Happy New Year from JBC.....

With 2012 just a cats whisker away, New Years Eve will signal a much anticipated highlight of the year for some of you whilst a non event for others sending you to bed long before midnight with a cup of hot cocoa!. Whatever you have planned, here are our quick top tips for quiet or not so quiet enjoyment this evening:Partying the night away

It may have been a few years since you had an afternoon nap but with NYE traditionally a way past midnight affair, grabbing a sneaky snooze before this evening will have you looking and feeling bright eyed and ready to party.

A drop of bubbly is must but the hangover is one to be avoided! If indulging in more than a midnight toast, remember to top up on water in between glasses to help avoid the fizz induced head banger in the morning!

Dancing in those new shoes seems like a good idea at the time but come 1am you may be barefooted and pleading for mercy.  Go for a trusty and well loved pair or if the new shoes are begging to be worn, pack gel supports, plasters and comfy flats for the journey home.

Stock up on treats for the first breakfast of 2012 and enjoy a long and leisurely brunch with friends or family. Plan a walk if the weather is good to blow away the cobwebs.

If you are partying at home, prepare extra towels and bedding for unexpected overnight guests and stock up plenty of bacon and eggs for a much needed 'morning after the night before' breakfast.


Staying in

We don’t do New Years resolutions but New Years Eve is the perfect chance to indulge in a little reflective thinking and planning for the year ahead. Grab a notebook and pen, snacks and drinks and get the grey matter working on capturing those inspiring and memorable moments of 2011.

On the subject of resolutions, statistics show that come the second week in January, we have already given up on those resolutions so if you are planning bigger changes, plan to do them later in the year.

If you want to join in the celebrations without leaving home, invite friends over with childhood games in hand and enjoy a night of vintage fun and festivities.  Not forgetting of course to tune in to the midnight chimes of Big Ben and toast in the New Year.

Quiet solitude on New Years Eve is a must for some of us so if your neighbours are planning to party through the night don’t forget to stock up on the ear plugs for an undisturbed and peaceful nights sleep!

Whatever you are doing this evening, all of us here at JBC wish you a Happy New Year and say a warm a fuzzy thank you for making 2011 such a year to remember.....hurry up 2012 we say!


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