The route to squeaky clean skin.....

‘It’s not what you do it’s the way that you do it’ may not apply to absolutely everything in life (although it’s pretty true for most things) it most definitely applies where cleansing is concerned!Our faces take the brunt of some tough conditions day-in day-out and for most of this means only minor complaints and grumbles causing the odd spot or two, a little redness or dry skin but left unchecked can cause longer term and more nagging issues.

Pollution, sunscreens and makeup create a pretty heavy unseen film on the surface of the skin and when mixed with our naturally produced sebum travels deeper into those pores which, left to it’s own devices, will cause blockages blackheads and irritation (leaving your skin looking dull and drab in the process).

We know the importance of that twice daily cleanse, tone and moisturise but rarely do we focus on the crucial first stage of cleansing - in ignoring it, or not doing it effectively, we are missing an opportunity to really clean deep down for skin that glows with health and vitality.

Oil and water simply do not mix so using water based cleansing products will not cut the mustard in shifting that stubborn grime, which is exactly why Dermalogica have developed the highly effective two-step cleansing process which begins with Precleanse.

If you have not yet tried Dermalogica Precleanse you are missing the opportunity to wipe away the day (or night) in a gentle yet deeper than deep cleansing method. This lightweight oil based product binds to that oily dirt and debris to lift away from the skin ready for removal. The clever bit is in its water loving properties which, when the face is moistened with water, allows Precleanse to emulsify, rinsing grime and any traces of Precleanse clean away (leaving your face ready for your normal cleansing approach).

Here’s the Dermalogica way to perform an effective two step cleansing process with maximum effect:

  1. Remove eye and lip make-up by dispensing PreCleanse onto damp cotton.
  2. Shake a generous amount of PreCleanse into dry hands and spread between the palms.
  3. Sweep PreCleanse across neck, cheeks and forehead.
  4. Begin the step-by-step Dermalogica Professional Cleansing Technique listed below.
  • Starting at the neck, spread PreCleanse across the face by using light, upward circles with fingertips.
  • Continue by circling chin and cheeks, paying special attention to areas of congestion.
  • Use one fingertip on both sides of the nostril, then circle around the side and top of the nose.
  • Come between the eyebrows and continue circles over forehead, making sure to include the hairline.
  • Wet hands and massage over PreCleanse to create a light, milky emulsion.
  • Remove with the dampened cleansing cloth to gently exfoliate for ultra-clean, super smooth skin!
  • Commence second cleanse with recommended Dermalogica Cleanser.

Dermalogica Precleanse is suitable for all skin types but if you don’t know which Dermalogica Cleanser to follow up with, use the FaceMapping process online or find a Dermalogica trained therapist to discover the prefect match for your skin.

Are you already a Precleanse devotee? Get in touch and tell us why you love it and couldn’t possibly live without it!