Ingredients in detail – Vitamin C

The vast array of ingredients in any given cosmetic formulations can be sometimes bewildering, often jargonistic and rarely offer any insight into the actual benefits. Dermalogica promote honest, non nonsense ingredient information and listings to back up their long standing history as leaders in exceptional cosmetic formulations.Ingredients that work are key to the success of Dermalogica products so we thought that it would be good to share information about a selection of commonly used ingredients and their cosmetic benefits. This week, and our first ingredients in detail post will cover Ascorbyl Palmitate or, as its more commonly known, Vitamin C.

This form of Vitamin C is a combination of Ascorbic Acid with Palmitic Acid to create a fat soluble form of Vitamin C. The combination creates a stable and highly active antioxidant which offers the following benefits:

  • Fat Soluble Vitamin C acts synergistically with other fat soluble vitamins, Vitamins A, D, E and K to co-support the independent actions, improving bio-availability. In basic terms, our body can easily access and utilise all these substances effectively.
  • Collagen is the most prevalent tissue within our bodies, a connective and supporting  structure which amongst other things,  keeps skin plumped and firm. Collagen production naturally slows as we age, skin loses some of its firmness leading to fine lines and wrinkles. Topical application of fat soluble vitamin C helps with the effective synthesis of collagen through direct action on the collagen pre cursor cells (fibroblasts).  Effectively slowing down the  rate of collagen reduction and maintaining skin surface texture.
  • The antioxidant effects of Vitamin C are well documents and this fat soluble form is no different.  An antioxidant action is one which inhibits the oxidative effects of other molecules within the body  to reduce the possibility of free radical formation and consequent cell damage. This fat soluble antioxidant works directly on cell membranes to reduce the damage caused biological or environmental stresses. Protecting and maintaining healthy cell and skin formation.

So, with its healthy skin supporting benefits, where can you find this fabulous ingredient? Here are some top Vitamin C packed products:

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