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Moroccanoil how to's for super healthy hair

Goodbye bad hair days, hello lovely locks.

Moroccanoil isn't your standard, oh so predictable, tainted with disappointment kind of hair product. These little bottles and jars are packed with ingredients specially developed and expertly formulated to create hair which looks salon tamed and professionally treated.

If you need salon professional advice for achieving fabulous hair this spring, look no further...

Here at Jersey Beauty we offer FREE delivery, a reassuring 30 day no quibble money back guarantee and super fabulous prices every day (delivered with wow and happy as standard!). Buy now.

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Top tips for a super lovely Mother's Day

We happen to think our mums are truly magnificent and whilst we try to let them know just how incredible they are in those little ways daily, we love to do something a little extra special every now and then and what better time than this coming Sunday.  Here are some top tips for some super lovely Mother's Day celebrations this year.

Celebrate in style

Crack open something chilled and sparkling, go all out on a fabulously laid table and cook up a storm in the kitchen. Think long and leisurely with those special twists on old favourites. Prep ahead to get time at the table as well as in the kitchen and stock up on those favourite movies for an after dinner treat. 

A year of firsts

If you and your mum have an ever growing list of "I'd love to do such and such" or "ooo I fancy I go at that" stop talking and start doing! Grab yourself a diary and plan a year of firsts starting next week. Book that course, plan a hike, schedule the seaside cycle and do those seemingly silly or insignificant never been or done before things. Scrapbook your new adventures for a lovely recap next year. 

Take time out

When was the last time you got to relax and unwind together? Book that weekend cottage, choose a much needed spa trip or find that week long retreat you've both always fancied. Want something longer term? Book in some weekly classes and treat mum to a course of dance lessons, yoga classes or other fab courses that you can both stuck into.

What are your top tips for a super lovely Mother's Day treats this year?

PS If you fancy spreading a warm glow and uplifting scent of the season this year, pick up the Oqibo Special Edition Green Tea Candle whilst stocks last, for a beautifully delivered Mother's Day treat.

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5 Things you can do for your skin this week

Throw away those winter woes and prepare skin for super springtime freshness with these top tips for a radiantly happy you.

  1. Get moving and get outside daily. Fresh air, exercise and a daily dose of UV will top up those all important vitamin D stores, boost your mood, lower those stress levels and help rebalance your sleep cycles.
  2. Clear out your empties ditch the oldies and throw away those oh so way past their best. Healthy skin needs healthy, happy products that are fresh, active and doing what they do best (which is not bathing in bacteria or harbouring those nasties!).
  3. Go bare. Skin sometimes needs to simply breathe for a while. If you're a daily make-up wearer give your skin a break for a day or two or whisk it off as soon as you get home. Indulge in a deep cleansing pamper session then slather skin in a gloriously nourishing and super rich moisturiser that will hydrate deeply.
  4. Stock up on skin loving snacks to nibble on when those sweet or salty cravings come calling. Try nibbling on almonds, brazil nuts, linseeds, dried apricots, blueberries, raspberries and even a little dark or raw chocolate for a dose of skin loving goodness.
  5. Book yourself a full body massage. We're not talking sports massage here, more the deeply relaxing swedish aromatherapy type where you're cocooned in warm towels, slathered in nourishing oils and taken to a whole different place for an hour or so. You'll feel relaxed, re-energised and refreshed, muscular tension will be eased, circulation boosted, skin will glow with health and you'll sleep and feel better for days afterwards. What's not to love?

Those are out top tips for loving your skin this week, what are yours?

N x

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Video's: Oqibo Candles, A Review & A How-To

Happy Sunday! If you missed the latest video updates on the Oqibo Youtube Channel, pull up a chair grab a cuppa and take a peek.  More coming soon....

N x


Love candles? You'll love this fab little tip...

Beth tells us what she thinks about the Oqibo Purifying Cleanser & Toner...

Want to know more? Here's what makes the Oqibo Cleanser & Toner so fab!

February Favourites

February has been a super fabulous and fun filled month over at Jersey HQ and we’re truly excited to be heading into March with a smile on our face and a song in our heart! Here’s some of our favourite bits...

New product parcels Hurrah!

This month Jersey HQ has taken delivery of the much awaited and oh so in demand Dermalogica Precleanse Wipes. Clever little cloths that do exactly what their liquid cousin does, just in a handy wipe shaped package. Throw in the bag, take to the gym or pack in the suitcase for an on-the-go, super easy cleanse.

We made a vid

Which was super exciting and a whole lot of fun. Andy, the man with the cam, has beautifully captured Oqibo Purifying Cleanser and Toner in use and on show. Go take a peek, tell us what you think. More to follow soon yay!

Bumps a go go

Lisa, one of our skincare experts, therapists and all round lady in the know has just received her baby wings meaning that our Liverpool Salon can now treat mums-to-be with a range of super fabulous and indulgent treatments to have them floating away into a little slice of personal bliss. 

Love love me do

This month, the Ladies at HQ decided to let our bodies, as well as our loved ones, know just how much we appreciate them this year so on Valentine’s Day we launched the #alovelettertomyself project as a way to celebrate our individuality and encourage others to do the same. We have had some incredible and lovely emails and received some fab letters from a whole bunch of super lovely ladies that have made us very happy indeed. 

Cupcakes were delivered by Batman

Yup, they really were! There really is no such thing as an average day here at Jersey HQ but this month really was extraordinary thanks to a certain someone who, (we name no names but we have been busily looking for the next guy or gal to come join the team), decided not only to draw their alter ego but who sent over a box of super delicious cupcakes, flown in (hand delivered) by Batman himself. Yum and Yay in one day!

We have secret plans

And secret they shall stay! We can’t tell you the ins and outs just yet but we can tell you that behind the scenes of the calm and effortless day-to-day we’ve been beavering away on all kinds of mischief and happenings. We will of course be shouting from the rooftops in the coming weeks so keep those eyes and ears on full alert.

That was our February, how was yours?


Supersize savings for a more beautiful Spring

Lighter nights and sunnier days are a sure sign than Spring is about to poke a cautious nose above ground fairly soon. If you, like us, bounce out of Winter with a spring in your step and a song in your heart, you’ll love the latest trio of fabulous money saving lovelies to take through the season.

First up, is the oh so gorgeous Guinot delivering a double dose of skin loving goodness with their most popular Cleansers and Toners, now offering 400ml for the usual 200ml price. 

Next is a hair essential guaranteed to put a bounce back into winter worried tresses. Buy the supersize Moroccanoil Hydrating Twin Pack and save a rather lovely £27.70 (rrp).

Finally, we have the oh so wonderful, larger than life 250ml Oqibo Purifying Cleanser and Toner, delivering an extra 100ml of spring skin health essentials. 

Hurry, they’ll only be around for a wee while! Stock up now and breeze through into a more beautiful spring.

N x

Top beauty tips when travelling light

Planning a spring getaway? Here are our top beauty tips when travelling light...

  • Buy travel sizes of your must have faves or invest in some super stylish travel bottles and tubs then refill from your full size containers.
  • Invest in dual action or multi use products to keep tub numbers to a minimum. Look for products that deliver extra skin loving treatments to feel truly pampered whilst you’re away.
  • Pack an essential oil or two. Lavender is the perfect sleep aid, bath partner, spot treatment and mosquito repellant. Great for calming those pre-flight nerves or tension headaches too.
  • Pack a trio of small muslin squares or soft cotton cloths instead of space eating cotton wool. Use one a day, hand wash in hot water if you’re staying an extra night or two. Great used with a floral hydrolat too as a space saving replacement for wipes. 
  • Heading off to sunnier climates? Take a mini sunscreen or invest in products that have added UV protection to cut down on the clutter. 

They're ours, what are yours?

N x

Quick Tips For Better Cleansing

Choose the right type of cleanser

This may sound oh so blindingly obvious but how many times have you sworn never to use a type of cleanser because one particular brand didn’t work for you? Revisiting old product types can often reveal wondrous and skin loving goodies that will have you wondering why on earth you never tried them before! Get to know your skin type, get some no-nonsense advice on the type of products that perfectly suit your skin and grab some sample sizes to try out and experiment with.

Follow the instructions

Yes, we’re all guilty of occasionally ignoring those directions for use, but surely we know what we’re doing, right? Well not always as it turns out. Those directions are most definitely there for a reason and doing things to the proverbial letter will help you get the very best out of your product for healthy, happy and super clean skin. 

Practice your technique

We know that ‘massage gently’ definitely doesn’t mean rub briefly whilst attempting to brush your teeth and pull on the PJ’s, but we also know that when you’ve had an oh so long day, the urge to crumple into a warm and inviting duvet can seem far more inviting than an extra few minutes in front of the mirror. Taking time over the cleansing part of your daily routine really does make a huge difference to how your skin looks and feels. Work on getting the right technique for your cleanser type and do it daily, no excuses (your skin with most definitely thank you for it).

Keep it clean

Cloths, towels, product and brushes. Double up when you buy those much needed cleansing essentials and rotate them regularly to keep things super clean and doing their job. Watch out for nasties in your cleanser too. If using a balm, invest in a spoon or set of small spatulas rather than putting your fingers straight in the jar (as tempting as that may be!). Look out for flip-top lids or plungers to help keep your product super hygienic through every use.

Work with the weather

Changing seasons can often leave you skin wondering what the heck just happened! If your skin is the type to head for the hills, dries out seemingly overnight and then refuses to budge again until spring, you may want to take a peek at your cleanser (as well as that all important moisturiser). Richer cleansing creams and balms can work wonders during the colder months whilst enriched gel cleansers will put back some of the good stuff cleansing usually takes away. Try to avoid the temptation of using super-hot water too regularly, it may be cold outside but healthy skin needs to retain those all important natural oils to look and feel happy and healthy. 

N x

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Comment: An unusual but interesting take on nudity

I'm a regular scourer of anything and everything that ignites debates and livens up our daily discussion on all things skin health, wellbeing and happiness, so this recent article by Daisy Buchanan for Comment is Free about 'the naked rambler' left me with a pleasant mixture of smiles, nods in agreement and plenty of questions surrounding ethics, societal norms and conformity running freely at will around my head. 

Gough has not chosen to go nude in order to invite us to comment on his body. He is reminding us that we are all naked under our clothes, and that no individual’s body should warrant particularly close inspection – but our collective attitude to nudity certainly does.

— Daisy Buchanan, The Guardian

He has once again been arrested and imprisoned for roaming unclothed around the country, the piece makes some interesting points on just why we find the sight of a normal naked human being so unpalatable and why Stephen Gough carries on regardless.

We'd love to hear your thoughts! 


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Blog Loving: Friday Is Forever

Today on Blog Loving, we say hello to Sarah from Friday is Forever, a lifestyle and beauty blog giving you a fresh faced take on all things fabulous. We love getting to know new and lovely members of the Beauty Blogging Community and Sarah really is no exception.  If you haven't checked her out and want a straightforward and engaging take on those must try products, go take a peek! 

Sarah has been whipping winter skin into shape with a host of much loved and recommended products working hard for winer weary skin. Added to the list of things to try were our Oqibo Skin Supplements. You can check out her thoughts on Oqibo (and read the rest of the list) here.  

Top things we love about Sarah?:

  • Her blog is a super lovely place to hang out for a while, there's no nonsense and no rubbish and she loves to get stuck into conversations. Go have a natter!
  • We've not met Sarah in person but we kinda think she'd be a great lady to hang out with. Her passion and genuine love of life, her work and blogging really shines in her writing, comments and photos! 
  • She has the cutest, most adorable ball of fluff ... her name is Penny and much like us, will probably keep you oooing and ahhing at the screen for longer than intended! 

If you haven't popped by yet, go pay Sarah a visit!

N x

Blog Loving: The Private Life of A Girl

We like to share a little love with our incredible and oh so fabulous beauty blogging community and today is the turn of Sophie Davies who wrote this lovely review on Oqibo Purifying Cleanser & Toner in early January via her blog The Private Life of a Girl (she also happens to make gorgeous, unique and beautiful handmade jewellery pieces via Oh My Clumsy Heart).

Top things we love about Sophie?

  • She talks a WHOLE lot of sense about beauty and lifestyle. We originally got chatting on ingredients and other such stuff. 
  • Her photography skills are fabulous and she captures things beautifully.
  • Her writing is absorbing, interesting and smart!

If you haven't already, go check her out!

N x

Blog Loving: A Day In The Life Of A Northern Girl

We love sharing a little love and appreciation for our fabulous Beauty Blogging Community and today is no different so without further ado, let us introduce to Beauty Blogger and Northern lass in the know, Hannah from A Day In The Life Of A Northern Girl whose bog will give you the latest, in-depth, tried and tested reviews, news and information you could wish to lay your hands on!

We were pleased as punch to read Hannah's reviews of Oqibo products Yes, you heard us correctly, she did this one AND this one!)

Top things we love about Hannah? (besides the fact that se writes incredibly lovely reviews):

  • Her informative, easy to read, oh so wonderful posts that surround you like a warm and comfy quilt!  They makes you want to curl up and stay a while with a decent cuppa.
  • She gives tons and tons of really useful advice and information without the bluster.
  • You won't find just those lovely beauty posts either, Hannah, as you might expect talks about life and happenings a plenty! 

If you haven't already, go pay Hannah a visit!

N x

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Video: Are these conversations you're having with your Daughter?

We stumbled upon this little video from, a not-for-profit organisation who are; 

dedicated to improving the lives of kids and families by providing the trustworthy information, education, and independent voice they need to thrive in a world of media and technology.

This video in particular raises some valuable questions on influence, the media and body image for girls and young women.

What are your thoughts? Are these conversations your having, or have had with your daughter, nieces or other young people in your life? 

Please leave your comments!


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