Seasonal changes to take notice of.....

According to the calendar Summer has officially ended and although we are still enjoying warmish sunshine and clear days, the signs that Autumn has arrived are fully present which means we should start to think about our skincare routines in preparation for cooler, harsher days.The steady shift away from the warm and dry skin friendly days of summer allows plenty of time to make the necessary adjustments to our daily cleansing rituals, and if you start the preparations now, you will be well prepared to avoid the dreaded irritation reddening and soreness that the frosty weather brings!

Be prepared

Cold weather can cause a plethora of irritating skin problems for many of us but the most common problem by far is excessive dryness. Cooler air is drier air (even in the damp old UK!) but coupled with the drying effects of air tight windows and cranked up heating, which incidentally is just as moisture sucking as excessively cold air, quickly leads to skin which is drab, tight and flaky.

Keeping skin soft and supple firstly requires adequate hydration and the usual rules apply; drink plenty of fluids and eat moisture laden foods, avoid too much caffeine and alcohol and protect your skin from the elements.

Don’t skip the exfoliation instead continue this important part of your routine whatever the season. Proper exfoliation with a gentle but effective Dermalogica Exfoliant will remove those drab surface cells and prepare your skin adequately for a drenching of moisture. Pay particular attention to elbows, knees and feet where skin is thicker and more prone to dehydration.

To retain moisture during the colder months apply your usual (or a richer) moisturiser to damp skin and allow to absorb fully before dressing or applying makeup.  This ensures that your skin, rather than your clothes or makeup sponge, get the full hydration hit.

Don’t skip the UV protection!  Winter sun and strong daylight can still damage and prematurely age skin. Apply a daily dose of at least SPF15 to exposed parts throughout the year. If you want a lightly sun-kissed look, choose a tinted moisturiser over tanning for a safe and effective wintery skin lift.

As inviting as it may be to stay indoors in a cosy centrally heated space get outside and allow skin to get at least a little fresh air every day to keep it healthy and plumped.  A brisk walk will raise the heart rate, increase circulation and keep your body naturally toasty. Naturally rosy cheeks bring a smile to all our faces! Taking advantage of the daylight through the darker months will help you stave of the winter blues too.

The shifts in climate will also dry out nails which are often forgotten about or hastily treated. Treat yourself to a weekly manicure and pedicure at home, finished off with a generous slathering of Dermalogica Multivitamin Hand and Nail Treatment then slip into warm socks and cotton gloves to aid absorption. Nail polish can be drying so if you are a regular wearer skip a day or two to allow healthy growth without flaking.

Take a nap if you need to.  Colder days affect us all in different ways meaning that many of us simply want to head for the duvet and hibernate until spring!  This isn’t a practical solution but a 20-40 minute nap in the afternoon will help you feel more alert and improve your concentration. Adequate rest also means a healthy body and mind leading to glowing skin, reduced puffiness and fewer dark circles.

The journey from Autumn into Winter can be a breeze where your skin is concerned just listen to your body and respond quickly to help keep skin healthy and happy.