Psst! heard on the grapevine this week.....

We so often hear little snippets of interesting info and, although August is generally that quiet month where everyone in the UK seems to vanish into thin air, this last week has actually produced three newsworthy tit-bits of info to share. Here’s the good, the bad and the downright marvelous ......The Good

We like the outspoken, honest and campaigning efforts of anyone and everyone who supports health and natural beauty over fakery and beauty extremes so it brought a smile to our faces to hear about the Anti Cosmetic Surgery League, the formation of which has been widely reported in this weeks press.  A slight tongue in cheek banner but a serious statement none-the-less - for those of you planted firmly on far away shores or just too busy to know what on earth we are talking about, Kate Winslet has this week joined forces with Emma Thompson and Rachel Weisz to denounce cosmetic procedures in favour of celebrating natural beauty in women of all ages.

A point particularly well made raises awareness of the pressures we (usually us female folk) endure as the natural aging process occurs; Winslet herself talking about the need to unnaturally ‘look 30 at 60’.  So will their campaigning have any weight?  Maybe, maybe not but there certainly seems to be a shifting tide in perceptions on what it is to feel naturally beautiful and women (celebrity endorsed or not) appear to be leading from the front and saying enough is enough,  We can’t argue with that!

The Bad

Talking about expectations, pressures and general waffling, women have become the latest target in a twist on environmental awareness.  Thames Water has, in an attempt to move away from the usual message on water saving hints and tips, created a mini media furore by suggesting that women waste excessive amounts of water by shaving their legs in the shower! This was of course just merely one way suggested by Thames Water to reduce consumption but comment in the Guardian this week raised the valid point on the the excessive amount of water Thames wastes through leaky pipes (669.9 Million Litres per day apparently).  Food for thought on many levels we think.

The Downright Marvellous

Twitter has been all of a twitter with news of a Brand new Dermalogica product just launched in the US and which will reach UK shores by October.  It is the brand new Dermalogica Age Smart Overnight Repair Serum developed specifically to work at intensively repairing and supporting your skin whilst you sleep. Tackling the key signs of premature aging, this extra special serum will help improve your skins ability to recover quickly and maintain a healthy, smoother surface. It's already made a big splash in the US so as soon as we get it in, we will be sure to let you know!