Wondering why our Dermalogica prices have increased? Here's why...


The team here at 'The Jersey Company' have been happily delivering Dermalogica products to a gorgeous group of customers for over 6 years.  Dermalogica's fabulous products combined with our exceptional service, advice and support has grown a group of smiling faces into a huge and rather bubbly gang of Jersey-loving fans. So, you may have noticed in the past few weeks that we've made some changes to our Dermalogica prices.  It kinda sucks doesn’t it? Well, we actually think so too and whilst that might sound odd and you may be well be asking “So why change the prices then?” (We certainly would if we were in your shoes).

Dermalogica have in the last few weeks announced some major price changes to all their suppliers which means that we needed to increase prices with immediate effect. We didn’t know the announcement was coming so we couldn’t let you know in advance (we are kinda great but mind readers we unfortunately are not!)

**So does this mean that Jersey are simply being greedy?** No, in fact quite the opposite. Dermalogica HQ feel we need less support and should pay more to be able to deliver the products to you. So the more we buy, the more we pay... kinda silly hey?

That doesn’t mean we make any extra profits. In fact, we make none at all. We will be delivering the same exceptional levels of service and support that you’re used to, it just means our team may have to forgo the choccie biscuits for a while (yup we love you guys that much).

**So this affects lots of companies?** Yup. You see, Dermalogica’s main aim is to support and develop their network of professional skincare therapists so the hike in prices for larger companies like us means that most internet companies will have to increase their prices considerably.

**What does this mean for Jersey Beauty Company?** Well, this year we want to continue building on the success of last year but we can only do that with your help. We have an incredible community of loyal and engaged customers, exactly  like you who we hope will stick around and continue to enjoy the fun, frolics and exceptional service you’ve come to expect.

We are passionate about our products, our team and you, our spectacularly brilliant customers so we are doing all we can to keep delivering wow and happy in every way we can.

**Not happy with Dermalogica?** We love their products and we’re sure you do too. Still, if you’re not happy with the price changes you can:

1.Contact us with any questions and we’ll help in any way we can. Our phone number is 0845 833 387 or drop an email to [email protected]

2. Tell Dermalogica how you feel about their new pricing policy. Here’s their phone number 01372 363600 or you can email [email protected]

3. If you would like to understand what other brands we supply can do to help you with your skin care and look at alternatives then let us know and we’ll recommend some for you.

The Jersey Team

Posted on March 19, 2013 and filed under Archive.