Say hello to clearer, brighter skin .....

Those darker, uneven patches caused by Hyperpigmentation of the skin can appear for a number of reasons including over-exposure to the sun, hormonal changes or mechanical damage and whilst for some of us it is little more than minor patchiness, for others it can give the whole face, chest and hands an uneven, patchy and dull looking tone (adding on a few years in the process!).Avoidance isn’t always a possibility especially where internal physical changes are the key driving factors but, regardless of root cause, exposure to the sun will cause a deepening of the discolouration so the first port of call has got to be sunscreen! Apply at least UVA & UVB SPF 15 daily liberally to exposed areas 30 minutes before heading outdoors and pay particular attention to the delicate skin of the face and chest.

The hormonal fluctuations during pregnancy can produce a specific pattern of hyperpigmentation on the face (commonly referred to as the pregnancy mask) so try and avoid direct facial exposure to the sun if possible, wear sunscreen and a hat for double protection. Mens skin can be affected too, particularly by the mechanical effects of daily shaving which can lead to darker patches around the beard area.  Developing a good shaving technique coupled with the use of high quality skin friendly shave products will lessen the impact on those manly chins!

So, other than avoiding UV exposure (and taking care when shaving!) what can be done to help reduce the appearance once those darker, patchier areas rear their heads?  Well of course Dermalogica have it covered and those clever product developers have created the Chromawhite TrX skincare range which incorporates a highly developed and complex range of extracts which help to improve clarity, brighten and smooth the skins surface to deliver a more even skin tone.

The complimentary and synergistic range offers cleanser, moisturiser (with SPF30), exfoliant, overnight treatment and high potency serum to deliver a complete system which will effectively tackle discolouration.  Each specially developed component works together to reduce and prevent dark spots, improves clarity and radiance to brighten and protect.

To achieve maximum impact, you should use the whole range together - so for those of you who want to dive straight in, the Dermalogica brightening regimen set is the perfect place to start containing: Dermalogica Tri-Active Cleanse, Dermalogica Powerfoliant, Dermalogica C-12 Concentrate, Dermalogica Extreme C, Dermalogica Pure Light SPF 30 and Dermalogica Pure Night.

Skin discoloration can be a minor annoyance or a huge dent to your confidence but it can be effectively addressed and improved with a little time, patience and the right products.  We hear regularly how well the Dermalogica Trx Range works so if you would like to share your own stories, drop us a line or leave some comments!