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40 Years of Decleor

DARIEN, Conn., Feb. 24, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- For 40 years, DECLEOR PARIS has been the trusted Leader in Aromatherapy Cosmetic and Professional Skincare. As the brand celebrates its 40 year anniversary in 2014, it's a time to honor DECLEOR's commitment to offering a unique art of beauty based on the power of nature's purest and most active ingredients. 

Understanding that beauty and well-being are intrinsically linked, DECLEOR offers a unique sensorial experience that visibly enhances the skin's natural beauty and radiance. DECLEOR scientifically selects and masterfully blends premium essential oils to provide proven skincare solutions that heighten the senses and evoke total relaxation and well-being. Trusted by the world's best beauty professionals, DECLEOR offers specialist products and exclusive massage techniques to deliver ultimate skincare results and professional care.

DECLEOR: Creation and Innovation

DECLEOR was created in 1974 by Solange Dessimoulie, a woman bursting with energy and self-will. During a time when the cosmetic industry still favored active ingredients of animal origin, Solange devoted her training to discovering a new innovation in skin health: the powerful and extraordinary benefits of essential oils. Since then, DECLEOR's development has been built upon three founding values: Naturalness, Sensorality and Effectiveness.

After years of research in the science of plant energies, Solange was introduced to renowned Aromatherapist, Caroline Colliard, and a life-changing encounter ensued that would become the  key to the success of DECLEOR.  It was through Caroline's hard work and spirit that Aromatherapy, the art of masterfully blending essential oils in an ultra-precise dosage to produce effective products derived from the highest quality natural plants, officially became a science.  DECLEOR was the first brand to introduce the term Aromatherapy to cosmetics and, as a true pioneer in the industry, created the brand's cult product: AROMESSENCE™, which is still celebrated today.

DECLEOR's 100% active, 100% natural AROMESSENCE™ serums concentrate the full expertise of the DECLEOR laboratories and are made from essential oils which treat the skin and increase the effectiveness of skincare products subsequently applied. Thanks to the microbicidal and antiseptic properties of essential oils, AROMESSENCE™ serums offer deep treatment to the skin, ensuring incomparable healthy skin that glows with well-being and radiance.

The effectiveness of the AROMESSENCE™ serums brought to light DECLEOR's exclusive "Aroma Duo Concept," a beauty ritual which features an AROMESSENCE™ serum along with a corresponding day cream for each specific skin type that when used together can dramatically improve results and effectiveness.  Whether your complexion is normal, sensitive, dry, mature, combination or pigmented – or your body needs refining, firming or relaxing – there's an "Aroma Duo" solution for unparalleled results and noticeably healthier skin.  The Aroma Duo Concept is at the heart of DECLEOR and is expertly crafted into each unique skincare collection.

DECLEOR Today: 40 Years of Expertise and Innovation

Over the past 40 years, DECLEOR has become the world leader in Aromatherapy, with a legacy rooted in the science of plant energies, combined with an in-depth understanding of the body's vital energies.  DECLEOR's fundamental research and product developments cover over 50 essential oils used in more than 50 unique formulations designed to target every skin concern. The brand collaborates with best suppliers of essential oils, collecting raw materials with quality harvesting, extracting and conservation methods. DECLEOR continues to give back to nature year after year, particularly to Madagascar, where DECLEOR sources over 25% of the raw materials used in their formulations.

With the help of the ASMADA Association, DECLEOR has implemented an eco-responsible and sustainable management project which helps preserve the Madagascar ecosystem and improves the living conditions of local populations. This includes projects focusing on reforestation, access to drinking water and solar electrification for schools. Environmental commitment remains a top priority for DECLEOR and the brand will continue to give back to nature.

Through quality essential oils and Aromatherapy, DECLEOR's professional spa rituals and products provide unparalleled skincare benefits. The brand offers a targeted choice of relaxing, high performing and personalized treatments for face and body for both women and men and a true mosaic of treatments customizable according to skincare needs. The sense of well-being provided by the exclusive treatment techniques combined with the effectiveness of the products is truly unmatched.

Originally available only to professional institutes and spas, DECLEOR is now represented in more than 10,000 points of sale across 70 countries. This expansion will only continue in the coming years, driven by the same passion for Aromatherapy and commitment to excellence that the founders instilled in the brand 40 years ago.

DECLEOR Tomorrow: The Legacy Continues

To commemorate the brand's 40th Anniversary, DECLEOR will introduce a new AROMESSENCE™ Serum in 2014: AROMESSENCE™ Marjoram to provide deep nourishing benefits for the skin. The addition of this cult product highlights the continued growth and innovation of the brand and its commitment to quality and excellence. With this new product, DECLEOR celebrates four decades in the service of beauty, naturally.

DECLEOR Paris, the Leader in Aromatherapy Cosmetic and Professional Skincare for 40 years, is committed to harnessing the best of the plant world for the health of your skin.  With a legacy rooted in the science of plant energies combined with an in-depth understanding of the body's vital energies, our R&D Scientists in France continually study the plant world to develop innovations for skin health.  Found in spas and salons across the globe, DECLEOR products and spa treatments offer a unique art of beauty based on the power of essential oils and plant extracts that heighten the senses and invite the body to fully experience relaxation and well-being.  At the heart of DECLEOR are daytime AROMESSENCE™ treatment serums and nighttime treatment balms, 100% natural, pure, active and preservative-free essential oil blends that regenerate the skin, drain toxins, treat the skin from within and impart lasting radiance. AROMESSENCE™, exclusive to DECLEOR, improve the efficacy of skincare products applied subsequently. 


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February Favourites

February has been a super fabulous and fun filled month over at Jersey HQ and we’re truly excited to be heading into March with a smile on our face and a song in our heart! Here’s some of our favourite bits...

New product parcels Hurrah!

This month Jersey HQ has taken delivery of the much awaited and oh so in demand Dermalogica Precleanse Wipes. Clever little cloths that do exactly what their liquid cousin does, just in a handy wipe shaped package. Throw in the bag, take to the gym or pack in the suitcase for an on-the-go, super easy cleanse.

We made a vid

Which was super exciting and a whole lot of fun. Andy, the man with the cam, has beautifully captured Oqibo Purifying Cleanser and Toner in use and on show. Go take a peek, tell us what you think. More to follow soon yay!

Bumps a go go

Lisa, one of our skincare experts, therapists and all round lady in the know has just received her baby wings meaning that our Liverpool Salon can now treat mums-to-be with a range of super fabulous and indulgent treatments to have them floating away into a little slice of personal bliss. 

Love love me do

This month, the Ladies at HQ decided to let our bodies, as well as our loved ones, know just how much we appreciate them this year so on Valentine’s Day we launched the #alovelettertomyself project as a way to celebrate our individuality and encourage others to do the same. We have had some incredible and lovely emails and received some fab letters from a whole bunch of super lovely ladies that have made us very happy indeed. 

Cupcakes were delivered by Batman

Yup, they really were! There really is no such thing as an average day here at Jersey HQ but this month really was extraordinary thanks to a certain someone who, (we name no names but we have been busily looking for the next guy or gal to come join the team), decided not only to draw their alter ego but who sent over a box of super delicious cupcakes, flown in (hand delivered) by Batman himself. Yum and Yay in one day!

We have secret plans

And secret they shall stay! We can’t tell you the ins and outs just yet but we can tell you that behind the scenes of the calm and effortless day-to-day we’ve been beavering away on all kinds of mischief and happenings. We will of course be shouting from the rooftops in the coming weeks so keep those eyes and ears on full alert.

That was our February, how was yours?


Giving: Next Chapter gets charitable status!

With the launch of Oqibo late last year so began a relationship with fabulous Next Chapter, an incredible charity helping individuals and communities do amazing things. 100% of the funds raised go directly to education, training and healthcare projects that help create self-sufficiency through sustainable income.

With every Oqibo product purchased, a donation is paid forward to help support Next Chapter's activities. Buying Oqibo means supporting some spectacular projects around the globe.

This week Next Chapter finally got their charitable status approved which means that you'll be seeing lots of projects and updates over the coming year.

Website launches soon but you can read a wee bit more via the Oqibo website!

N x 

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