Top 3 skincare complaints and how to tackle them head on.....

Eye bags, dark circles & fine linesLate nights, stress and age all play a part in producing excessive fine lines, puffiness and darkening under and around the eyes.  It’s worth remembering that for some of us it is simply hereditary and for the rest, this will occur naturally as we age BUT the rate of change can be slowed and managed with a few minor changes.

Things to try: Although pretty obvious, it’s important to get enough sleep, eat a healthy balanced diet (to ensure those dark circles are not indicating a deficiency) and find ways to  manage those stress levels. Sun exposure should be limited with sunscreen or shade and although a glass or two of the strong stuff is good, too much will impair liver function and in turn darken those circles further. Be gentle - rubbing or scrubbing the eye area will damage the delicate tissue causing mechanical damage, soreness and irritation.

Dermalogica products: Remove makeup without irritation using Dermalogica Soothing Eye Make Up Remover (and yes, do it even when you come home really late, your eyes will thank you for it in the morning!) . Follow up with Dermalogica Total Eye Care to protect and repair the delicate eye area or for an added boost try Dermalogica Intensive Eye Repair.


Sore and sensitive skin

We have all experienced that sore, tight uncomfortable feeling skin caused by shifts in climatic condition or a sudden reaction to your skincare product and sometimes it simply can’t be avoided but by applying some sensible principles, you can manage or avoid that dreaded euggh feeling.

Things to try: Truly Sensitive Skin is actually a rarity, for most of us it is simply a reactive process to the environment, stress, or product ingredients.  Choose your skincare products wisely and develop an effective twice daily routine.  A protective moisturiser will help protect your skin from the elements and guard against possible irritation caused by make-up. Acknowledging and managing day to day stresses will reduce the production of stress hormones in turn limiting their effects on the skin.

Dermalogica products: Clean away the day with Dermalogica Essential Cleansing Solution, specially formulated with dry sensitive skin conditions in mind. Next spritz the face with Dermalogica UltraCalming Mist to take out the skin, soothe and hydrate.  Finish up with Dermalogica Gentle Soothing Booster topped off with Dermalogica Super Rich Repair for a kickstart of hydration and protection.


Dull and uneven skin tone

Tackling drab, dull, uneven skin tone is not as big a deal as you might imagine, it is simply a case of developing an effective skincare regime which deeply cleanses, sweeps away those dull and dead old cells and delivers a shot of the good stuff to boost clarity and radiance. Hyper-pigmentation is a sticking point but specially formulated products can be highly effective.

Things to try: Cleanse daily, do it morning and night and preferably do it twice.  Don’t skip exfoliation, it is an essential component in creating a clearer brighter complexion. Wear sunscreen, even on a wintery day, to limit the effects of UV rays and help to avoid worsening of UV related hyper-pigmentation.

Dermalogica products: Where skin is prone to hyper-pigmentation try Dermalogica Brightening Regime set, a complete set of essential products which work synergistically to tackle uneven skin tone and hyper-pigmentation.  For dull and drab skin generally, try Dermalogica Face mapping to discover a perfect fit skincare regime.

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