Skin loving essentials to supercharge mind and body.....

If you have looked at your skincare product ingredients listings of late you may have noticed that Essential Oils (or some of their constituents such as linalool or geraniol) are present in many of the products we love and use but if you think that it’s just their uplifting aromas which are beneficial, it’s definitely time to take a closer look. Essentials Oils not only smell divine, they happen to have some pretty potent benefits for our skin and their inclusion in many products not only deliver a whole host of great benefits in their own right but also help to support and enhance the effects of other ingredients. So what to look out for? Here’s our top five.....Top of the list is Rose (most commonly used is Rosa damascena) which delivers an intoxicating yet comforting fragrance, supports and enhances the skins natural repairing abilities, soothes and comforts sensitive skin and is particularly useful for mature skin in need of a little extra care.

Another big hitter in the skincare stakes is Chamomile (Roman and German, commonly listed as Anthemis nobilis and  Matricaria chamomilla respectively). Roman Chamomile is the most used thanks to it’s potent skin soothing, calming and healing abilities. Especially good for sensitive, combination and mature skin types thanks to it’s healing and calming properties.

Next up is Geranium (commonly listed as Pelargonium graveolens) which is another floral aroma and is renowned for it’s ability to help balance and stabilise oily or combination skin whilst calming irritation. Geranium is a particularly good mood enhancer too and is known to be be particularly useful in balancing skin affected by hormonal fluctuations.

A must have for mature or damaged skin is Frankincense (usually listed as Boswellia carterii) with it’s familiar woody yet antiseptic undertone, Frankincense helps promote skin healing, tackles fine lines and wrinkles whilst strengthening the skins own ability to remain plumped and toned for longer.

Last but by no means least is Neroli (listed as Citrus aurantium v. amara) which is a deeply woody aroma with citrus (orange) tones. Neroli is the protector of skin helping fight the signs of ageing, promotes healthy cellular growth and, like Frankincense, tackles those fine lines and wrinkles. This essential oil is a personal favourite and bathroom cabinet essential in it’s own right thanks to it’s enticing fragrance (I use year round for special occasions, dabbing a drop on wrists and behind the ear in place of my usual perfume).

So where do you find these little beauties? Many of the products on JB and JBC have essential oils hiding out in the ingredients list (too numerous to mention here!) and work in synergy with a whole host of other lovely ingredients but if you are looking to give skin a super drenching in essential oils why not try Decleor Aromessence Oils. These specially blended face and body oils, come elixirs, deliver highly concentrated benefits exactly where and when you need them. They can be used alone but are especially useful at supercharging the recommended Decleor moisturiser (a process Decleor call the Aroma Duo Concept and which promises to boost the effects of each individual product dramatically). Take a look at each individual oil for recommended complementary products.