My Dermalogica Love Affair

This tryst began only six short months ago. For over a decade I had been suffering with bad skin – even on the clearest of days the pores on my nose look the size of moon craters! Spots, uneven skin tone, red blotches, and under-eye bags, YOU NAME IT, I have it!  Unless of course you name “perfect and lovely skin” – which I don’t have.In January of 2011 I went on a dermalogica training course designed for non-beauty therapists (receptionists/managers/etc.) and I fell in love! Not only do I love the products (a few have become products I couldn’t dream of being without! Desert island – yes, I’d bring a kindle with thousands of books, my pre-cleanse, oil free matte block SPF 20 and my D&G sunglasses…oh and my bikini… ok this list is getting silly, but you get the point!); but I also love the dermalogica brand! I love the packaging! And I love their new initiative with FITE!  How great is it to buy products I was already going to buy and have money go to support empowering women across the globe?!

That fateful day back in January when my love of dermalogica was born I purchased a few products; one of them being pre-cleanse. If you are new to dermalogica you may be new to the idea of double cleansing. I know! It seems crazy! But I was shampooing my hair twice so why was it so crazy to think I should be cleansing my face twice?! Pre-cleanse has changed my life! No more ruthlessly scrubbing away at my eyes to remove all that mascara, eye liner and shadow! I cannot explain how gratifying it is to use pre-cleanse – a little bit of product and a quick massage over the face, rinse and watch it all wash down the drain!

After returning from that training course, I instantly wanted to throw away my motley crew of skin care garbage I had at home and replace it all with dermalogica products! Hm, expensive… but then I was turned onto by none other than a qualified therapist! Hallelujah! Dermalogica products at a decent price! (I’d like to point out that at this point in time I worked in a salon as a manager! JBC – still cheaper!)

So in conclusion – while my skin will never be perfect, and I accept that – my skin loves dermalogica.