Jane Wurwand partners microfinancing platform KIVA to launch JoinFITE.org

Dermalogica has joined forces with KIVA to launch JoinFITE (financial independence through entrepreneurship) and what a collaboration it is!KIVA, the microfinancing loan platform promotes dignity, accountability and transparency, delivering small economy loans to individuals globally, enabling independent growth and development to those unable to access more usual routes of business support financing. Recognising the role and importance of women in business, the need for greater access to support, education, finance and resources, KIVA and co founder Jane Wurwand launched the FITE project in January this year based on these exact same principles of micro financing.

It’s purpose? To invest in women globally and to nurture their entrepreneurial endeavors by enabling access to business start up or expansion loans.  FITE creates a platform when lenders and borrowers come together enabling individuals, companies and retail partners to provide micro finance loans directly to women in need.  This sustainable financing platform empowers us all, creating an opportunity for real and lasting change for women and their communities globally.

A woman in business with over 25,000 global Dermalogica partners, Jane Wurwand has invested expertise, research, resources and funding to get this inspiring and empowering project off the ground.  An initial investment of $500,000, sign up from her 100,000 worldwide Dermalogica team plus a $1 loan activation on selected Dermalogica products shows exactly how leading by example pays dividends.

Jane’s boundless energy has already yielded great results, other partners now include Seventh Generation, Dansko, and Lifetime Television.  JoinFITE is certainly one to watch. Sign up, get involved and help create real and lasting change for women globally.

Posted on March 13, 2011 and filed under Archive.