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The inside scoop on Jersey Treatment Rooms

Have a look into what really goes on at one of newest Jersey Treatment Rooms in Liverpool with this blogpost by Philippa, one our recent customers who posted this on her blog:

Sometimes a little gesture by another person can make your day and today Lisa from The Jersey Treatment Rooms on Allerton Road in Liverpool did just that when she let me have the Gel OPI nails for my manicure for only £5 more instead of £25.

I regularly use the Jersey Treatment Rooms (formally Origin Rejuvenation Clinic) for beauty and holistic treatments but today I really felt that the service I received went above and beyond. From the complimentary mint tea served in silky tea bags to the free Dermalogica and Guinot samples I walked away with, the customer service was A+.

Having spent the last 4 days on a School trip to France with 44 12 and 13 year olds, suffering two 16 hour plus coach journeys and a major lack of sleep, my body was in desperate need of some TLC. I called up at 10am and an hour and a half later I was laid out on the massage bed receiving a full body hot stones massage and a 30 minute express facial.

I have been a fan of hot stones massages ever since I had my first experience of one at the Gary Player Spa in Sun City in 2008. If, like me, you carry all your stress and tension in your shoulders and exercise a lot, I feel that the hot stones massage is the best therapy to work deep into the muscles, relieving tension and melting away knots. The therapy works by rubbing the hot stones over the muscles and the heat ensures that the massage works deep into the muscles, relaxing and rejuvenating. An added enjoyment today came in the form of some mixed Decleor massage oils, heated up, meaning that even as Lisa was massaging the oils into my skin, the heat was working at helping my tired and aching muscles.

For my facial, Lisa also used Decleor products and, having never come across this product before, I must say I was very impressed. I have very sensitive skin and often avoid facials due to bad experiences in numerous salons where my skin has felt like it was burning as soon as the products are applied. Today, however, I left the salon feeling like my face had been completely refreshed and rejuvenated and I could not stop touching my silky, smooth skin as I walked home (not the right thing to do after a facial I know!)

Finally the manicure was desperately needed as my cuticles were not in a good way and the skin had started to split around the edge of my nails which is neither a good look or particularly pleasant. I was so pleased to be given the OPI gel nail option as it is the only manicure that lasts well for me, no matter how good the manicurist, I always chip my nails within 24 hours). The OPI gel is very similar to Shellac and lasts for 2 weeks (and it actually does, I must be the most heavy handed person in the world and it doesn’t chip on me). I wanted to opt for a slightly different colour today and so on the recommendation of the salon manager I decided on 'Cajun Shrimp'

So all in all today has been a thoroughly enjoyable day, just what I needed to wind down after the stress and endurance suffered taking away 44 teenagers! I am now revitalised and ready to head to Paris tomorrow with relaxed muscles, glowing skin and nails suitably apt for my Saturday afternoon aperitif in the Ritz.

Merci beaucoup Jersey Treatment Rooms!

Bronzed Goddess - guest post by Hannah

Wife, Mother, Hairdresser, Nail Technician, Entertainer to our 15 month old, and soon to be ‘Bronzed Goddess’...My husband is Mediterranean with lovely olive skin, which means he can tan by candle light. Our daughter was fortunate enough to have inherited his skin tone. I on the other hand (like many of us) have to work at looking golden brown….Over the years I've tried all sorts of self-tanning products, from salon treatments to ‘at home’ kits.  My latest discovery is "He Shi", and I've been eagerly awaiting the arrival of my parcel from The Jersey Beauty Company.

I bought the “He Shi kit” which contains an Exfoliating Bodywash, Express Liquid Tan, and Day to Day Gradual Tan (all 50ml bottles). The kit also contains a Miniature tanning Mitt.

This is how I got on:

Day 1 – Now the fun begins..... According to the packaging I should use the Exfoliating Bodywash 24 hours prior to applying the tanning liquid. The exfoliator smells divine; it has a yummy scent of strawberries that stays on your skin after showering. It contains Micro-dermabrasion crystals that gently remove dead skin cells. I found after using this I didn’t even need to moisturise, my skin was left very soft to touch and smooth.

Day 2 – Right I’ve waited 24 hours and I’m very excited to get on with tanning. Opening the Express Liquid Tan bottle I discover it actually *is* a ‘liquid’ and not a cream, so it’s extremely runny. I’ve put on plastic gloves to prevent tanned palms and am ready to go! Using the Tanning Mitt makes it very easy to apply evenly, and the liquid is brown so you can see exactly where you’ve been. After a couple of minutes the liquid has soaked in and I’m completely “dry”….so far I’m pleased with the off to bed.

Day 3 – This morning I was slightly worried what I was going to discover (after trying out a new tanning lotion then going to bed). I had visions of waking up a streaky, patchy orange mess but I’m pleasantly surprised at how good it looks. The tan is darker than I expected, but I need to shower so I can wash off any residue……ok shower done, and I must say my tan looks fabulous and even (no streaks, no dark patches, and no orange skin). It actually looks natural, unlike many products I tried in the past.

Personally I found ‘He Shi’ produces perfect results quickly and easily, and I love how the tanning liquid doesn’t smell (at all). I’ve since used the Day to Day Lotion and that has a very slight scent, but nothing offensive or fake tan-y. The Express Liquid Tan has given me a lovely naturally bronzed look. There is only one thing I would change…the size of the Tanning Mitt contained in the kit. I just feel it’s a bit too small, but hey you can’t please everyone :-)

You can buy ‘He Shi’ direct from The Jersey Company for £16.12 (free P+P in the UK and £3.50 P+P to Zurich).

Happy Tanning!


Switching allegiance to Total Eye Care

Having reached the grand age of 29 years and 10 months, I decided it was probably time to look at using a new eye cream. I’ve used Dermalogica’s Intensive Eye Repair for several years  and have always been extremely happy with it, but I got thinking “Is this still the right one for me?”As normal I placed our order with ‘The Jersey Beauty Company’  to coincide with  my next trip back to the UK. It had been a while since my last order, and I noticed I could also order some samples of my choice (possibly didn’t notice this before due to ‘baby-brain’).

One of the samples I chose was Dermalogica’s Total Eye Care. What lead me to this initially was the illuminating tint and non chemical sun block. Dermalogica says this is “an advanced alpha-hydroxy eye treatment cream which helps protect and repair the delicate eye area while reducing the appearance of dark circles and lines.”

As a busy working mum I typically end up having early mornings and late nights most days. I still want to look and feel my best, and I know the eye area is important to how youthful we feel.

I’ve been using my sample now for the past 2 weeks (it really has lasted well).  You only need a very small amount and it leaves the skin around my eyes feeling silky smooth. I also no longer need to use my under-eye concealer,  as this eye cream has a tint and highlighter in it.  Result?...quick and easy all in one eye care which, given how long it can last, actually works out to be good value too.

Thanks  for reading! Hannah

Thanks to the lovely Hannah for guest blogging for us, which is your preferred eye treatment cream?

My Dermalogica Love Affair

This tryst began only six short months ago. For over a decade I had been suffering with bad skin – even on the clearest of days the pores on my nose look the size of moon craters! Spots, uneven skin tone, red blotches, and under-eye bags, YOU NAME IT, I have it!  Unless of course you name “perfect and lovely skin” – which I don’t have.In January of 2011 I went on a dermalogica training course designed for non-beauty therapists (receptionists/managers/etc.) and I fell in love! Not only do I love the products (a few have become products I couldn’t dream of being without! Desert island – yes, I’d bring a kindle with thousands of books, my pre-cleanse, oil free matte block SPF 20 and my D&G sunglasses…oh and my bikini… ok this list is getting silly, but you get the point!); but I also love the dermalogica brand! I love the packaging! And I love their new initiative with FITE!  How great is it to buy products I was already going to buy and have money go to support empowering women across the globe?!

That fateful day back in January when my love of dermalogica was born I purchased a few products; one of them being pre-cleanse. If you are new to dermalogica you may be new to the idea of double cleansing. I know! It seems crazy! But I was shampooing my hair twice so why was it so crazy to think I should be cleansing my face twice?! Pre-cleanse has changed my life! No more ruthlessly scrubbing away at my eyes to remove all that mascara, eye liner and shadow! I cannot explain how gratifying it is to use pre-cleanse – a little bit of product and a quick massage over the face, rinse and watch it all wash down the drain!

After returning from that training course, I instantly wanted to throw away my motley crew of skin care garbage I had at home and replace it all with dermalogica products! Hm, expensive… but then I was turned onto by none other than a qualified therapist! Hallelujah! Dermalogica products at a decent price! (I’d like to point out that at this point in time I worked in a salon as a manager! JBC – still cheaper!)

So in conclusion – while my skin will never be perfect, and I accept that – my skin loves dermalogica.

Growing old disgracefully

Like any teenager, I went through the horrors of adolescence with acne.... after treatment at The Allergy Clinic in Oxford and my hormones settling down in my late twenties my skin settled too.However the treatment was not without problems in that my doctor misprescribed one of the lotions and I had a terrible reaction particularly under my eyes which damaged my skin.  Since that time I have found it difficult to use skin products without suffering. Can’t even use hypo-allergenic or baby products.

However, one day my neighbour whose house I had been caring for, came back from a trip to New York and gave me a sample of a Dermalogica product.  I tried it and never looked back. I went to the salon in London where they did Dermalogica treatments, tried them out and it was great.I never use anything else. Skin Smoothing Cream, Body Wash being my particular favourites.

I am now 61 and have pretty good skin for my age I am told.  I also have pink streaks in my hair, dress in a fairly modern style (not mutton dressed as lamb!) and enjoy things that my granny would never have dared at 60+. My taste in music very ecletic from classical right through to Lady Gaga!

If I lived on a desert island I would like my cats with me, my piano, a supply of chocolate, my A-Ha DVD a bottle of L’air du Sud from Annick Goutal perfume, and my supply of Dermalogica products.

Some may say they are rather expensive, but they last forever….. if you have never tried them, I thoroughly recommend them and you too can grow old disgracefully like me.

I even shock the local WI sometimes.