Brush the day away to reveal peachy soft skin.....

When taking care of our skin, most of us have a tendency to separate our bits into problem parts and whilst there are those areas that could always do with a little extra TLC, there is one thing that we can do everyday to help keep skin happy and healthy all over. Say hello to body brushing.Body brushing is not a new idea but it is one that passes under the radar for most of us - perhaps due to those scratchy looking bristles or maybe because the idea of standing naked in the bathroom on a cold and wet morning doesn’t quite have the ‘pamper me all over’ feel, but (and this is mighty big but) body brushing works wonders. Skin is lightly exfoliated and circulation stimulated to encourage improved tone and texture quicker than you can say here comes summer.

The key is choosing the right brush, using the right techniques and doing it daily - yes even on those cold winter mornings. It is not a quick fix but within a week or so you will start to see a big improvement and by summer, skin will be peachy soft and glowing with health.

The right brush for the job

Body brushes come in all shapes and sizes and with promises of all sorts of weird and wonderful stuff. Ignore the hype and keep it simple, it is after all essentially just a brush - it’s what you do with it that counts.

Go for a natural bristle brush with a long wooden handle to get to all those hard to reach places. Bristles should be just firm enough to bend easily when pressed but soft enough not to feel uncomfortably scratchy on your sensitive areas. Try a gentle stoke or two on the inside wrist to test for comfort. Once you get used to body brushing, a small circular natural bristle brush with a strap is a good addition to help you get stuck into thighs and elbows more briskly.

Caring for your brush

Brushes need very little care: store in dryish place (the bathroom is fine as long as it doesn’t double as a daily steam room) and rinse throughly twice a month, allowing to air dry fully before using again.

Technique is key

Body brushing should be done with a dry clean brush, ideally prior to bathing either in the morning or evening and directly onto clean dry skin.

  • Start at the feet and use long circular upward strokes, working up the body towards the heart.
  • Movements should be brisk and continuous, moving from the feet up and around the front and rear of the lower leg, paying attention to the front of the knee then up and over the thighs.
  • Begin to use smaller circular movements to massage and brush the rear of the thigh and over the bottom.
  • Sweep up and around the tummy area using lighter strokes to minimise discomfort, moving up to the chest area using the same lighter strokes.
  • Using a firmer touch again, sweep up the back of the arms from the fingertips to the shoulder in round upward movements. Repeat inside the arm with lighter pressure.
  • Finish up with the aid of the longer handle to brush the back from bottom to neck.
  • Skin will look red in places and should feel pleasantly tingly and alive.

Follow-up care for fabulous skin

To avoid feeling sore and risking dehydrated skin, ensure your shower is warm rather than hot (if you are feeling very brave, alternating warm and cold for a few minutes will give an extra boost to circulation).

To enhance and support the effects of regular brushing, use an invigorating but gentle body wash such as Dermalogica Conditioning Body Wash with circulation boosting essential oils of Rosemary and Lemon. Follow-up with gentle but effective mosituriser such as Dermalogica Body Hydrating Cream applied to damp skin to lock in hydration.

Alternatively, try Decleor Aromessence Slim Effect Draining Contour Serum daily or as a twice weekly treat to feed, nourish and improve skin tone using a special blend of essential oils to specifically target those lumps and bumps.

If extra help is needed to tame unruly bottoms and thighs, lovingly slather in Decleor Baume Slim Effect Draining Massage Balm with essential oils of grapefruit, lemongrass and rosemary essential oils to naturally improve tone and texture.

Skin health doesn’t have to be complicated which is why body brushing scores highly with us here at JBC... and besides, what could be easier than 5 little minutes every day!