Celebrating a real beauty revolution.....

This week has seen a positive step forward in challenging those beauty myths with the Advertising Standards Agency taking a firm stance with L’Oreal over the image enhancement and airbrushing of actress/model Julia Roberts for their latest product release.  For those of you who missed the reports, L’Oreal was accused of creating a misleading and inaccurate portrayal of both the products effects and indeed of Julia Roberts natural appearance using digital rather than apparently real means, leading to the banning of said ads (hurrah we say!).At a time when magazines, billboards, newspapers and advertisements are bombarding us, women particularly, with impossibly perfect skin, hair and makeup it’s a refreshing change to hear that maybe (here’s hoping!) we have finally endured enough and feel the need to get real again, to see women in all their gloriously natural beautiful shapes and sizes instead of the size zero airbrushed versions that have become ingrained in our sub-conscious reality.

So, in the nature of all things positive, real and healthy we are ecstatic to read about the newly launched Campaign for Positive Beauty from those forward thinking folk at Psychologies Magazine. They have released a 10 point Positive Beauty Manifesto which includes key points on what real beauty should feel like - take a look a the full list online (here are our top three!):

  • Beauty and femininity are complex, and should not follow a simplistic set of rules or universal conventions.
  • We can be beautiful without being young, overtly sexy or thin
  • True beauty radiates who we truly are, including all our imperfections

Our team here at JBC are involved in promoting health and wellness in a number of ways (not to mention the fact that Director of JBC Matt is also director of leading UK wellness company Klafs Technical) so beauty for us starts and ends with keeping it real!  We believe that beauty really is more than skin deep and that inner happiness, a healthy mind and body gives us an extra va va voom that has us radiating confidence and vitality way beyond the minimal effects of a slather of lipstick and a wobble free bottom!

The Campaign for Positivity Beauty needs your support to get the word out there and to make real and lasting changes to how real beauty is perceived so get online and get involved to help kick start a real beauty revolution!

What would your Positive Beauty Manifesto say?  Get in touch and tell us your top 10 and you never know, we might just publish a few!

PS you may also like to know that Dermalogica has been nominated for Psychologies Magazine Positive Beauty Awards 2011 in four (4!) different categories under the title for Best Skin-Confidence Product.  Results to be announced soon!