The wonders of skin health and function.....

Our skin is not merely an outer covering shielding our sensitive bits from the outside world, it is an incredible feat of biological engineering supporting a whole host of functions.For those of you who maybe didn’t know it, skin is the body's largest organ and forms the first line of defence for our immune system acting as a keen supporter of health and defender of the otherwise (quite possibly) deadly.  As well as being a key component of a  healthy, well functioning immune system the skin is a pretty adept at giving valuable  insights as to what is going on inside too.

Its cleverly built structure enables a continual feed-back feed-forward messaging system sending signals to our brain creating an appropriate response mechanism to outside stimulus such as temperature, pain or pleasure as well as having the ability to reflect our general state of health and wellbeing - how many of us haven’t awoken to stress induced spots or those ‘one too many late nights’  sleep deprived lines, bags and creases!

The chemical signals created during these internal and external processes produce effective messengers which work in a variety of ways, helping our bodies to manage and maintain a healthy functioning system in reaction to environmental factors.

JBC wholeheartedly support the skin health over beauty for this exact reason. If our skin is healthy then we are helping rather than hindering some of the natural internal processes and if we are paying attention to our skin, we allow the early signs of deficiency or illness to be acknowledged and dealt with early on.

Healthy skin requires nourishment, hydration and stimulation to support effective function and repair so here are our top tips for keeping skin in tip top condition:

  • Nourishment means feeding skin from the inside and from the outside so as well as eating a healthy and varied diet, nourish your skin from the outside with an extra boost of highly active products packed with skin loving ingredients and botanical extracts.
  • Skin thrives on a regular skincare routine so get expert advice on the right products for your needs, keep it simple and do it daily.  Switching and swapping products can lead to irritation and sensitivity so integrate new elements to your routine carefully and slowly.
  • Our skin has changeable needs during our life stages so don’t rest on your laurels, get an annual assessment from a professional skincare therapist.
  • Dehydrated skin complaints are actually much more common and often confused with dry skin conditions so top up on the fluid intake with water, juices or herbal teas and choose products with moisture retaining and boosting ingredients such as hyaluronic acid.  A handy facial spritzer kept in your desk drawer or bag will give a mid-day boost to skin stuck in air conditioned environments.
  • Touch provides vital stimulation to skin whether through the mechanical actions of cleansing and exfoliation or the soothing and calming sensations of gentle massage. The positive effects of touch will boost circulation whilst improving appearance, tone and function.
  • The sensation of touch is good for our psychological health too creating an enhanced sense of wellbeing through the release of the feel good hormone oxytocin. Take time to acknowledge the feel good factor your daily skin care routines offers, indulging in a little more ‘me time’ to enjoy a mini hit of oxytocin. A regular facial or full body massage with a trusted therapist will have your oxytocin levels rising even further and you glowing from the inside out.