Growing old disgracefully

Like any teenager, I went through the horrors of adolescence with acne.... after treatment at The Allergy Clinic in Oxford and my hormones settling down in my late twenties my skin settled too.However the treatment was not without problems in that my doctor misprescribed one of the lotions and I had a terrible reaction particularly under my eyes which damaged my skin.  Since that time I have found it difficult to use skin products without suffering. Can’t even use hypo-allergenic or baby products.

However, one day my neighbour whose house I had been caring for, came back from a trip to New York and gave me a sample of a Dermalogica product.  I tried it and never looked back. I went to the salon in London where they did Dermalogica treatments, tried them out and it was great.I never use anything else. Skin Smoothing Cream, Body Wash being my particular favourites.

I am now 61 and have pretty good skin for my age I am told.  I also have pink streaks in my hair, dress in a fairly modern style (not mutton dressed as lamb!) and enjoy things that my granny would never have dared at 60+. My taste in music very ecletic from classical right through to Lady Gaga!

If I lived on a desert island I would like my cats with me, my piano, a supply of chocolate, my A-Ha DVD a bottle of L’air du Sud from Annick Goutal perfume, and my supply of Dermalogica products.

Some may say they are rather expensive, but they last forever….. if you have never tried them, I thoroughly recommend them and you too can grow old disgracefully like me.

I even shock the local WI sometimes.