Cosmetic a go-go or a no-go.....

There has been a gradually intensifying storm brewing this week over leaky and unstable breast implants manufactured by French firm PIP and containing industrial grade silicone rather than the required medical grade stuff. Things look set to get a little stormier still with the cosmetic industry as a whole now coming under increasing pressure for tighter regulation - and why not we say when cosmetic procedures have become easier and cheaper with non-surgical procedures now increasingly accessible on the high street and at home.During the last few years there has been a staggeringly rapid increase of quick-fix mini procedures aimed at plumping, filling and smoothing without the need for surgery, where a quick treatment during your lunch hour or the famed Friday night Botox party has become the norm. Personally speaking, I would rather be plumping a pillow on a Friday night than be injected with silicone or other such things in search of the so-called perfect pout! But, it is the popularity, accessibility and now relative low cost that has created an environment where it is a normalised part of everyday life and we no longer necessarily feel the need to question the risks, safety issues or qualifications of those wielding the needles as much as we should.

JBC, as many of you already know, embrace a skin health over beauty ethos but our advice, if the cosmetic route is your thing, is to do your research then do some more (and even more for good measure) before you get anywhere near the needle or operating table. Look at it from all angles and see what alternatives are out there. Get recommendations from a close friend or family member and don’t be afraid to ask those all important questions - if your surgeon or aesthetician is unwilling or unable to provide information and support, go elsewhere.

For those of you, who like us, would rather let nature take it’s course, prevention really is as they say, far better than the cure in helping protect your skin against the causes of early ageing. Dermalogica don’t see that ageing is something that should or can be cured but they do understand that ageing in a smart way creates healthy skin which radiates with vitality and those fines lines and wrinkles are just all part of life's processes. Protecting your skin from environmental damage, developing a regular and effective daily skincare regime and enjoying everything in good measure can help prevent those earlier than necessary signs of ageing. We have to agree; love your skin, it's beautifully you all over!

If your regime needs a spring clean this year, book in for a Dermalogica Facial with a Dermalogica trained therapist which incorporates the much loved and adored skin mapping service to help you find exactly the right products for your skin.

Why not tell us your views.....cosmetic procedures a go-go or a no-go for you?