Skincare during pregnancy can be childs play....


Whether a first time mum or an old hand, taking care of skin during pregnancy needn’t be a complex regime or uphill battle.  Keeping things simple is key, listen to your body and respond accordingly, pare back to the essentials, streamline your routine and use high quality products that work with your skin not against it. Here are some top tips to help you enjoy a blooming pregnancy: Pregnancy hormones can wreak havoc with your body, particularly during the first trimester, inducing morning sickness and causing skin (and indeed ourselves!) to be that little bit more sensitive, but it’s not all doom and gloom! For most of us, this a temporary phase, as least where the morning sickness is concerned, so a less is more approach to management will help you.

If you find that you are suddenly more easily moved to tears, take care of puffy red and sore eyes with a cooled chamomile teabag or chilled cucumber applied for 10-15 mins as soon as you wake to soothe and calm irritation (which will give you just enough time to enjoy a cup of tea and a morning sickness reducing ginger biscuit before rising!).

To keep sensitive skin under control choose high impact products packed with natural ingredients that are gentle and effective without high levels of fragrance. Rapidly changing hormonal levels can cause those dreaded breakouts or excessively dry skin (and strangely, sometime both at the same time!) so choose a core set of products to cleanse, tone and moisturise daily with targeted treatments where needed.

Skin can also become highly sensitive to the effects of UV so although a short spell in the sunshine will have you feeling happier and healthier with that all important boost to Vitamin D, hormonal changes can cause hyper-pigmentation of the skin during pregnancy.  There is no need to avoid the sunshine entirely but whatever the weather or the season, protect sensitive skin with a liberal application of at least SPF 15 prior to heading outdoors.

Finally, the subject of stretch marks which for some are a non-issue and for others a big deal.  Whatever your outlook, it’s worth remembering that they too are a natural part of the the process and it is mostly your genetic predisposition which will determine if and where they will occur. Lotions and potions really do nothing to ‘cure’ or prevent stretch marks from appearing but keeping skin supple and well hydrated will ensure your tummy and thighs are well prepared for rapidly expanding bumps.  Avoid drying bath and shower products instead choosing ph balanced, skin loving cleansing products followed by a slathering of an intensive moisturiser or skin nourishing oil. A full body massage by a knowledgeable therapist will ensure a thorough application of oil to those harder to reach places whilst helping to reduce the natural stress and anxieties that pregnancy can bring.

We are not going to make product recommendations simply because no two pregnant bodies will behave the same but the wide range of Dermalogica products available mean that you can be sure to find essentials to suit your own needs.  If you need advice or extra support, please contact us directly to talk to one of our Dermalogica trained therapists.