Quick pick-me-ups for tired skin

A long weekend should in theory have us all feeling recharged and ready for anything this morning but in reality, very few of us take time out to indulge in the copious amounts of rest and relaxation many of us want or need. Instead, we find ourselves in mini holiday mode, eating more, doing more and generally ignoring our need to take time out in favour of far more interesting and exciting goings on. Hurrah to that we say but if you are now left feeling  like you need an actual holiday, here are some quickie tips to have you pepped up and feeling refreshed:Sleep, snooze and catnap thoroughly

It is impossible to catch up on those missed zzzz’s but getting enough sleep regularly will keep your body’s repair mechanisms working well and your skin looking and feeling better. Aim to get to bed half an hour earlier during the next couple of weeks or take a mini nap for twenty minutes during the day. If you are snoozing in the day, set an alarm to avoid slipping into deep sleep and waking up feeling heavy headed.

Get serious with your skincare

If only we could press the reset button and wake looking fresh as a daisy after a long and eventful weekend. No matter how meticulously we clean and nourish our skin sometimes we need that little extra helping hand to get things back on track. Try a high impact facial such as Guinot Hydradermie with its deeply cleansing, oxygenating and plumping effects or go the whole hog with the Guinot Beaute Neuve Peel which exfoliates, nourishes and hydrates skin back into a happy healthy state.  Both are available at the Jersey Treatment Rooms in Liverpool or talk to your local professional salon for treatments and advice.

Exfoliate then exfoliate some more

Regular exfoliation at home is key to keeping cellular activity in good working order but too much or too little can be damaging or ineffective. Using a combination of products and techniques will produce great results without the irritation. Body brushing is the perfect daily workout for all over super smoothie skin whilst Dermaogicas Daily Microfoliant is, as the name suggests, gentle enough to use daily with great results.  For an extra facial boost try Dermalogica Multivitamin Thermafoliant once a week for skin that is ultra clean and bright.

Add a touch of sunshine

If you feel your skin needs a little shot of colour to even out tone and brighten the complexion, try Dermalogica Sheer Tint Moisture SPF15 in light, medium or dark which hydrates, protects and adds a hint of colour to skin. If you prefer the ‘I just got back from a week in warmer climates’ kind of look, opt instead for a bronzer, instant or gradual tanner such as those from the He-Shi range to provide a deeper more bronzed tone.