Don’t know where to begin with teenage skincare? Say hello to Clean Start.....

Reaching the often long awaited and much anticipated teenage years brings that inevitable mix of excitement and angst, freedom and responsibility, accompanied more often than not by skin which seems to completely morph out of control to deliver regular sigh (or run for the hills and hide) inducing breakouts.Getting skin under control can seem like a never ending cycle of product testing and experimentation only to find that what worked last week is now causing irritation, soreness or worsening breakouts. The problem is often due to overuse or misuse of what are pretty potent and astringent products aimed at reducing excess oil production to limit spot and bacteria formation but in doing so, skin is unable to balance itself more naturally. That’s where Clean Start is that little bit different.

The Dermalogica ethos of promoting skin health over beauty was the starting point when developing the Clean Start range. Dermalogica founder Jane Wurwand went straight to source, talked to teenagers directly and found out what really happens to their skin, what they found frustrating and talked about how to tackle skin issues more effectively. The Clean Start range was co-developed in collaboration with future users who had a hand in everything from what the products should offer, how they were packaged and how they were branded. Simple, easy to use packaging with products that keep skin clean and healthy is what Clean Start is about.

Clean Start lays in place the early and all important foundations for maintaining healthy skin throughout adulthood, using ingredients which are gentle enough to be used regularly but which punch well above their weight to deliver real and lasting results. This, all thanks to a simple three stage system; Stage 1 thoroughly cleanses without irritation, Stage 2 offers treatments to target those problem areas and Stage 3 moisturises, soothes and protects. Managing and maintaining skin health and balance is the key - support healthy skin function and the rest kind of takes care of itself.

Dermalogica expertise has helped shape Clean Start into a no-fuss product range which simplifies the daily cleansing routine to deliver an easy solution to managing unruly skin and whilst a good starting point for teenage needs, with those roots fixed firmly in Dermalogica soil it also means that stubborn adult acne may just have found its nemesis.

Have you tried Clean Start yet? Let us know what you think.