to a global reach now helping to support women entrepreneurs in 57 countries. The early vision and determination of Jane Wurwand still continues via the Dermalogia Foundation and has helped develop the fabulous JoinFITE platform, through collaboration with KIVA, and is now helping secure economic stability for future generations of women around the world.

Dermalogica don’t do beauty

You will often hear us talking about skin health rather than beauty and that’s simply because we believe in the Dermalogica ethos that skin needs proper care and nourishment to remain in tip-top condition. Dermalogica promote the concept of aging smartly rather than anti-aging and develop products based on solid (and ethical) research.  There is no animal testing and no unkind skin ingredients such as mineral oils, lanolin, fillers and artificial fragrances much loved by the ‘beauty’ industry.  Packing is simple, non-gendered and practical to support the idea that whatever skin we are in, achieving healthy skin comes first.

Sustainability is important

Dermalogica has grown to global proportions but their commitment to sustainability has remained unchanged since 1983. Product ingredients come from sustainable sources wherever possible and all packaging is recyclable, photodegradable or biodegradable. Staff at the International Dermal Institute work in a certified LEED green building and when travelling stay in specially chosen partner hotels who demonstrate the very highest of sustainable practices.

Dermalogica does good stuff in lots of ways and it’s their commitment to research, education, investment in people and places which we think puts them way ahead of the competition. It also happens to be why we love the brand and the product so much!

Do you share our view? Then why not get in touch and tell us why you feel Dermalogica is so dramatically different from other skin brands you tried?


Got that "Back to school" feeling? Here's some inspiration for you

Sue, one of our loyal customers has made spectacular achievement - we're so proud of her, we thought we'd brag about it!   Here's her story:It all began 14 months ago when Ben said he was going to climb Kilimanjaro, after he had already done several marathons, Machu Piccu and the Wild China Wall and I piped up' Well if you are doing it so am I' and that was where it all began!!

Ben had his first challenge and that was to get me fit and trek ready. We already enjoyed walking regularly, however climbing to 19,341ft was a whole new adventure. I had read so many stories about how difficult this was going to be, the horrors of altitude and that made you descend immediately as it can be deadly and only 80% actually make it to the top, however my mind was set and I was confident I could do this.

I work for Midcounties Co-operative in the Travel division and our new Charity Partner for the Society was Women's Aid-until violence against women and children has stopped, so I decided I would do the trek and raise money for this worthwhile cause.

So we began with walking more and more. After work, most weekends and we even took our walking boots on holiday to Spain. Climbing up hills was all part of the training. With a back pack and lunch off we would go for hours and hours. To breathe while climbing up hill without panting was a skill I needed to learn, and Ben kept me climbing up and up until I could master this! I knew this would help me summiting Kili as oxygen was not abundant!. A weekend away in the Lake District, Shropshire and Snowdonia to find higher mountains was our mission. I also trained every morning before going to work. I wanted to be as fit as I could possibly be. With about 8 weeks to go every morning I put a 10kg pack on my back and walked up and down the stairs, and on alternate mornings I used a step box to build up my leg strength. Ben was a great trainer and kept me focused.

The Kit Bag and its only 15kg for a weeks camping too!!

Clothes for temperatures of +30 and below -10, pills and plasters, however more importantly and I knew that I needed to contact Jersey Beauty to seek their help with samples of my favourite products, as i did not have room for my bottles of creams and potions to protect my face from the extreme conditions. I have used JB for years and I emailed them to support my charity climb and how the samples would so help my face and also with my luggage allowance! Greg and JB came up trumps and he was a star. He sent me samples of sun block, conditioning body wash, skin smoothing cream, hydrating masque and barrier creams all for protecting my 48years looking 68yrs old!!!

17th July and off we fly to Kilimanjaro from Birmingham.

The following day and we are picked up by the African Walking Company and off we went to start our 7 day trek. How excited were we. The day had finally come after months and months of training and we were at the start of the most amazing journey ahead of us. With Henry our chief guide,a cook, and 12 other porters to carry our bags and tents we set off. We were give the 4 Golden Rules to get to the Summit.

1.Have the right equipment 2.Go Pole Pole which means Slowly Slowly 3.Drink at least 4/5 litres of water daily 4.PMA- Positive Mental Attitude

It took us 5 days to get to base camp. I have to say that the daily JB pamper treats made my days on the mountain special. After walking for 4-5hrs in the heat and the dust and at the end of the day to apply a refreshing hydrating masque to my skin was heaven and my skin drank it all up!!! Love Dermalogica. We were so lucky that we did not suffer from altitude sickness which was our biggest fear. We felt fit and had been able to eat and sleep during the climb to this point. I knew that now this was going to be down to sheer strength and will power to get me to the top and the imagined picture of me and Ben on the top with my Women's Aid flag, smiling.


At 11pm we were woken up with tea and porridge and got dressed with all our layers to venture up to Uhuru Peak at 5,895mtrs. With head torches and with lots of other trekkers we began the 7hr climb. It was very tough, as you we were climbing over rocks and walking in soft scree and you sank into it, so it was tiring. As you looked back down the mountain all you could see was a trail of lights from the head torches all hoping to get to the top. Quite magical I remember. We went slowly very slowly as it was so steep. You just keep following your guide's feet and focusing on getting to the top. As its dark you can't see the top so you just keep putting one foot in front of other. We stopped for water and an energy bar a couple of times and eventually after 5hrs you arrive at Gilman's Point at sunrise. I sat and cried as I could not believe I had come this far. Henry gave us hot tea and we had some energy snacks to continue to the top. To watch the sunrise on the highest freestanding mountain in the world was very emotional and spectacular. After a short break we set of again around the crater rim which was stunning with the glacier behind and then at 8:00am we got to the peak!!! We touched the post and out came the charity flag for our photos. We did it. We did it.

All the training and planning had paid off and we were so ecstatic. Can't stay long as oxygen levels are only 50% so we began our 3hr journey back to base camp and then a further 3hr trek to our final camp site. We had been walking for 13hrs and covered 21km but we did not care as achieving the Peak was our challenge and we did. Back at base we had a Kilimanjaro beer to celebrate in our tent. Well what other drink would we want, and then it was off to bed at 630pm for a well earned rest as we still had another 6hrs and 17km the next day to walk to the main gate and to collect our gold certificate.

It was an amazing journey and I will never forget what I achieved climbing the highest mountain and the raising £6,744 for our charity.

Set aside the "back to school" and "back to work" summer's over feeling.  Take a little inspiration from Sue - anything is possible if you set your mind to it with passion and determination.  Well done Sue!