Jersey Beauty Company are in full festive flow.....

Whilst the lovely team at JBC are still busy busy bees we are still finding a little time to enjoy a wee bit of merry making and festive frivolity! The last couple of weeks in the lead up to Christmas is always extra busy with those in-trays to be emptied, gifts to be finalised and socialising to be done so instead of our usual longer posts, during the course of the the next couple of weeks will be writing much less but more often with a few hints, tips and crafty ideas to keep you cool calm and collected come Christmas!So, first up on this dull and drizzly Sunday afternoon my thoughts have already turned to gift wrapping which is the perfect indoor activity for a day like today - and judging by this weeks forecast, we may be in for a few more days like today so hunker down indoors and enjoy some festive preparations!.  I don’t tend to buy gift wrap instead preferring to reuse and recycle where possible so if you don’t have the time or inclination to buy gift wrap or simply want to try something new this year, here are our top three inspiring ideas and links to get you started:

  • If you love fabrics, you will love the Furoshiki wrapping method which uses fabric instead of paper. Try using vintage silk scarves or table linens for two-in one gifts that are quick, easy and look fabulous when finished! (and there is no sticky tape or extra rubbish bags to fill!)
  • Use brown paper or recycled newspapers, maps or those random wallpaper samples that have been lying around for ages and customise to suit the recipient with stamped patterns, layered ribbons, rubber bands or string for an alternative and eclectic look.
  • Not strictly gift wrap but these oh so cute thumb print gift tags are a great activity for bored or overexcited little fingers this year. Easily customised with your creatures of choice and adds a personal touch to festive giving.

Finally, if you really hate the whole idea of wrapping gifts yourself, why not the seller of all things lovely to do it for you (like we do with our gorgeous JBC gift boxes and tissues!).