The Dermalogica Difference

Cleanse, tone and moisturise, a staple daily facial skincare routine for many but the broader, more  extensive choice of skincare products with their numerous applications can leave us feeling somewhat perplexed or frustrated.  Finding the right products can seem like a daunting task, particularly when the benefits of individual brands or potions offer a seemingly endless solution to every conceivable problem.Dermalogica takes an alternative view on skin care, developing products which are backed by robust scientific research and testing, with a commitment to long-term development. There is no pseudo science, no baffling names just straight forward advice and products which actually work with, not against, the skins own support mechanisms. Ingredients are carefully selected for their highly effective benefits, the the likes of possible irritants such as lanolin banished. Which means that even the most sensitive types amongst you will find products suitable for creating and maintaining an effective skincare routine.

The ethos that naturally healthy skin comes from properly understanding your own needs and the environmental factors affecting the tone, texture and condition of your skin, are certainly key to Dermalogicas range.  In fact, they take the view that our skin is constantly evolving, responding to  internal factors such as stress, hormonal changes, overall health and of course, the natural aging process, but Dermalogica also account for external factors such as changes in temperature, humidity, UV exposure and air quality.

Dermalogica skincare products have been developed to respond to these ever changing needs, viewing consistent and effective long-term maintenance as a holistic process in supporting overall wellbeing to create healthy, radiant skin. This approach makes perfect sense particularly when you consider the fact that our skin is the first line of defense in immunity as well as the mirror reflecting our inner health (or of course, our ill health!).  Taking this perspective we can clearly see the benefits of choosing  skincare products which actually respond to these changes instead of simply offering short term beauty fixes.  Dermalogica deliver health over beauty every time and we like that idea alot.

Choosing your own core products really is straightforward, even though Dermalogica offers a seemingly vast array of different choices. Their unique Face Mapping system guides you through a series of questions, identifying 14 key areas of the face, to help you assess your own specific needs.

Dry, oily or sensitive no longer cuts the mustard, this advanced technique offers an innovative and concise method of understanding your facial landscape. No two are the same of course and although maybe sharing similar problem areas, the cause may be very different.  Understanding what you skin needs is powerful information when deciding which products will be most suitable.  Suggested products and regime is of course indicated, providing a great starting point for your skincare selection.

Dermalogica was founded on education and the desire to create products which literally stand the test of time.  Product Support from Dermalogica doesn’t come in your run of the mill, one-size fits all customer service type of help. Importantly, they recognise that not every face is the same and sometimes, we just need to discuss a product or concern with someone who is reassuringly knowledgeable. Which is exactly why you will always find Dermalogica products sold only through authorised salons offering direct telephone access to a Dermalogica trained therapist.

Two new salons are due to open shortly firstly in Liverpool then quickly following will be Bristol. We are pleased to offer this same high level of customer service throughout our dedicated salons so If you have questions and need support, get in contact with out team +44 (0)1534 86 10 13.

Posted on March 13, 2011 and filed under Archive.