Taking the sting out of sensitised skin....

Many of us as at one time or another have encountered red, sore and stinging skin which can seemingly react even to the slightest breeze or a splash of plain old water! Thankfully for most of us this is temporary situation caused by a new skincare product which simply didn’t suit, a change in environment or a time of heightened stress but for those of you experiencing an ongoing daily battle to achieve and manage happy and healthy skin, you may be left feeling a little frustrated.Fear not we say, for the skin-smart product developers at Dermalogica HQ have been busy working on the brand new and improved UltraCalming range which, we are very happy to say, has been newly launched and is now in stock, ready for dispatch.

The idea behind the UltraCalming formulation is to address the key issues related to sensitised skin and so works to reduce redness and irritation, supports and protects the skins natural lipid barrier and helps the skin to adequately guard against internal and external environmental stressors. The much sought-after result is skin which is calm, soothed and fully hydrated (plus, a less frustrated you!).

The range includes the ph balanced UltraCalming Cleanser with its silky gel-cream formulation helping to gently remove impurities whilst reducing redness, soreness and irritation. Botanical extracts offer skin supporting antiseptic and healing properties and added Vitamin B boosts the skins ability to maintain moisture and regenerate quickly.

Next up comes the improved formula UltraCalming Mist with a hands-off spritzing nozzle designed to deliver a shot of skin calming botanicals which help support and maintain the lipid barrier.  Use daily to calm irritation and to properly prime the skin for adequate absorption of much need moisture.

Moisture is a biggie where sensitised skin is concerned so the Dermalogica UltraCalming Serum Concentrate will be welcome addition. Packed with vitamins, essential fatty acids and skin supporting oils this little bottle will help prevent inflammatory responses to external factors whilst minimising the effects of those dreaded flare ups when they do occur.

Dermalogica Barrier Repair with UltaCalming Complex is next on the list and another vital component of the range. Formulated specifically to offer protection from environmental stresses, shielding the skins lipid barrier from further onslaught whilst delivering much needed moisture plus skin supporting botanicals.

Finally the Dermalogica UltraCalming Relief Masque enriched with skin soothing oatmeal is the perfect pick-me-up when a quick shot of relief is needed. Apply as a treatment 2-3 times per week to achieve long lasting relief from irritation.

The UltraCalming range is just part of the process, Dermalogica skin care specialists also recommend the following approach when caring for sensitised skin:

  • Avoid using hot water when cleansing
  • Use tissue or non-fabric cloth to remove cleanser when water feels to harsh
  • Be gentle, use upward circular motions when cleansing
  • Exfoliants should be used with care, ideally talk to a Dermalogica trained specialist for a personalised recommendation
  • Choose a moisturiser which protects against environmental irritants and pollutants


Let us know how you are getting on and tell us what helps (or hinders!) your path to happier , healthier skin.