December Beauty Essentials

Chilly days and party days spell a double dose of mischief where our skin is concerned, those chapped lips, tired eyes and dehydrated skin can creep up unnoticed then rudely refuse to budge. Fear not, here are our top beauty tips and picks to help keep skin happy and healthy whatever you (or the weather) throw at it.

Tip #1 Take the day off. Yep, even when you’re the walking sleepy.

We all know those oh so fabulous, dance until your feet beg to take you home kind of evenings. You know the sort, where the make-up fairy with her magic wand will of course come and whisk away the night and you’ll wake up fresh faced and bright eyed, if not a little fuzzy headed, come daylight. Except we all know that the magic fairy really doesn’t exist and despite what we tell ourselves, our make-up will still be there in the morning, our skin will be begging for mercy and our pillows will not thank you for the liberal slathering of mascara!

For a quickie fix when a warm bed really is calling far more loudly than the bathroom sink, try Decleor Soothing Micellar Water, a super quick and effective way to wipe away the gunk and wake up looking just that little brighter eyed.

If you do manage to summon a little extra willpower, Oqibo Purifying Cleanser and Toner, A super gentle wash off cleanser that will whip away every last trace of that party face, leaving your skin feeling calm, clean and peachy soft.

Tip #2 Scrub, then scrub some more. Yes, even if the bathroom is chilly.

Keeping skin in tip top condition requires a little extra effort once the temperature plummets and those thermostats rise. Personally, I’m definitely more team summer than team winter so the mere thought of stripping off my lovely winter woolies to stand naked and shivering in the bathroom is enough to make me want to head for the duvet! Although, I also know that my skin very much thanks me for the extra helping hand in keeping things healthy and glowing through the colder months, even if that does mean getting stripped off on a cold and dark morning.

Head-to-toe exfoliation done once or twice weekly will help you whisk off those drab and dry skin cells leaving you looking and feeling touchably soft. Try Dermalogica Hydro Active Mineral Salts with Stress Relief Treatment Oil for the body and Guinot Gommage Grain D'eclat or Decleor Flash Radiance Mask to keep faces brighter and more radiant.

Tip #3 Water well. By water, we mean hydrate and nourish.

Indoor-outdoor temperature extremes can wreak havoc with our skin sending oil production into overdrive or causing what seems to be a hydration drought. Sometimes, as we all know, these things can happen all in an afternoon! Give skin a helping hand this year with some hard working hydrators that take care of your skin whatever the weather.

Defend against daily dehydration with a fabulously indulgent slathering of Oqibo Intense Moisture Defence, an oil rich formula that delivers thirst quenching hydration all day.

If you are already struggling to get dehydrated skin under control, or if you need a little extra shot of hydration, try Dermalogica Super Rich Repair for concentrated all-weather support.

Tip #4 Hang out with friends. By friends, we mean our skin's best friends.

There are some things that stay in my bag, in the car or on my desk whatever the weather, they’re those little products that I use daily to keep raggedy cuticles at bay, lips suitably soft and eyes looking a little less tired than they feel. Here’s a roundup of my pocket pals this winter.

For a daily and super luxurious treat that keeps nails and cuticles strong and healthy (and smelling divine!) use Decleor Aromessence Nail Oil followed up by a slathering of Dermalogica Multivitamin Hand And Nail Treatment for weather-ready hands.

If you are an absent minded lip licker or biter when you’re busy concentrating or are hard at work, try  staple favourite Burts Bees Lips in original, Acai Berry or Pomegranate, Dermalogica Climate Control Lip Treatment for concentrated protection or Dermalogica Renewal Lip Complex for chronically dry lips.

Finally, for eyes that need a little extra hydration or just that extra helping hand during the party season, Dermalogica Intensive Eye Repair will be the perfect party pal for your peepers.

So there you have it, our December Beauty essentials, picked and perfectly packaged ready to get you through the party season!

What are your Beauty Essentials this year?

N x