Top tips for seasonal skincare.....

With only a week to go until Christmas you and your skin may be the last thing on your mind so as the party season approaches here are our quick fire top tips to help keep the stress levels down and you looking rested, healthy and well prepared.Do.....

  • Get enough sleep before the party season starts to help keep heads clear and to ward off those dark circles and puffy eyes.
  • A day or two before Christmas, chill slices of cucumber or a bottle of iced tea in the fridge and apply liberally to those poor old ‘not enough sleep after the night before’ eyes.
  • Remember to eat regularly, skipping meals in favour of a dash for those forgotten or last minute gifts will have you feeling tired, hungry and irritable.
  • If you are out and about, protect your skin from harsh winter conditions with a high performance daily moisturiser, hand cream and lip salve to keep red noses and chapped skin at bay.
  • Take some time out for yourself to recharge and relax. Have a long and luxurious soak in a candlelit oil scented bath, go for a wintery walk in the park or curl up and read a good book for an hour.
  • Use a burner or aromastone daily and add essential oils of Geranium, Frankincense, Lavender and Bergamot to help keep you focussed, relaxed and your home smelling fabulous for guests!
  • Drink plenty of warm fluids to keep your skin well hydrated and help combat the effects of increased alcohol intake.


  • Be tempted to try a new skincare product a day or two before Christmas, particularly if you have reactive or sensitive skin.
  • Facials are also a no-no right before any event.  If you are having a pre Christmas treatment, book yourself in at least 4 days beforehand to avoid irritation, redness or breakouts.
  • Leave your make-up on, no matter how late you get to bed! A quick cleanse with an effective cleansing wipe is a good option if you really can’t face tackling your usual longer routine.
  • Rush off to the tanning salon for a last minute session for winter skin.  If time is short, book yourself in for a spray tan a day or two before Christmas or for super quick and easy colour, apply a daily moisturiser with added tanning ingredients for a subtle hint of summer.