Keeping adult acne under control .....

The vast majority of us awoke with the odd cringe inducing spot or two during our hormonally chaotic early teenage years but for those who experienced the more severe cases of breakouts and acne, you may well still find yourself struggling to keep it under control well into adulthood - causing discomfort and frustration in equal measure.Adult acne is incredibly common with more of us than ever encountering acne for the very first time during our adult years. Hormones, stress and counter-productive skin care regimes can all add to up to skin which is less than cool calm and collected!

There are four key factors affecting the occurrence and severity of acne: Excess sebum (oil) production, surface accumulation of dead skin cells, bacteria and inflammation. Tackling all four areas in a gentle but effective way will stop rather than perpetrate the cyclical nature of acne formation. Thinking about them as a co-dependent team rather than individual problems will have you seeing acne in a whole new light.

Achieving an effective and regular skin-care routine is absolutely vital in keeping skin healthy and ready for spot fighting action BUT it is important to choose products which will not exasperate the problem further by excessively drying the skin or blocking pores. The Dermalogica MediBac Clearing System has been specially formulated to treat, clear and prevent acne whilst actively protecting the skins natural defences. The system works synergistically to tackle each of the four acne causing factors leaving your skin happier, clearer and will have you feeling more in control!

A good skin-care regime is a big part of the picture but here’s some other factors to take into account:

  • Stress is a big factor where excess oil production is concerned so make time to look at the  possible causes then take steps to reduce and manage those stress levels.
  • Sugary, fatty food doesn’t actually cause acne but will increase the amount of sebum that your skin produces.  A little of what you like really does do you good, so reduce consumption rather than restrict yourself to a misery induced ‘craving but can’t have it’ state to achieve a happy medium.
  • Don’t shy away from exfoliation - it is actually good for skin and essential in removing dead skins cells from acne prone skin. Gentle is the key though to avoid irritation and furthering inflammation of the follicles.
  • As tempting as it may be, picking and squeezing spots can not only result in scarring but actually aids acne production through the transference of dirt and grime to the surrounding skin.

Acne can be cause for minor annoyance or a stress inducing, confidence knocking issue but it can be managed with effective products, great advice and a little bit of emotional TLC.

We hear rave reviews about the MediBac Clearing system so if you are using it currently or have done so recently, tell us about your experience (likewise, share you top tips on sanity-saving, spot busting actions).