Healthy hair is within easy grasp.....


Many of you will be at one end or the other of the hair care spectrum either spending endless hours pampering with a vast array of products or you’ll be the more neglectful type who will wash it with whatever is in the bathroom and forget about it hoping for the best. Achieving healthy hair doesn’t have to be all or nothing in fact a pretty basic routine backed up by sensible measures to protect your hair from damage will have it looking healthy and feeling more manageable in no time. The most obvious place to start is of course diet -  as we all know what we put into the body reflects clearly in the condition of our hair skin and nails. Eating a healthy balanced diet rich in vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids will support the growth of stronger, healthier hair.

Water, one of our favourite ‘top tips’ but a dehydrated body reduces it’s ability to properly nourish cells leading to dull and lackluster skin and hair. Sip regularly and often, upping the amounts on hot days, during exercise or when indulging in a glass or two of something alcoholic.

Environmental damage can come from a number of sources but whether it’s the air conditioning at the office, a few days in the sun or chlorine from your weekly swims, it just takes a common sense approach to protecting your locks. Chlorine particularly can cause hair to become excessively dry and brittle so don a swimming cap or wet before your take the plunge to allow hair to absorb as much water as possible and so protect against excessive chlorine absorption. Make sure you rinse your hair thoroughly after swimming to avoid residual build up.

For everything else it really is just a matter of getting into good hair habits and that has to start with a gentle but effective shampoo. Healthy hair needs the right balance of natural oils to support a healthy scalp, it’s also essential to effectively tackle and remove the build up of dry skin which can cause irritation and flaking. Try a light, therapeutic shampoo such as Dermalogica Shine Therapy Shampoo with its specially formulated ingredients helping to strengthen, cleanse and purify.  Gentle enough for everyday use, you will see an improvement in manageability with stronger, healthier hair and a clearer scalp.

To get that tangle free, glowing with health kind of look, a good conditioner is a must. A light, daily use option is Dermalogica Silk Finish Conditioner with its ultra-polishing effect.  Packed with strengthening proteins, botanical extracts and essential oils, your hair will radiate shine whilst active ingredients get to work soothing itchy scalps and damaged hair cuticles. Use daily, allowing to soak for several minutes if you need an little extra help. Don’t brush it through no matter how tempted!  If you want  distribute evenly, massage by hand or gently use a wide tooth comb to avoid damage or breakage.

Feed the hair from the inside first, protect from the elements and cleanse regularly. Choose heat protective hair care products when drying with with a hairdryer and get regular cuts to keep those locks looking and feeling loved.