Bronzed Goddess - guest post by Hannah

Wife, Mother, Hairdresser, Nail Technician, Entertainer to our 15 month old, and soon to be ‘Bronzed Goddess’...My husband is Mediterranean with lovely olive skin, which means he can tan by candle light. Our daughter was fortunate enough to have inherited his skin tone. I on the other hand (like many of us) have to work at looking golden brown….Over the years I've tried all sorts of self-tanning products, from salon treatments to ‘at home’ kits.  My latest discovery is "He Shi", and I've been eagerly awaiting the arrival of my parcel from The Jersey Beauty Company.

I bought the “He Shi kit” which contains an Exfoliating Bodywash, Express Liquid Tan, and Day to Day Gradual Tan (all 50ml bottles). The kit also contains a Miniature tanning Mitt.

This is how I got on:

Day 1 – Now the fun begins..... According to the packaging I should use the Exfoliating Bodywash 24 hours prior to applying the tanning liquid. The exfoliator smells divine; it has a yummy scent of strawberries that stays on your skin after showering. It contains Micro-dermabrasion crystals that gently remove dead skin cells. I found after using this I didn’t even need to moisturise, my skin was left very soft to touch and smooth.

Day 2 – Right I’ve waited 24 hours and I’m very excited to get on with tanning. Opening the Express Liquid Tan bottle I discover it actually *is* a ‘liquid’ and not a cream, so it’s extremely runny. I’ve put on plastic gloves to prevent tanned palms and am ready to go! Using the Tanning Mitt makes it very easy to apply evenly, and the liquid is brown so you can see exactly where you’ve been. After a couple of minutes the liquid has soaked in and I’m completely “dry”….so far I’m pleased with the off to bed.

Day 3 – This morning I was slightly worried what I was going to discover (after trying out a new tanning lotion then going to bed). I had visions of waking up a streaky, patchy orange mess but I’m pleasantly surprised at how good it looks. The tan is darker than I expected, but I need to shower so I can wash off any residue……ok shower done, and I must say my tan looks fabulous and even (no streaks, no dark patches, and no orange skin). It actually looks natural, unlike many products I tried in the past.

Personally I found ‘He Shi’ produces perfect results quickly and easily, and I love how the tanning liquid doesn’t smell (at all). I’ve since used the Day to Day Lotion and that has a very slight scent, but nothing offensive or fake tan-y. The Express Liquid Tan has given me a lovely naturally bronzed look. There is only one thing I would change…the size of the Tanning Mitt contained in the kit. I just feel it’s a bit too small, but hey you can’t please everyone :-)

You can buy ‘He Shi’ direct from The Jersey Company for £16.12 (free P+P in the UK and £3.50 P+P to Zurich).

Happy Tanning!