Here’s why JBC love Dermalogica as much as you do.....

There is no denying that Dermalogica products are loved by an ever expanding global fan base of devotees and not without good reason; texture, fragrance, ease of use and the fact that they produce great results are the top reasons tumbling from everyones lips!The JBC team love Dermalogica products for exactly the same reasons but there is more than meets the eye where the Dermalogica brand is concerned (and why JBC are such proud brand ambassadors!) Here are some things you maybe didn’t know about Dermalogica:

Helping women entrepreneurs didn’t begin with JoinFITE

Long before JoinFITE was considered an option, Jane Wurwand knew the importance of supporting women to self sufficiency through business and back in 1999 launched the Dermalogica Foundation. The aim back then was to support under-represented and unsupported women and girls looking to secure their own future economic security through business endeavor. The JoinFITE  platform has taken the original concept and expanded to a global reach now helping to support women entrepreneurs in 57 countries. The early vision and determination of Jane Wurwand still continues via the Dermalogia Foundation and has helped develop the fabulous JoinFITE platform, through collaboration with KIVA, and is now helping secure economic stability for future generations of women around the world.

Dermalogica don’t do beauty

You will often hear us talking about skin health rather than beauty and that’s simply because we believe in the Dermalogica ethos that skin needs proper care and nourishment to remain in tip-top condition. Dermalogica promote the concept of aging smartly rather than anti-aging and develop products based on solid (and ethical) research.  There is no animal testing and no unkind skin ingredients such as mineral oils, lanolin, fillers and artificial fragrances much loved by the ‘beauty’ industry.  Packing is simple, non-gendered and practical to support the idea that whatever skin we are in, achieving healthy skin comes first.

Sustainability is important

Dermalogica has grown to global proportions but their commitment to sustainability has remained unchanged since 1983. Product ingredients come from sustainable sources wherever possible and all packaging is recyclable, photodegradable or biodegradable. Staff at the International Dermal Institute work in a certified LEED green building and when travelling stay in specially chosen partner hotels who demonstrate the very highest of sustainable practices.

Dermalogica does good stuff in lots of ways and it’s their commitment to research, education, investment in people and places which we think puts them way ahead of the competition. It also happens to be why we love the brand and the product so much!

Do you share our view? Then why not get in touch and tell us why you feel Dermalogica is so dramatically different from other skin brands you tried?