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Keeping adult acne under control .....

The vast majority of us awoke with the odd cringe inducing spot or two during our hormonally chaotic early teenage years but for those who experienced the more severe cases of breakouts and acne, you may well still find yourself struggling to keep it under control well into adulthood - causing discomfort and frustration in equal measure.Adult acne is incredibly common with more of us than ever encountering acne for the very first time during our adult years. Hormones, stress and counter-productive skin care regimes can all add to up to skin which is less than cool calm and collected!

There are four key factors affecting the occurrence and severity of acne: Excess sebum (oil) production, surface accumulation of dead skin cells, bacteria and inflammation. Tackling all four areas in a gentle but effective way will stop rather than perpetrate the cyclical nature of acne formation. Thinking about them as a co-dependent team rather than individual problems will have you seeing acne in a whole new light.

Achieving an effective and regular skin-care routine is absolutely vital in keeping skin healthy and ready for spot fighting action BUT it is important to choose products which will not exasperate the problem further by excessively drying the skin or blocking pores. The Dermalogica MediBac Clearing System has been specially formulated to treat, clear and prevent acne whilst actively protecting the skins natural defences. The system works synergistically to tackle each of the four acne causing factors leaving your skin happier, clearer and will have you feeling more in control!

A good skin-care regime is a big part of the picture but here’s some other factors to take into account:

  • Stress is a big factor where excess oil production is concerned so make time to look at the  possible causes then take steps to reduce and manage those stress levels.
  • Sugary, fatty food doesn’t actually cause acne but will increase the amount of sebum that your skin produces.  A little of what you like really does do you good, so reduce consumption rather than restrict yourself to a misery induced ‘craving but can’t have it’ state to achieve a happy medium.
  • Don’t shy away from exfoliation - it is actually good for skin and essential in removing dead skins cells from acne prone skin. Gentle is the key though to avoid irritation and furthering inflammation of the follicles.
  • As tempting as it may be, picking and squeezing spots can not only result in scarring but actually aids acne production through the transference of dirt and grime to the surrounding skin.

Acne can be cause for minor annoyance or a stress inducing, confidence knocking issue but it can be managed with effective products, great advice and a little bit of emotional TLC.

We hear rave reviews about the MediBac Clearing system so if you are using it currently or have done so recently, tell us about your experience (likewise, share you top tips on sanity-saving, spot busting actions).


Psst! heard on the grapevine this week.....

We so often hear little snippets of interesting info and, although August is generally that quiet month where everyone in the UK seems to vanish into thin air, this last week has actually produced three newsworthy tit-bits of info to share. Here’s the good, the bad and the downright marvelous ......The Good

We like the outspoken, honest and campaigning efforts of anyone and everyone who supports health and natural beauty over fakery and beauty extremes so it brought a smile to our faces to hear about the Anti Cosmetic Surgery League, the formation of which has been widely reported in this weeks press.  A slight tongue in cheek banner but a serious statement none-the-less - for those of you planted firmly on far away shores or just too busy to know what on earth we are talking about, Kate Winslet has this week joined forces with Emma Thompson and Rachel Weisz to denounce cosmetic procedures in favour of celebrating natural beauty in women of all ages.

A point particularly well made raises awareness of the pressures we (usually us female folk) endure as the natural aging process occurs; Winslet herself talking about the need to unnaturally ‘look 30 at 60’.  So will their campaigning have any weight?  Maybe, maybe not but there certainly seems to be a shifting tide in perceptions on what it is to feel naturally beautiful and women (celebrity endorsed or not) appear to be leading from the front and saying enough is enough,  We can’t argue with that!

The Bad

Talking about expectations, pressures and general waffling, women have become the latest target in a twist on environmental awareness.  Thames Water has, in an attempt to move away from the usual message on water saving hints and tips, created a mini media furore by suggesting that women waste excessive amounts of water by shaving their legs in the shower! This was of course just merely one way suggested by Thames Water to reduce consumption but comment in the Guardian this week raised the valid point on the the excessive amount of water Thames wastes through leaky pipes (669.9 Million Litres per day apparently).  Food for thought on many levels we think.

The Downright Marvellous

Twitter has been all of a twitter with news of a Brand new Dermalogica product just launched in the US and which will reach UK shores by October.  It is the brand new Dermalogica Age Smart Overnight Repair Serum developed specifically to work at intensively repairing and supporting your skin whilst you sleep. Tackling the key signs of premature aging, this extra special serum will help improve your skins ability to recover quickly and maintain a healthy, smoother surface. It's already made a big splash in the US so as soon as we get it in, we will be sure to let you know!


The route to squeaky clean skin.....

‘It’s not what you do it’s the way that you do it’ may not apply to absolutely everything in life (although it’s pretty true for most things) it most definitely applies where cleansing is concerned!Our faces take the brunt of some tough conditions day-in day-out and for most of this means only minor complaints and grumbles causing the odd spot or two, a little redness or dry skin but left unchecked can cause longer term and more nagging issues.

Pollution, sunscreens and makeup create a pretty heavy unseen film on the surface of the skin and when mixed with our naturally produced sebum travels deeper into those pores which, left to it’s own devices, will cause blockages blackheads and irritation (leaving your skin looking dull and drab in the process).

We know the importance of that twice daily cleanse, tone and moisturise but rarely do we focus on the crucial first stage of cleansing - in ignoring it, or not doing it effectively, we are missing an opportunity to really clean deep down for skin that glows with health and vitality.

Oil and water simply do not mix so using water based cleansing products will not cut the mustard in shifting that stubborn grime, which is exactly why Dermalogica have developed the highly effective two-step cleansing process which begins with Precleanse.

If you have not yet tried Dermalogica Precleanse you are missing the opportunity to wipe away the day (or night) in a gentle yet deeper than deep cleansing method. This lightweight oil based product binds to that oily dirt and debris to lift away from the skin ready for removal. The clever bit is in its water loving properties which, when the face is moistened with water, allows Precleanse to emulsify, rinsing grime and any traces of Precleanse clean away (leaving your face ready for your normal cleansing approach).

Here’s the Dermalogica way to perform an effective two step cleansing process with maximum effect:

  1. Remove eye and lip make-up by dispensing PreCleanse onto damp cotton.
  2. Shake a generous amount of PreCleanse into dry hands and spread between the palms.
  3. Sweep PreCleanse across neck, cheeks and forehead.
  4. Begin the step-by-step Dermalogica Professional Cleansing Technique listed below.
  • Starting at the neck, spread PreCleanse across the face by using light, upward circles with fingertips.
  • Continue by circling chin and cheeks, paying special attention to areas of congestion.
  • Use one fingertip on both sides of the nostril, then circle around the side and top of the nose.
  • Come between the eyebrows and continue circles over forehead, making sure to include the hairline.
  • Wet hands and massage over PreCleanse to create a light, milky emulsion.
  • Remove with the dampened cleansing cloth to gently exfoliate for ultra-clean, super smooth skin!
  • Commence second cleanse with recommended Dermalogica Cleanser.

Dermalogica Precleanse is suitable for all skin types but if you don’t know which Dermalogica Cleanser to follow up with, use the FaceMapping process online or find a Dermalogica trained therapist to discover the prefect match for your skin.

Are you already a Precleanse devotee? Get in touch and tell us why you love it and couldn’t possibly live without it!


Thanks to you we've helped another entrepreneur!

We thought you'd like to know that JoinFITE have processed the codes that some of you have redeemed at, and helped fund a microloan segment for an entrepreneur.

The entrepreneur funded is Almend.  She is 35 years old and lives in Sapang Dalaga in the Philippines. She is married and has 2 children. To earn a living, Almend has a business selling different kind of products such as canned goods, soap, toothpaste, rice and anything that is needed in the household. She earns about PHP 6,500 each month (£93) doing this type of work. Almaend has a requested a loan to purchase more products for her grocery store.

Join with us: Help us to fund more entrepreneurs like Almend by redeeming your JoinFITE code (from the sleeve of any of the five branded JoinFITE products) and credit our team with your $1.  During June, we will also match it with $1 and help fund an entrepreneur in a developing country who is aiming to gain financial independence.

Get moving for a healthier lifestyle......

There has been a lot of press over the last few weeks highlighting the dangers of our increasing sedentary lifestyles and rather than the usual focus on ‘you must be thin to be beautiful’ mantra these articles have raise important health and wellness issues related to a less than energetic day to day routine.We are now spending hours every day sitting at our desks, watching TV, plugged into the net or playing competitive sports from our armchairs through games consoles! We drive to work, park in the closest possible space and have lunch delivered (or collect from the conveniently located shop nearby!). Convenience is rooting us more firmly than ever to a sitting position where a quick daily stroll or twice a week gym visit is the sum total of the exercise our poor bodies get. We need to start moving - and that doesn’t mean to a lycra clad sweating version of yourself!.

Sitting for long periods reduces muscle tone and the efficiency of our circulation, increases our risk of Deep Vein Thrombosis and if we are not sitting properly, can wreak all sorts of havoc with our posture long term. So if sweating it out is not the key what is? Little and often. Here are some top tips to get you moving more:

  • Get yourself a pedometer and use it daily. Tracking how many steps you actually take everyday gives you gives you focus for upping that number to the recommended amount - around 8-10 thousand per day is he general consensus for a healthy number.
  • Look at where you can gain some easy steps each day - park your car a little further away, take a lunchtime stroll or use the stairs instead of the lift.
  • Check your desk and seating position. Much like your bed, you spend hours there daily so treat it with the same care and attention you would when purchasing new sleeping space! Make sure that your chair is correctly angled for your height and weight and matched to the desk style and position. Use wrist guards and foot rests to help keep you sitting upright and comfortable.
  • Take regular breaks. Get away from your desk, stretch, yawn, clear your head and rehydrate otherwise you will be good for nothing come mid afternoon!. Fidgeting is good for you too, moving whilst seating is a good way to ensure that your circulation doesn’t fall asleep too.
  • Regular exercise is a must but do something you enjoy. Brisk walking with the dog every morning is a great way to get the heart rate raised - just up the pace to feel a little breathless (yes this DOES count as exercise!). Yoga is considerably more strenuous than many believe (as any devotees out there will know!), it’s also great for your posture, core muscle strength and and stress busting effects. If organised exercise is not your thing, arrange a weekend friends and family game of tennis, cricket, frisbee or any other ‘need to move whilst doing this’ activity.
  • Exercise is not the only way to get your circulation going and your muscles whipped into shape, massage is as beneficial as it is fabulously addictive. Regular massage by a well trained bod (such as own lovely Dermalogica trained therapists housed at the Jersey Treatment Rooms) will have your skin looking and feeling firmer, your circulation much improved and those aches and pains reduced. Aim for a monthly session as funds and time allow.

Focus on moving your body not moving those inches and you will soon be feeling less sluggish and more energised. Activities which you enjoy, interspersed with simple but effective changes, indulged in little and often is the key to getting your body on the move again.

What are your top tips for increasing daily activity easily?


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Celebrating a real beauty revolution.....

This week has seen a positive step forward in challenging those beauty myths with the Advertising Standards Agency taking a firm stance with L’Oreal over the image enhancement and airbrushing of actress/model Julia Roberts for their latest product release.  For those of you who missed the reports, L’Oreal was accused of creating a misleading and inaccurate portrayal of both the products effects and indeed of Julia Roberts natural appearance using digital rather than apparently real means, leading to the banning of said ads (hurrah we say!).At a time when magazines, billboards, newspapers and advertisements are bombarding us, women particularly, with impossibly perfect skin, hair and makeup it’s a refreshing change to hear that maybe (here’s hoping!) we have finally endured enough and feel the need to get real again, to see women in all their gloriously natural beautiful shapes and sizes instead of the size zero airbrushed versions that have become ingrained in our sub-conscious reality.

So, in the nature of all things positive, real and healthy we are ecstatic to read about the newly launched Campaign for Positive Beauty from those forward thinking folk at Psychologies Magazine. They have released a 10 point Positive Beauty Manifesto which includes key points on what real beauty should feel like - take a look a the full list online (here are our top three!):

  • Beauty and femininity are complex, and should not follow a simplistic set of rules or universal conventions.
  • We can be beautiful without being young, overtly sexy or thin
  • True beauty radiates who we truly are, including all our imperfections

Our team here at JBC are involved in promoting health and wellness in a number of ways (not to mention the fact that Director of JBC Matt is also director of leading UK wellness company Klafs Technical) so beauty for us starts and ends with keeping it real!  We believe that beauty really is more than skin deep and that inner happiness, a healthy mind and body gives us an extra va va voom that has us radiating confidence and vitality way beyond the minimal effects of a slather of lipstick and a wobble free bottom!

The Campaign for Positivity Beauty needs your support to get the word out there and to make real and lasting changes to how real beauty is perceived so get online and get involved to help kick start a real beauty revolution!

What would your Positive Beauty Manifesto say?  Get in touch and tell us your top 10 and you never know, we might just publish a few!

PS you may also like to know that Dermalogica has been nominated for Psychologies Magazine Positive Beauty Awards 2011 in four (4!) different categories under the title for Best Skin-Confidence Product.  Results to be announced soon!


Say hello to clearer, brighter skin .....

Those darker, uneven patches caused by Hyperpigmentation of the skin can appear for a number of reasons including over-exposure to the sun, hormonal changes or mechanical damage and whilst for some of us it is little more than minor patchiness, for others it can give the whole face, chest and hands an uneven, patchy and dull looking tone (adding on a few years in the process!).Avoidance isn’t always a possibility especially where internal physical changes are the key driving factors but, regardless of root cause, exposure to the sun will cause a deepening of the discolouration so the first port of call has got to be sunscreen! Apply at least UVA & UVB SPF 15 daily liberally to exposed areas 30 minutes before heading outdoors and pay particular attention to the delicate skin of the face and chest.

The hormonal fluctuations during pregnancy can produce a specific pattern of hyperpigmentation on the face (commonly referred to as the pregnancy mask) so try and avoid direct facial exposure to the sun if possible, wear sunscreen and a hat for double protection. Mens skin can be affected too, particularly by the mechanical effects of daily shaving which can lead to darker patches around the beard area.  Developing a good shaving technique coupled with the use of high quality skin friendly shave products will lessen the impact on those manly chins!

So, other than avoiding UV exposure (and taking care when shaving!) what can be done to help reduce the appearance once those darker, patchier areas rear their heads?  Well of course Dermalogica have it covered and those clever product developers have created the Chromawhite TrX skincare range which incorporates a highly developed and complex range of extracts which help to improve clarity, brighten and smooth the skins surface to deliver a more even skin tone.

The complimentary and synergistic range offers cleanser, moisturiser (with SPF30), exfoliant, overnight treatment and high potency serum to deliver a complete system which will effectively tackle discolouration.  Each specially developed component works together to reduce and prevent dark spots, improves clarity and radiance to brighten and protect.

To achieve maximum impact, you should use the whole range together - so for those of you who want to dive straight in, the Dermalogica brightening regimen set is the perfect place to start containing: Dermalogica Tri-Active Cleanse, Dermalogica Powerfoliant, Dermalogica C-12 Concentrate, Dermalogica Extreme C, Dermalogica Pure Light SPF 30 and Dermalogica Pure Night.

Skin discoloration can be a minor annoyance or a huge dent to your confidence but it can be effectively addressed and improved with a little time, patience and the right products.  We hear regularly how well the Dermalogica Trx Range works so if you would like to share your own stories, drop us a line or leave some comments!


My Dermalogica Love Affair

This tryst began only six short months ago. For over a decade I had been suffering with bad skin – even on the clearest of days the pores on my nose look the size of moon craters! Spots, uneven skin tone, red blotches, and under-eye bags, YOU NAME IT, I have it!  Unless of course you name “perfect and lovely skin” – which I don’t have.In January of 2011 I went on a dermalogica training course designed for non-beauty therapists (receptionists/managers/etc.) and I fell in love! Not only do I love the products (a few have become products I couldn’t dream of being without! Desert island – yes, I’d bring a kindle with thousands of books, my pre-cleanse, oil free matte block SPF 20 and my D&G sunglasses…oh and my bikini… ok this list is getting silly, but you get the point!); but I also love the dermalogica brand! I love the packaging! And I love their new initiative with FITE!  How great is it to buy products I was already going to buy and have money go to support empowering women across the globe?!

That fateful day back in January when my love of dermalogica was born I purchased a few products; one of them being pre-cleanse. If you are new to dermalogica you may be new to the idea of double cleansing. I know! It seems crazy! But I was shampooing my hair twice so why was it so crazy to think I should be cleansing my face twice?! Pre-cleanse has changed my life! No more ruthlessly scrubbing away at my eyes to remove all that mascara, eye liner and shadow! I cannot explain how gratifying it is to use pre-cleanse – a little bit of product and a quick massage over the face, rinse and watch it all wash down the drain!

After returning from that training course, I instantly wanted to throw away my motley crew of skin care garbage I had at home and replace it all with dermalogica products! Hm, expensive… but then I was turned onto by none other than a qualified therapist! Hallelujah! Dermalogica products at a decent price! (I’d like to point out that at this point in time I worked in a salon as a manager! JBC – still cheaper!)

So in conclusion – while my skin will never be perfect, and I accept that – my skin loves dermalogica.

Growing old disgracefully

Like any teenager, I went through the horrors of adolescence with acne.... after treatment at The Allergy Clinic in Oxford and my hormones settling down in my late twenties my skin settled too.However the treatment was not without problems in that my doctor misprescribed one of the lotions and I had a terrible reaction particularly under my eyes which damaged my skin.  Since that time I have found it difficult to use skin products without suffering. Can’t even use hypo-allergenic or baby products.

However, one day my neighbour whose house I had been caring for, came back from a trip to New York and gave me a sample of a Dermalogica product.  I tried it and never looked back. I went to the salon in London where they did Dermalogica treatments, tried them out and it was great.I never use anything else. Skin Smoothing Cream, Body Wash being my particular favourites.

I am now 61 and have pretty good skin for my age I am told.  I also have pink streaks in my hair, dress in a fairly modern style (not mutton dressed as lamb!) and enjoy things that my granny would never have dared at 60+. My taste in music very ecletic from classical right through to Lady Gaga!

If I lived on a desert island I would like my cats with me, my piano, a supply of chocolate, my A-Ha DVD a bottle of L’air du Sud from Annick Goutal perfume, and my supply of Dermalogica products.

Some may say they are rather expensive, but they last forever….. if you have never tried them, I thoroughly recommend them and you too can grow old disgracefully like me.

I even shock the local WI sometimes.

Taking the sting out of sensitised skin....

Many of us as at one time or another have encountered red, sore and stinging skin which can seemingly react even to the slightest breeze or a splash of plain old water! Thankfully for most of us this is temporary situation caused by a new skincare product which simply didn’t suit, a change in environment or a time of heightened stress but for those of you experiencing an ongoing daily battle to achieve and manage happy and healthy skin, you may be left feeling a little frustrated.Fear not we say, for the skin-smart product developers at Dermalogica HQ have been busy working on the brand new and improved UltraCalming range which, we are very happy to say, has been newly launched and is now in stock, ready for dispatch.

The idea behind the UltraCalming formulation is to address the key issues related to sensitised skin and so works to reduce redness and irritation, supports and protects the skins natural lipid barrier and helps the skin to adequately guard against internal and external environmental stressors. The much sought-after result is skin which is calm, soothed and fully hydrated (plus, a less frustrated you!).

The range includes the ph balanced UltraCalming Cleanser with its silky gel-cream formulation helping to gently remove impurities whilst reducing redness, soreness and irritation. Botanical extracts offer skin supporting antiseptic and healing properties and added Vitamin B boosts the skins ability to maintain moisture and regenerate quickly.

Next up comes the improved formula UltraCalming Mist with a hands-off spritzing nozzle designed to deliver a shot of skin calming botanicals which help support and maintain the lipid barrier.  Use daily to calm irritation and to properly prime the skin for adequate absorption of much need moisture.

Moisture is a biggie where sensitised skin is concerned so the Dermalogica UltraCalming Serum Concentrate will be welcome addition. Packed with vitamins, essential fatty acids and skin supporting oils this little bottle will help prevent inflammatory responses to external factors whilst minimising the effects of those dreaded flare ups when they do occur.

Dermalogica Barrier Repair with UltaCalming Complex is next on the list and another vital component of the range. Formulated specifically to offer protection from environmental stresses, shielding the skins lipid barrier from further onslaught whilst delivering much needed moisture plus skin supporting botanicals.

Finally the Dermalogica UltraCalming Relief Masque enriched with skin soothing oatmeal is the perfect pick-me-up when a quick shot of relief is needed. Apply as a treatment 2-3 times per week to achieve long lasting relief from irritation.

The UltraCalming range is just part of the process, Dermalogica skin care specialists also recommend the following approach when caring for sensitised skin:

  • Avoid using hot water when cleansing
  • Use tissue or non-fabric cloth to remove cleanser when water feels to harsh
  • Be gentle, use upward circular motions when cleansing
  • Exfoliants should be used with care, ideally talk to a Dermalogica trained specialist for a personalised recommendation
  • Choose a moisturiser which protects against environmental irritants and pollutants


Let us know how you are getting on and tell us what helps (or hinders!) your path to happier , healthier skin.


Top tips for an active lifestyle.....

Wimbledon fortnight is nearly at a close for another year, in fact as I write this post Murray is playing Nadal for a place in the final this weekend and again it’s come down to one of those ‘will he, won’t he’ edge of the seat kind of moments we have become accustomed to observing in the last few years!Like so many things in life, tennis requires preparation, practice, perseverance and concentration to achieve great results and although my tennis really will never be great, my skin care routine has been perfected to suit my needs when exercising, taking a less is more approach to keep skin clean and healthy.  My top tips for a no-nonsense sporting skin care routine?

  • Adequate skin hydration starts from the inside so drink plenty of water before, during and after exercising to replace any lost through perspiration and exertion.
  • Take sunscreen whenever your are taking part in outdoor sports - even in the winter or on cloudy days UV levels can be higher than expected.
  • Avoid moisturising prior to exercising allowing skin to breathe and helping avoid stinging eyes from the inevitable mixing of product and perspiration.
  • Remove or avoid wearing make-up when exercising, again allowing skin to breathe freely.
  • Wear clothes which feel comfortable, are fit for purpose and let your skin breathe.  Proper footwear will help avoid rubbing, injury and excess perspiration.
  • Pack a gym kit to include essentials such as plasters, wrist support and antiseptic spray to take care of those sprains, grazes and blisters as they arise.
  • Take travel size versions of your usual products to help maintain a consistent skin care routine.  This should include staples such as body wash, shampoo and conditioner, all over body moisturiser plus your usual facial cleansing basics.  Keep them in your gym bag and refill as necessary.
  • If you swim regularly wear a cap to protect hair from excessive damage and rinse the body thoroughly to remove the dreaded skin-drying chlorine.

Getting your skin care basics right means you can forget about the details - just grab your gym bag and focus on the important task of honing those sporting skills!


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JoinFITE is working!

So far we’ve lent a total of $325 to 13 different female entrepreneurs in 7 different developing countries across the world.  We thought you’d like to know a little bit more about one of these women and how our lending is enabling her to build her business.Meet Elisa, she lives in Ecuador, where the average annual income is  $4,776 (about £2985) and we loaned her $25 to help with her poultry business. She is 50 years old and her husband is a bricklayer and a farmer.   To help Elisa generate finance so she can run the household she works on the farm raising chickens and growing corn, yucca (an edible root), platanos (starchy bananas), and vegetables. They are lucky that a river runs through their farm, which allows them to grow crops all year long.  At harvest time they bring their vegetables and products to the Santa Ana market in their city.

Our loan has been used to buy chickens for Elisa and to make a small chicken coop next to their house in order to raise a greater number of chickens.  Their goals are to continue working and to enjoy good health.

She has already repaid $4.16 and is paying her loan back on time.  Kiva, who are the world’s leading microfinance organisation administer the loans and work with local microfinance organisations in Ecuador.

These are real people with real stories, step by step, with your commitment to purchase JoinFITE products and redeem your JoinFITE codes, together with our commitment to continue giving will make a real difference in the lives of women all across the world.  Together we can take small steps that make a big difference.

Thanks for getting involved!

Just noticed we have $30 paid back into the kiva account – time to do another loan!

Sunless Tanning needn’t be a headache.....

A glimpse of what may just turn out to be a long hot summer has this week seen us flashing a little more flesh and whilst some us are perfectly comfortable with the paler tones our skin naturally exudes after a long winter, others covet that deep golden tan.Sunbeds and long hours spent basking in the early summer sun are a definite no-no for the team here at Jersey Beauty Company so what’s the alternative if you prefer golden hues to pale and interesting? There really is only one option - fake it.

There is a vast array of self tanning and bronzing products on the market so it’s no wonder that we can get it so wrong. Sludgy or orange tones with stubborn steaks really isn’t the look we hope to achieve when choosing a suitable product so where do you start?

Know your skin Getting to know your skin is the first step in choosing a tanning or bronzing product which will really deliver the results you want. Locate those bits which are drier or more sensitive, prone to breakouts or well balanced and you will get to understand what is normal for you. Next look at skin tone - do you have peachy, pink, yellow or blue undertones and does this differ vastly say on thighs than on face? Once you have an understanding of how your skin behaves and the varying differences in tone, you have head-start on choosing the right product for you.

Ignore the marketing blurb It’s easy to get caught out with sleek advertising campaigns demonstrating impossibly perfect, deeply bronzed bodies but the truth is that there really is no single product which will deliver the results everyone wants. Before rushing out to buy the latest must-have, do your own market research; get online, read the reviews and talk to your friends to really find out what works and what doesn’t. For some, it will be the professionally applied weekly spray tan whilst for others a daily moisturiser with a hint of self tan, the trick is knowing what end results you want to achieve then finding a product that works for you.

Choices, choices Self tanners and bronzers are available as a diverse range of formulations with varying application methods, so choosing the right one can be a bit hit and miss. Here are the key types and some handy hints:

Instant tanners These are usually a gel, cream or micro-spray formulation which instantly bronzes the skin on contact, dries quickly and washes off when you next bathe. Ideal for adding a little colour when you need a boost, avoids the dreaded streaking and allows you to build a light or deeper colour depending on application. If you are trying an instant tanning product for the first time choose micro-spray formula for whole body application and a cream or gel for the face.

Daily self tanners A relatively new product to the tanning market and gaining in popularity for their ease of use and skin moisturising properties. A cream formulation which is easy to apply, you simply slather all over as you would your usual moisturising product, wait until completely dry then dress as usual. The small amount of self tanning agent will develop in a few hours, delivering a hint of all over colour which builds gradually each day you continue to apply. There are several cosmetic companies marketing very similar formulations so choosing the right one for you will depend on skin tone and moisture needs.

Self Tanners Cream, foam, micro-spray and gel formulations offer a method of applications to suit everyone but this type of tanning product can be a little trickier to apply. The tan develops over a few hours and fades gradually during the next 4-7 days so mistakes in application are not easily rectified. If you are new to this type of product try out the store sample tester in a discreet area to check for final colour and suitability. Chose a foam or spray where possible for a smoother and more even application for the first few attempts and preferably, choose a product with built-in instant colour so you can see exactly when you have applied the product.

Preparation is key Whichever method you settle on (even if you decide to make a trip to the salon for a professional treatment) preparing your skin thoroughly will give you far better results, more even colour which lasts longer and fades more evenly. Clean and well hydrated skin is the key so exfoliate and moisturise well for at least 3 days prior to applying your chosen tanning product. Pay particular attention to heels, knees and elbows which are prone to rapid dehydration and scaly skin, which if ignored, can lead to orange or sludgy patches through over absorption of the tanning product.

To avoid the dreaded orange eyebrows and hairline, apply a little vaseline to act as a barrier and don’t forget to wear gloves to protect palms (the backs of hands can easily be done last with a tanning mitt). Continue to exfoliate lightly and moisturise daily after your tan has fully developed to maintain an even colour and a healthy glow.

To keep your skin in tip top condition, Dermalogica offers a wide range of exfoliants and moisturisers and whilst our sister company Jersey Beauty can’t deliver a wide choice on tanning products, you will find the market leading St Tropez which may just offer what you need!

Skincare during pregnancy can be childs play....


Whether a first time mum or an old hand, taking care of skin during pregnancy needn’t be a complex regime or uphill battle.  Keeping things simple is key, listen to your body and respond accordingly, pare back to the essentials, streamline your routine and use high quality products that work with your skin not against it. Here are some top tips to help you enjoy a blooming pregnancy: Pregnancy hormones can wreak havoc with your body, particularly during the first trimester, inducing morning sickness and causing skin (and indeed ourselves!) to be that little bit more sensitive, but it’s not all doom and gloom! For most of us, this a temporary phase, as least where the morning sickness is concerned, so a less is more approach to management will help you.

If you find that you are suddenly more easily moved to tears, take care of puffy red and sore eyes with a cooled chamomile teabag or chilled cucumber applied for 10-15 mins as soon as you wake to soothe and calm irritation (which will give you just enough time to enjoy a cup of tea and a morning sickness reducing ginger biscuit before rising!).

To keep sensitive skin under control choose high impact products packed with natural ingredients that are gentle and effective without high levels of fragrance. Rapidly changing hormonal levels can cause those dreaded breakouts or excessively dry skin (and strangely, sometime both at the same time!) so choose a core set of products to cleanse, tone and moisturise daily with targeted treatments where needed.

Skin can also become highly sensitive to the effects of UV so although a short spell in the sunshine will have you feeling happier and healthier with that all important boost to Vitamin D, hormonal changes can cause hyper-pigmentation of the skin during pregnancy.  There is no need to avoid the sunshine entirely but whatever the weather or the season, protect sensitive skin with a liberal application of at least SPF 15 prior to heading outdoors.

Finally, the subject of stretch marks which for some are a non-issue and for others a big deal.  Whatever your outlook, it’s worth remembering that they too are a natural part of the the process and it is mostly your genetic predisposition which will determine if and where they will occur. Lotions and potions really do nothing to ‘cure’ or prevent stretch marks from appearing but keeping skin supple and well hydrated will ensure your tummy and thighs are well prepared for rapidly expanding bumps.  Avoid drying bath and shower products instead choosing ph balanced, skin loving cleansing products followed by a slathering of an intensive moisturiser or skin nourishing oil. A full body massage by a knowledgeable therapist will ensure a thorough application of oil to those harder to reach places whilst helping to reduce the natural stress and anxieties that pregnancy can bring.

We are not going to make product recommendations simply because no two pregnant bodies will behave the same but the wide range of Dermalogica products available mean that you can be sure to find essentials to suit your own needs.  If you need advice or extra support, please contact us directly to talk to one of our Dermalogica trained therapists.

Conversations, my email, Facebook, Blogs and all things Social Media


One of the things that I am really passionate about is hearing from and connecting with our customers. I like the conversation. It is a feature of the modern day world that makes this kind of conversation possible, especially through social media channels such as Facebook or even this blog. I can post something on here, and you guys can post your comments - and this creates a connection that was not possible before, and I love it.

My Email

Recently, I sent out an email to some folks asking for feedback about our company and the response was much more than I was expecting too be honest. It was fantastic for me to hear from our customers about what they thought about our company and service and I am really chuffed to be able to report that on the whole, our customers think we are doing great. Some great ideas came out of those discussions (so watch this space for some great new features coming to the website) and some great stories like Debra who cycled the "Way of the Roses" or even Tracy who'd had poor customer service from us in the past (which I am now happy to say has been sorted out well).

The Blog

We have recently started the company blog. Honestly, at this stage, I am not too sure where it is heading in terms of content - but I am sure that we will have fun on the way. I am a big fan of blogging as people get to post their own comments and ideas. One of the things that I really want to see are blog posts from our customers and friends on here (fancy writing one?). I don't want it to be "just another promotion tool" where we post all kinds of strange articles just to try and get better search engine rankings. I want it to be a conversation, not a statement. I want it to be a place where we share ideas and thoughts together.


Love it or hate it, Facebook is a major communication tool for most of us. I personally love it, but I know that some of you don't. For those that are on Facebook though, you can connect with us on there if you haven't done so already at I really enjoy the banter that goes on here - perhaps my favourite comment so far was from Laura telling us about alternative uses for UltraCalming Cleasner. We have done a few competitions on Facebook recently, just to see how it went more than anything. And it went well I think, so more will be coming soon (make sure you "Like Us" to get notifications of what they are). Keep up the conversation on Facebook, I am really enjoying it and I hope you guys are too.

Things like the Blog are quite new for us. Facebook is a big learning curve. But social media for us is about connecting with our customers, and I hope that like me, you are really enjoying the conversation as well.

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Helping your day go without a hitch......


It’s June 1st tomorrow which means that the summer wedding season is about to start and  like most of our team you will have at least a couple of weddings to attend this year! But what about when the shoe is on the other foot and instead of simply attending you are tying the knot yourself?  You will by now have most things planned and prepared, invitations sent,  menus planned to last detail and musicians booked leaving you to relax and enjoy the day safe in the knowledge that everything is taken care of. The last thing you may be thinking of is taking care of yourself (and new wife or hubby) during what will be a long and eventful day.  Here’s some top tips to help you day run smoothly: Dealing with dark circles

Of all the days to wake up with panda eyes your wedding day should not be it but with the inevitable weeks of planning, late nights and excitement in the lead up to the celebration, your eyes may well reflect it all!  If you do wake up with dark circle and puffiness, apply a cold face cloth for 15 minutes or a couple of slices of super chilled cucumber.  If you can plan ahead, make up a cup of chamomile tea the evening before, chill overnight and apply with cotton wool or directly to your face cloth. Apply a good moisture packed eye cream such as Dermalogica Intensive Eye Repair to help retain smooth plump skin throughout the day.

The dreaded swollen fingers

If the day is particularly hot and humid or nerves are getting the better of you, you may well find yourself with swollen or puffy fingers - not an ideal situation when you are trying to receive your wedding ring!  Ask your ring bearer to apply a little (and by little we really mean only a little!) vaseline or similar to the inside of the band to help it slip on a little more easily.

Being prepared

It is a good idea to have a bag with a few essential bits and pieces to help you feel morning fresh and ready for anything:

  • Headache tablets
  • Sticking Plasters for those blisters, bumps and grazes
  • Tissues
  • Wet wipes
  • Deodorant
  • Mini sewing kit
  • Travel size shoe buffer
  • Pen & notepad
  • Bottle of water or two
  • Strong Mints
  • Travel size make-up essentials
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste
  • Chequebook
  • Comb and hair grips
  • Facial Spritzer (such as Dermalogica Ultracalming Mist)

Take time out

Don’t forget that your wedding day, although a shared celebration, is about the unity of you as a couple so sneaking off a few minutes alone will help you reflect on the day as it unfolds. Organise a cocktail or glass of champagne in a secluded corner, and spend half an hour just being newlyweds - your guests will be having so much fun they won’t even realise you were gone and you will get to remember so much more of the day by stopping to pause for a while.

Wedding days hold great importance and expectation but even with the most detailed of plans, you may still find yourself with sticky finger-marks on your dress, unruly hair or forgotten speeches.  Our final thoughts? Relaxing and going with the flow should definitely the order of the day!

Healthy hair is within easy grasp.....


Many of you will be at one end or the other of the hair care spectrum either spending endless hours pampering with a vast array of products or you’ll be the more neglectful type who will wash it with whatever is in the bathroom and forget about it hoping for the best. Achieving healthy hair doesn’t have to be all or nothing in fact a pretty basic routine backed up by sensible measures to protect your hair from damage will have it looking healthy and feeling more manageable in no time. The most obvious place to start is of course diet -  as we all know what we put into the body reflects clearly in the condition of our hair skin and nails. Eating a healthy balanced diet rich in vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids will support the growth of stronger, healthier hair.

Water, one of our favourite ‘top tips’ but a dehydrated body reduces it’s ability to properly nourish cells leading to dull and lackluster skin and hair. Sip regularly and often, upping the amounts on hot days, during exercise or when indulging in a glass or two of something alcoholic.

Environmental damage can come from a number of sources but whether it’s the air conditioning at the office, a few days in the sun or chlorine from your weekly swims, it just takes a common sense approach to protecting your locks. Chlorine particularly can cause hair to become excessively dry and brittle so don a swimming cap or wet before your take the plunge to allow hair to absorb as much water as possible and so protect against excessive chlorine absorption. Make sure you rinse your hair thoroughly after swimming to avoid residual build up.

For everything else it really is just a matter of getting into good hair habits and that has to start with a gentle but effective shampoo. Healthy hair needs the right balance of natural oils to support a healthy scalp, it’s also essential to effectively tackle and remove the build up of dry skin which can cause irritation and flaking. Try a light, therapeutic shampoo such as Dermalogica Shine Therapy Shampoo with its specially formulated ingredients helping to strengthen, cleanse and purify.  Gentle enough for everyday use, you will see an improvement in manageability with stronger, healthier hair and a clearer scalp.

To get that tangle free, glowing with health kind of look, a good conditioner is a must. A light, daily use option is Dermalogica Silk Finish Conditioner with its ultra-polishing effect.  Packed with strengthening proteins, botanical extracts and essential oils, your hair will radiate shine whilst active ingredients get to work soothing itchy scalps and damaged hair cuticles. Use daily, allowing to soak for several minutes if you need an little extra help. Don’t brush it through no matter how tempted!  If you want  distribute evenly, massage by hand or gently use a wide tooth comb to avoid damage or breakage.

Feed the hair from the inside first, protect from the elements and cleanse regularly. Choose heat protective hair care products when drying with with a hairdryer and get regular cuts to keep those locks looking and feeling loved.

1000’s of people simply can’t be wrong!....


If you are a long standing fan of Dermalogica you will already have your core products picked and purchased, honed perfectly to suit you and your skins needs come rain or shine. But, for those of you are dipping a tentative toe in Dermalogica waters, unsure where to begin or what to try first, why not take a look at our Bestsellers list? This list of much loved, sought after Dermalogica products demonstrates those core items purchased time and time again by Dermalogica faithfuls and is a great place to start on your own skincare routine.

So what’s on the list?  Those all important cleansers of course and not one but three have made the bestsellers list. First up is Dermalogica Essential Cleansing Solution with Safflower oil, Vitamin E & C and mildly astringent essential oils of Rosemary and Lemon to cleanse, soothe and rehydrate. It’s water soluble too so no sticky oily residues. Second comes Dermalogica Special Cleansing Gel with it’s soap free formula, natural foamers and Essential Oils of Balm Mint & Lavender to leave skin clean and soothed without drying effects. Finally comes Dermalogica Dermal Clay Cleanser delivering a specially created skin-perfecting formula to deeply cleanse and calm oily, congested skin. Natural Kaolin, and Bentonite clays combine with Sambuccus, Ivy and Lemon extracts to help absorb excess oil. Menthol, Sage and Cucumber will leave skin feeling fresh, clean and calm. (this handy little product doubles as a masque too for a mini treatment).

Next up, comes Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant with it’s skin brightening and smoothing complex. Extracts of Rice Bran, Papain Enzymes, Salicylic Acid along with Licorice, Aspergillus and Grapefruit help to thoroughly exfoliate yet is gentle enough for daily use.

After a thorough cleansing and exfoliation of course comes toning and you will be pleased to hear that the ultra-light Dermalogica Active Toner made our bestsellers list for good reason.  This fragrance free toner comes in a handy spritz bottle to allow all over, hygienic facial hydration. With Extracts of Arnica, Cucumber, Aloe Vera and Balm Mint, plus specially formulated moisture binding proteins, your face will feel throughly hydrated and ready for a good slathering of moisturiser.  Perfect too for use throughout the day, whilst travelling or post shaving.

Finally comes the all important moisturises in the guise of the light-weight Dermalogica Active Moist and the more medium-weight Dermalogica Skin Smoothing Cream. In-Style Beauty Awards winner, Dermalogica Active Moist provides oil-free hydration delivered through a highly active botanical formula incorporating Silk Amino Acids, Lemon, Ivy, Watercress and Burdock. Similarly formulated Dermalogica Skin Smoothing Cream delivers a little extra helping hand to improve suppleness, elasticity and texture. Packed with antioxidants, amino acids, botanical extracts and aloe to thoroughly hydrate and smooth skin. Works particularly well following a liberally spritzing of Dermalogica Active Toner.

Also in the moisturising league (and another star of the the In Style Beauty Awards) is the Dermalogica Multivitamin Power Firm. This little tube is tightly packed with powerful skin rebuilding antioxidants, protective organic silicones and seaweed extract to help repair the delicate eye area whilst preventing moisture loss. Highly active and highly effective, it’s easy to see why it makes the list!

Our bestsellers really are only the start in exploring why Dermalogica products are so well loved and used. Take a look for yourself and start feeling the Dermalogica difference today.

Regain a spring in your step with summer ready soles........


Cold wintery days are not bare feet friendly instead, our poor toes get swathed in socks and boots for months on end, often rendering them forgotten and neglected. Lack of light and harsh temperatures leave them dull, flaking and drier than normal - even for those you who have braved the colder air long enough to slather them in moisturiser!  Feet need fresh air and a little regular TLC to stay in tip top condition so with spring getting off to a favourably warm start, it’s time to get feet out of those socks and into shape. First off, treat yourself to a full pedicure either at home or at the salon to get a head start on easy summer maintenance. That goes for you men-folk too who will be pleased to know that a Dermalogica pedicure is less about nail polish and more about healthy skin and nails.

If your feet are calling out for the professional touch, try a Luxury Dermalogica Pedicure for yourself at one of the newly opened Jersey Treatment Rooms where your feet will receive an hour of undivided, expert attention.  Finish off with polish if required and you will leave the salon feeling a little lighter on your feet.

To get the professional touch at home without the salon visit choose products which can be used used and reused throughout the summer months as part of a regular routine. The first place to start with any foot treat is a warm foot soak or bath to soften the skin.  Add a drop or two of Essential Oils such as Lemon, Tea Tree, sandalwood or Lavender then sit back and relax for 20 minutes whilst the water gets to work.

Once soaked, feet will be primed and ready for exfoliation, essential in rubbing away those months spent hiding in socks!  For two highly versatile products try Dermalogica Hydro Active Mineral Salts mixed with a little Dermalogica Stress Relief Treatment Oil. The Salts are packed with Essential Oils and skin smoothing enzymes whilst the oil, also high is Essential Oils, has been specially formulated to nourish and moisturise even the driest of skin. Used alone throughout the summer, these products can provide a relaxing and skin softening bath soak plus nourishing moisturiser or can be used in combination for an all-over body scrub.

Once you feet are scrubbed and rinsed, pat dry with a soft warm towel. For minimal fuss but high impact, slather liberally with the Stress Relief Treatment Oil and massage in for deeper penetration. This works wonders on softening cuticles and with a little help from a cotton wrapped orange stick, you will have them gently pushed back in surrender! Once complete, slip feet into warm cotton socks for an hour or so to let the ingredients really get to work.

To maintain super soft and fit for summer feet, aim to give them a quick treatment at least once every 7-10 days and a full pedicure once a month. Apply a rich moisturiser such as Dermalogica Super Rich Repair daily after showering and before bed to lock in moisture. You feet will be looking and feeling fabulous in no time.

A close shave....


Whether you are talking beards or legs, getting a comfortable close shave is not done in 3 minutes flat using any old soap and a single use razor! No, it takes a little time, care and great products which actually help, not hinder, the process. Wet shaving at home used to be an art-form when hot towels were plentiful and getting into a lather felt fabulous but these days, most of us settle for a quick scrape rather than luxuriating in the experience, often resulting in bumpy dry and occasionally sore skin!  Why should something that can feel fabulous become automated and rushed?

Traditional wet beard shaving has however seen a resurgence in recent years with barber shops, spas and dedicated grooming parlours offering the very best in techniques and products -  and the benefits are numerous.  Wet shaving, when done properly at home or by a skin care professional exfoliates away those rather grey and drab dead skin cells, allowing skin to breathe whilst improving tone and texture (that goes for those legs too!).

Heading out to get a regular shave is not the most practical solution for most of us but investing in a good shaving kit and taking a little time out each day to enjoy the process will have your skin looking and feeling healthier and smoother in no time.

Avoid any use of soap on areas you shave, instead use a non drying, soap-free cleansing bar such as Dermalogica Clean Bar which cleanses, soothes and supports the skins own moisture barrier. Use on the in-between days to protect and cleanse skin.

The trick to getting a decent shave without the cuts and razor burn is to get the skin warm and pliable so that pores open and muscles relax. Begin by taking a long hot shower or use the traditional towel technique with plenty of hot water and a couple of cotton facecloths adding a drop or two of essential oils such as Lavender, Cedarwood or Sandalwood to the water for added comfort and luxury.

To prepare skin for that all important razor contact try Dermalogica Daily Clean Scrub to cleanse and exfoliate, preventing ingrown hairs and uneven tone.  Use before shaving, rinsing clean away to reveal razor ready skin.

For a really close comfortable shave try Dermalogica Close Shave Oil which offers a protective barrier whilst improving the quality of your shave. Packed with essential oils to tone and condition skin, minimizing razor burn and cuts. Shave with the hair, not against it.

If oil isn’t you thing and prefer the more traditional approach try Dermalogica Invigorating Shave Gel which delivers a close comfortable shave with ‘wake me up’ freshness.

Don’t forget to use plenty of hot water throughout and rinse the razor regularly to avoid clogging and subsequent skin drag. Once you have finished, rinse throughly with fresh warm water and pat dry.

To finish up, a post shave balm such as the appropriately named Dermalogica Post Shave Balm will have your skin feeling refreshed, comfortable and smelling divine!

If you are nervous about making the switch to Dermalogica Shave products why not try the mini Dermalogica Shave Kit System which offers all you need in one perfectly sized package - it also happens to be the perfect size to throw in the gym bag or hand luggage!